Shopaholic bukan shopholic

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*She has a pink laptop too!!*

I can only say one word to describe the Shopaholic movie---AWESOME!!!There was funny parts,sad parts,god-awful embarrassing part( FOCUS on the fan dance!!)but mostly there were a LOT of laughter when I watched it with Izza on Saturday.The movie was very colourful too because of Becky ways’ of wearing more than one color at one time.I read in the article in The Star yesterday about the stylist for the movie,Patricia Field,and she told that a lot of the stuff was bought in Japan and a lot of it was vintage mixed with designer items.

Her first outfit when she went for the Allete/Successful Saving interview consists of a blue dress layered with a purple shirt inside with a purple/pink belt, orange gloves (I think),coral briefcase & yellow/green handbag..I LOVE IT!!!..hahaha. Because of the movie, I can’t wait to buy more big belts to cinch my entire wardrobe .Becky wears belt for ALL of her outfit and some looked brand new and some looked vintage.

Even the author of the books,Sophie Kinsella(or her real name Madeleine Wickham) went out and bought a lot of belts while watching the filming of the movie,according to an interview with her which was featured in The Star yesterday,All in all, although the movie didn’t follow the flow of the book, in the opinion of a true blue fan of the Shopaholic series,it did the book justice.

While watching the movie,my mum called me a few times so of course I couldn’t answer the phone as the cinema was filled with people, so I texted her instead.She said that the family,including my brother who’s back from Johor(he studies there) are going to sleep at my grandma’s house.

So after the movie,went to Izza’s place to get my stuff(oh yeah,when we were at Sunway,it was the Earth Hour & of course,Sunway Pyramid was all 'terang benderang'..LOL)and then we headed back to my house to which Izza chatted away with my mum while she gossiped about her neighbours..ahahahah.So much for us studying for the t.literature test which was during yesterday’s morning.Yes,we had a 3-hour test on freaking SUNDAY morning!!

The bungalow was filled with people,my 5 family members,my grandma,my 2 aunts,me & Izza.My aunt even ordered pizza hut for all of us at like,11.30 at night(being the Domino’s fan that I am,didn’t know that Pizza Hut has expanded their delivery to 24 hours).Oh,btw..what’s the deal with Nokia Music Express 5800??Lots of my family members are buying it. My younger brother just bought it. My aunt has it and so does my cousin,Kak Hani.

For god’s sake, the 16 year old boy that I’m tutoring has it too!!dammyumm.When I told my mum that it’s not fair because my brother just bought a hp like, a few months ago & now he got a new one while my hp is almost 2 years old & falling apart.So of course,my mum had to mentioned the laptop that I just got and saying that my bro’ doesn’t have one..-_-
Oh,I sooo want to watch this movie!!!It'll only be out in September though..But I've shown the trailer to my friends & they love it!!



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Today,was a day of me doing absolutely nothing,assignments or study-wise despite the fact that there's a stack of things to be done.eheh.But hey,you gotta take a break sometime and today was my official none edu-related day.

What I wanted to blog about this time is about the movie Talentime.Such a simple movie with a simple setting.The movie revolves around the lives of the students at Anderson School and the racial prejudice that unfortunately,does exist in our 'prosperous' country.Watching the movie made me think a lot about the fact that yeah,each race in our country has somewhat a prejudice towards one another.Yeah I know that it doesn't exist in everyone but mostly,it ran deep.

I have to give kudos to Harith Iskander,Mahesh and of course Mohammad Syafie.Though I know that it's Pamela first movie,I have to say that she was a bit stiff in some parts and her Malay were a little bit off in some scenes.Mahesh on the other hand,although he got a none-speaking part,I thought he did a great job with his expressions(it's not an easy task!) and he was able to flaunt his abs a few times in the movie..teehee.

Adibah Noor was great and I envy her perfect English(she's a TESL grad after all..hehe).Jacyln Victor did a pretty good job too considering that it's her first movie.Mohammad Syafie's character,Hafiz was the character that almost made me cry.I wonder who sang the songs that he sung during the movie.It was just amazing and the dude has such a nice voice.Seeing Azean Irdawati in it was bittersweet cos' I'm pretty sure when the movie was filmed,she was really sick.I was excited when Jit Murad was in the movie as well because I'm such a fan of his after going to Actors Studio--which has been closed..:(--to watch Full of Jit.

The movie taught me that racial prejudice are created because of our own misconceptions about each other.The movie also proves that prejudice can also(which actually happens a lot in our country) stem from the influence of our own family members.All in all,Talentime is a good movie.I'll give it 3 out of 5.There are many funny scenes,a few sad ones and some corny ones too.The songs in the movie are just beautiful.Trust me.Even the indian song with a great meaning behind it.



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Life is getting more hectic by the second.I'm so sorry for those whom 'terkena' my outbursts or temper this week..It's just that,like a friend of mine said,'Everybody is stressed out'..So if you think you have it worse,others are too & you're not alone!Let's all run and naked & wild after all of this ends(Izza,I know you want too!!).

With all the assignments and tests,to top it all off,I have one more website that I have to translate before the dateline(It's BIG money & I'm super swamped!!YIKESSSS!!!) & I have to tutor the boys too.I also have a pending going out thing and I'm dying to shop some more.Although I've shopped twice with Izza this week..hahaha.

Today,I did my T.Lit microteaching with my 2 fabulous group mates.It was HILARIOUS.Especially when Mak(Farhana) went overly emotional with her character as Tiro and Safa getting very defensive as Mokgobja(I think I'm spelling this wrong??) with her accusations.I can't help but laugh so hard.Fatin & Soleh did a good job too in acting out their part..Thanks so much you guys!!!

