Last day of camp!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Because of the fact that we slept late the night before & the night before that,ALL of us,the girls and the guys,woke up late!!!Woke up around 8 something in the morning,rushed to get ready for the last activity...Games,obstacles & FLYING FOX!!!!Afterwards,the participants had another module and then we went home.But all of us gathered at the faculty afterwards,in order to hear a few words from the participants & took pictures of all of them.All in all,the 3 days at Rebutia was an amazing experience for me.Someone who has never went camping before in her life or do the flying fox & overcome my fear of heights(during the obstacles leading to the flying fox!).I'll never forget all the funny & hilarious moments that I shared with my friends!!!!
*Flying fox!!!!!!!Scary+shaking+ coolnesss!!!*

Insiden yang menakutkan..kahkah

Fufu mmg gediks!!!

The facilitators who duped us into believing that they were older than us!!!