Family pics part 2

Sunday, February 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Mama's hair has so much volume!Glad that I inherit only 50% of it..heheheh

My parents wedding..^_^

I have the chair that my mum's sitting on!!And the vanity beside my dad is also mine now..hehehe.

This was when The Royal London Circus came to Shah Alam...They did a workshop for kids..So yeah,I got to juggle,roll around &whatnot.Yep I was in the Sustagen Club..Blame one of my aunts who worked for the company at that time...
Nampak sgt posing..Kecik2 sudah pandai.Haziq& me,in Langkawi.

Me,Syafiq&Raffiq.Standing in front of our advert!!hahaha.Yep,if you look closely,you can see that the boy with Mickey Mouse ears is Haziq while I'm behind him.

My Khatam Al-Quran in Standard 4(10 years old)..I didn't dress myself okay!!!It was my mum & my aunts..sob sob sob..Macam nak kahwin pulak!Mama yg sepsi..haha.Look at that ancient phone!

These boys are roomates..hehe.Syafiq holding Raffiq.I think Raffiq must be saying..."Raffiq kencing!!"
My Kindergarten performance& my mum's hair..hahaha

Toothy grin.Haziq,Syafiq& me.At Tasik Dayang Bunting.I was pretending like I am an eagle while Haziq is....a mouse??heheh.Mama looked so hip hop!

Even as a kid I love durian!Maybe I was sad because there's no more??

With Mak Chak & Haziq at Palas Tea Plantation.Look at my pants!!Purple polka dots against green??The horror!!

We both looked cute!!^_^

My birthday when I was 1 years old I think???That pineapple fruit arrangement is my mum's signature.She still does it for events.
At Langkawi,Cenang Beach with mum & dad.
Picking up coconuts?

At Tok Tam's house in Alor Setar with Syafiq.
My first day of kindy!


Anonymous said...

cute nye gambar mase kecik. u look like your mum!!! same!

LIYANA said...

hehe..thanks hana!!
i look like my mum??
but she's arabic/malay while i look more chinese/malay(my dad's side!)..but i'll take tat as a big compliment cos' she's beautiful!

Nina Alyssa said...

omg babe! these are sooooooo adorable!
& yup u look exactly like ur mum! :)

LIYANA said...

i really do don't i??
but i think she's far prettier than me if u see her for urself..:P