Friday, February 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments


LOVE,LOVE,LOVE---the dances,Mbok's(I think I spell it wrong) chilling vocals,Adlin's dance,Tiara's dance,A.C Mizal's acting chops+the amazing props,the pyrotechnics was woaahh & eeeeek--like!!!The scary nenek kebayans(Izza actually SHOUTED when everyone was silent...ROFL..).Stephen Rahman's awesome voice(lama ok die tarik suare!)!!And one of the cast is my junior!!!woootttt!!!

WHO CAME--Pak Lah & his wife,Normala Samsuddin,Tan Sri Musa,me & my friends..duuh!!!It was great when Tiara said that we were the best audience so far(hurm..wonder if it has anything to fo with Pak Lah coming??hahaha)

SOUR POINTS--Someone(ehem2222) FROZE when Stephen Rahman was next to us..Like shoulder to shoulder & couldn't even click the camera right...Eleh,kate xske Stephen??Kidding!!!

5 out of 5 starssssssssss

Gtg..kene mengajar org..huhu..Buhbye!!!

P/S:Can't believe that me & izza went for breakfast the morning after in our jammies.She in her plaid pj pants while mine was filled with cartoon cats..& we ate at Al-Awaal..And I didn't wear something & she didn't wear something either...LOL.Suffice to say,at 7.30 am,heads turned(for the wrong reason) at the mamak when we went there... :P


wahahahaa. cant believe that someone FROZE masa stephen, AND amek banyak GILE gambar paklah yg pdhal boleh dpt dlm surat khabar je. hahahahaha