Of TV3 & Big Apple

Friday, February 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

To clarify,Big Apple doughnuts is Malaysian.Not American..ehehehe.

Since Big Apple opened in Shah Alam,I've been buying them like crazy.Last week,I bought 3 1/2 dozen doughnuts.1 box for my family,on Sunday,right after the camp.1 box for Ms.Sal when I she got the fever.1 box shared with the girls.And not to mentioned the time me,izza,hafriz,izlin & k.aisyah had our breakfast there...huhuhu.This is a BIG problem for my diet..(eh,diet ke???LOL).But I just can't resist Duren Duren or Semi Glacier or The Alien...Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday,went to Sri Pentas to get my prize!!Izza & Izrul went with me & they met their cousin who worked there as well.A funny conversation happened with the very nice mak guard of TV3(even the pak guards were very friendly!)..

Me :Kakak,nak jumpe cipam kat mane?
Mak Guard:Cipam?(laughing sweetly)Bukan Cipam la dik...Jibam!
Me :*Senyum kambing*Oooh,Jibam ek?hehehe.(dlm hati:semlm time Ewan call mcm sebut Cipam!!!..cisss)

Izza :Ewwww..cupcake pecah dlm beg aku(dengan coklat penoh di tgn)..S&*%!!
Mak Guard :Eh,ape tuh kat jari??Darah ke???(nada panik & obviously take dgr Izza tadi)
Izza :Tak coklat..huhu.

Took the visitor pass,went through the One Fm launch party..giler meriah & bersepah..hahah.
Saw the Hot Fm dj in action in their booth...Kieran was inside it.Citt xde Fafau laaaa!!!LOL..Went up,got lost..again!Asked around and manage to find the Entertainment Office.It was very messy!Messier than my own room..haha.Saw the Majalah 3 host,Syuhada,tinkering on her laptop.Naz Ahmad's wife was there too wearing think make up..hehe(I don't remember how to spell her name).Aidid was there too looking very fit..He's so not chubby anymore!!

Met Jibam who called Ewan & waited for Ewan to get the prize from his car which was parked in the other building.huhuhu.I've to say,to me,(to me,okay!I don't care what you think!!!),Ewan is cute!!!^_^ GTG...C ya!!!


nafasdunia said...

tedy nk gk tgk..
haish haish

LIYANA said...

huhu..tedy nk tgk ofis dieorg ke??
biase je..bersepah giler!!!
tapi tv byk laaa

nafasdunia said...

hahah. tersalah komen ni sis.
nk ckp tgk PGL la..
hahahh :P

LIYANA said...

hahaha..xbley blah..
yuppzz mmg besh!!!