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Gravity is my utmost favorite song from Sara Bareilles album & I'm so glad that she choose it as her 3rd single...yeayyy!!!The official video of the song came out yesterday...I put it below here...

Just got the Jason Mraz tix today!!!!Can't wait for it....weeeeeee.If Sara Bareilles come here & do a concert I would surely go!!And Regina Spektor too...though I doubt that'll happen in the near future..sigh...I've heard rumors that Coldplay will be here for Sunburst..But I'm waiting for the full line up list to be out on the 6th at Pavilion before I go & buy the tix...Maybe la...If Coldplay comes I just HAVE TO GO!!!It's Coldplay kot!!!!Arggh money is running out like water..

I soooo need to organize my tutoring days now & start to earn moolah..The leadership camp is on Friday..A lil bit scared to be honest,because in my whole 22 years of living,I've never ever slept in a camp,let alone go camping!aiyoyoyo..It'll be very interesting though.When I told my parents about it..they were like..What??Camping???.My dad was more worried because he never let me go camping as a kid or teen back in school..ahaha.But I assured him that I'll be okay...Hopefully...*Gulp*

The best thing would be I get to drive my dad's car to go there & for the whole 3 days.Driving his car makes it easier for me to be merciless on the road..ahahaha.

Oh,today in Madam Adzura class,we had an interesting discussion.As always,I like the fact that we talk about a lot of things & I get to share my opinions with her in the class.She said today that there's been many research that has spanned through cultures stating that a girl who's a daddy's girl or born with brothers,tend to be very confident and they don't settle for a boyfriend.

Meaning that there's no 'okay lah' for them when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.Like,you become somebody's gf because he's "Okaylah..".ehehe.And Hafriz like put up his hand & pointed to me when Madam Adzura said that because I'm the apple of my dad's eye(though I'm closer to my mum) & I have 3 brothers(the only girl!).Then it hits me...It's so damn true!That's why I've 2 other friends..1 is a daddy's girl & another has brothers & both are still single.It's because we don't feel the need to just 'settle'.Interesting right?

That explains a lot on why most of the time I don't feel the need to have a boyfriend though there are some rare moments when I do get nostalgic..Who doesn't right?Especially if you've friends in long term relationships & it reminds you that you've never been in one!danggg!

But I've to agree with the confidence thing.Not to sound conceited...but most of the time I always have confidence in myself.There's a few times in my life whereby I felt damn nervous or bouts of insecurity but on most days I generally feel good & has no qualms about speaking my mind most of the time(which a friend said that it is rare in Malay women since I can be too honest,which gets me in trouble sometimes..eheh).

I've to thank my parents over that!They're very modern/liberal but they have traditional values.I can talk about anything to them.My mum knows EVERYTHING about me,like the back of her hand.She doesn't even ask where I go or what I do,but I'll just tell her because I'm used to sharing things about my life with her.She's an amazing mother that one!^_^..Toodles!


Good Luck On Friday!

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hey babe, linked ya as well:-) Your piccies in the previous posts are so cute! (n_n)/