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Funnily,this week,both Izza & me got the chance to meet & 'hang' with both of our mothers.A few days ago,I had dinner that was cooked by Izza's mum & we talked about politics,gossip & celebs.It was cool to just chill and today,because Izza wanted to find a blue outfit for the short film awards(or was it independent film??),my mum & my lil' bro Raffiq came along to join us too.And because my mum was there,I was able to splurge..ehehe.Thanks mama!!

We walked around Pyramid & search a few places & found this boutique.There,I found the cutest mini dress in dark blue + black with 3 tiers of ruffles on top,for Izza.But because it was too expensive,we walked around a bit more.I found a cute red & white gingham dress with the top part of the dress in a sweetheart neckline & bustie/corset-ish shaped there too.

It was to die for!But because it was just as expensive as Izza's mini,we decided to walk out of the boutique.But I just couldn't stop thinking about that dress & the fact that although we walked around from one store to another,we agreed that,that mini was the best one for her.

I bought a butterfly cincher & it was so pretty & I got it at 15% off!!Most of my friends know that I'm obsessed with buying butterfly related items.It started when I was a teen & now the collection has span from shirts,dresses,tops,hairbands,necklaces,earrings,brooches,rings& so many more!hehe.I even drew a big butterfly mural on my room wall but haven't finish it yet.And I read in the newspaper a few days ago that butterflies are considered as a good omen.

So,because both of the dresses was so tempting & gorgeous..yesh..Me & Izza bought em'!!!hehehe.Izza said that it's the most she has splurge on a dress/top & the girliest she's ever bought..But it was so worth it!Initially,I didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive but after I tried it on,Izza's & the super nice owner of the store's reaction,cinch it!!hahaha.And,she gave both of us RM10 off,off each dress.Yeay!!!So afterwards Izza went back to her house in Setiawangsa to get ready for the event.I hope you took a pic of yourself in that dress!!

I'm at home &I wore the red & white dress just now to show to my mum(it's what I do whenever I buy any new clothes,I'll wear it & ask my mum's opinion)because she wasn't there when Izza & me bought it..she was somewhere else with my bro'.Even my two brothers said I looked pretty!!
Gtg,as I have some cooking/baking to do!!


nafasdunia said...

tuk ape tu?
got dinner ke?


haha yea, mahal gak la. hahaha. short film awards to best gak la! ada farid kamil and....BUNKFACE!!!!

LIYANA said...

teddy,bukan i..
but my friend izza..
bwk die gi bli baju for it..
short film award kat klcc last friday nite,,

LIYANA said...

izza..agak la
tats the 1st time tat aq jeles giler
dgn ko!
time u msg tat bunkface ws in front of u..
i was like SHIT!!!!!!!hhahaha