Of camping (2nd day)

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*The beautiful & cold as ice waterfall.Taken after we bathe in it..wheeeee!!*

*Busok2 pon sempat posing okay!*

*Searching for 10 ants to fill up the bottle..Live ants,not dead ones.*

*After getting out from the swamp..Looked how dirty we all looked!*

Late updates on the camping trip as I was super tired these past couple of days...

2nd day

The 2nd day started very early for us the facilitators..We woke up at 5.30 am(cause by an alarming wake up call!!crikey!!) and we went to bed like an hour before but,we were raring up for the day ahead.At 10.30 am we went into the jungle and it was a second time jungle trekking for me as I did once during a trip back in high school.We went through muddy swamps,rivers,and a gorgeous waterfall.There were times when one or more of us was going to fall because there were steep A little mishap happened with one of the girl participants and it made the boys & Ustaz who arrived at the camp waaaay earlier than us girls,came rushing back to our rescue.

Afterwards,I was like,do we have to go back the way that we came to the waterfall(which means we would be at the camp at night time since it was already 5 something)???Turns out there was a shortcut!!!Phewww.Had lunch at 5.30 pm with the other peeps as we only had sardine sanwiches in the jungle.I didn't carry anything with me to the jungle except for a bottle of mineral water which I accidentally left somewhere in the jungle..ehehe.

At night,me,Fazi,Fufu,Akmal & Jasmine went out to buy stuff and had satay & abc.Before we got there,we were shocked to discover a white pontianak like figure in the middle of the road!Had I not swerved my dad's car,I would have hit it!Don't worry,it wasn't really a ghost but it was a villagers idea of a prank..HAHAHA.Driving in Gombak is muy scary.The roads are so small but there's so many cars,wanting to go everywhere!Never again!After dinner & gossiping & talking about our love life(Fazi became the brunt of the joke because of....LOL),I was feeling very dizzy...Probably because most of my energy went to the 6 hours of jungle trekking so I asked Fufu to drive my dad's car.And being the great president that he is,he obliged!

Afterwards,when the participants left for the 'owl' operation,we had a meeting.And that got Fufu taking this priceless pic of Fazi..LOL

Guess what he slept on??Sejadah & hanna's water bottle..kahkahkah