Dumb asses

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I consider myself to be quite a patient person--god knows how many times my patience has been tested these couple of years..but due to the fact that I've good friends who knows how to calm me down...I've refrained from doing & or saying things that I'll regret...but stooopid drivers is something that I just can't tolerate!

In my almost 1 & 1/2 years of driving on the road..I've successfully and thankfully haven't hit any cars or anyone(except for my grandma's gate..but that has been clarified in my past blog post).I was all happy2 today because 4 hours worth of class was canceled & was on my way to study for my grammar test tomorrow.

As I got out of my house,with the windows down & the cd on..singing along..all breezy like..a car almost hit mine!And it wasn't my fault & it made me,for the first time ever...because of the fact that my window was down& I can hear the screeching of the tyres of my car because I did an emergency break...to take out my hand & show the driver the 'finger' & honking like mad at the car.Giler bodoh!!!!!!!!!

What happened actually??I was at the roundabout beside the Shah Alam Mosque,& gave the right signal,& then the left signal because I was going from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock direction(imagine the roundabout).And if you've been to that roundabout,you'll know that cars usually come down from the flyover & when they do,they're suppose to STOP & not just go ahead or atleast,go faster before the car hits you!

This stoopid chick,in a black Waja,stopped after she came down from the flyover.And she saw me,giving the left signal because I was about to enter the lane next to the car.But suddenly,she drove ahead,so I slow down my car& suddenly she stopped her car midthrough,so I swerve to the right in order to avoid hitting her & suddenly,she went ahead slowly.... & of course my car almost hit her & the sound of my tyres was like "Scrreeeeettccchhhhh" & that's when the honking & the finger cam flying out from the car.Giler mcm bangang!And she had the nerve to guiltily smile.Aq bg pelempang baru tau!!!Thanks a lot for that stooopid driver for ruining my day!!!!!!!!!

But then again..When I remembered this line from the movie HORTON HEARS A WHO,it never fails to make me smile & laugh...
"In my world,everyone's a pony.And they all eat rainbows & poop butterflies!"-Katie--(she has her own fan club!!)


nafasdunia said...


u got the gut to come out with d finger! haha


yes, yes, she was sooo stooopip! heheh :P

LIYANA said...

haha..yesh teddy..even a girl like me get angry sometimes..^_^

she was indeed stoopid
horror la bunyi tayar kete i time tu & the 'finger' came flying out from the window..automatically!
and there were many cars behind me..mesti dieorg ingat i panas baran gler!

nafasdunia said...


well, sometimes bile da geram.
yg diam pon bole burst out kan.


*janji puas*