On Thursday,my group might be doing our Micro for T.Grammar..I can't wait but I'm also a lil' bit nervous..But being nervous is better than overly cocky!ahahaha.

Friday is submission for the MELTA prob& solution essay.

Lots of tests are coming up..Sunday is T.Lit test which I so haven't studied for.Next Monday I have Grammar 2 test & Shakespeare quiz aannnddd submission of the Grammar article review.

Next Wednesday is the submission for the SLA essay(*gulp*).

I can seriously go crazy.Now you,you understand why I can't go out with you this week??^_^Ada paham???

***Why lah I stoop to that level??haih...Sorry to my friends who advised to not be mean..I won't do it again!!!***


I want to shop so badly!!

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Last night did some shopping with Izza the wizard(saje je kasi nick bru..haha) because this week will be thewpeer busy for us why not reward ourselves beforehand with some much needed retail therapy right?Though sad for Izza because the shoes that she wanted was out of stock in that particular color..Hopefully they'll stock it next week aite??

I bought a beautiful long dress from Forever 21 which wasn't on sale..(unlike the skinnys that Izza bought..damn!hahaha)!But I had to have it & tis' worth every penny(gosh did I just use Shakespearean Lang??Mentang2lah tgh wat esei Shakespeare..LOL).Definitely the most I've spend on a dress using my own money thus far..huhu.

Hopefully by next week(or sometime this week ke??hehehe),I'll be able to buy 2 more dresses there that I still can't stop thinking about..droolsss..Tried this gorgeous stiletto red was muy kinky but sexy at the same time & it put way too much pressure on the ankles..ouchh..Had to pass it..I need new shoes!!!!!!!Please2 cepat la masok duet proofread tuh..huhu.

And today I've 2 group discussions for the 2 microteaching that's happening this week..arggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boley jadi gila okay...:P.Boy my seniors weren't kidding when they say that part 6--'Rase mcm nak mati'..LOL

Thank god I bought lots of Skin Vitals mask to relax me on those extra stressful them a lot!!

***I just bought my In-Style April 09' issue!!Go and buy it (with Salma Hayek on the cover)because....our own Malaysian designer,Bernard Chandran,one of his designs was worn by Estelle during the Grammy's..(page 94).In this issue,Fergie's humongous wardrobe was also featured & it was to die for...*droolllsss*.Plus,every year,in the month of April,In-Style feature it's BEST BEAUTY BUY list..yesh!!!!***


Jobs--in response to Teddy's comment..^_^

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As a degree student,we tend to spend a lot of money on a lot of stuff..hehe.Thus,the fact we're over our teenage years means that we shouldn't depend too much on our parents..right?So,in order to be able to splurge once in awhile(80% of my shoes are bought using my own money) or buy things that our parents won't buy for us(in my case,super high heels cos' my mum doesn't agree with me wearing it..hehe),we need to take up part-time jobs or in my case odd jobs.

Odd jobs to me are jobs that does not require me to have a fix schedule everyday instead it's jobs that I do in like 3-4 days or during my free time but,it pays me very well.Don't worry,I'll explain all the jobs that I've done in the course of almost 4 years studying in this uni,below.So teddy,there's ways of making money if you know where to look but I have to admit it also depends on the connection that you have and having your own transport is important too.Networking is very important in this world!

Liyana's List of odd jobs

1.Staedtler School Project--went from one school to another in the Klang Valley region & helped Ad(a super senior of mine,who has graduated already) with his storytelling about the making of pencils.We went to about 8 or 9 schools and from each school I made rm60 or was it rm80??

2.Make-up artist(along with 2 others) under Absolut Pitch(Edmund & Gabe) for OK Mag's Anniversary Party at Zouk--It was a 2 day job & I got rm400,that required me to go to KJ(for rehearsals)& then of course,staying at one of the hotels near Zouk(but it was paid by the company!).Plus,I got to eat at TGIF&Pelita for free!!And meeting the celebs was a big plus too..^_^

3.Tutoring-I've been doing this for 2 semesters & it pays me quite well too.I get rm200 per month.And this is the only job that I've taken that requires me to be at a specific place,at a specific time,almost every week.It's a great opportunity for me as a TESL student because I tutor secondary students.

4.Baking cookies for sale & Raya-This is a hobby which I've absolutely have no time to do now.huhu.I think I made more than rm600 last year for all the baking & packing that I did on my own.No helped required from my family as I'm the only girl & my mum doesn't bake.hehe.

5.Selling bracelets--I sold bracelets for fun last year because I needed some cash in a short period of time.Made more than rm300.

6.Translation & Proofreading for Vistaberkat--This is what I've started doing this semester,thanks to one my super senior who has graduated too.So far,I've made rm500 for a 3 days worth of work.I'm in the process of doing translation work for 2 other websites.

Yes,how cool is that whenever I open the website,the words that people read,are grammatically correct because of me!(though I've to admit,my blog is not that grammar perfect..give me a break because this is a blog,not an essay to submit for marks!)On the other hand,I will not reveal which websites that I'm working on..^_^

I guess that's the list of work that I've done..unless there's more that I can't remember..huhu.Oh,volunteering to become runners for UiTM event's pays quite okaylah..The highest I got was rm150 for a 3-day event.

So,you can work,involve yourself in the student body(I miss PMFP!) and still make sure that your grades is above 3 pointer.^_^Teddy,I hope this post gives you some inspiration?Now back to assignments for me because...Next week I've 2 microteaching & 2 written assignment to send!!arrghhhhhhhh.Oh,all of these things,helps you to become more organize & handle the stress that comes your way.But do have a pimple cream/acne treatment at hand because with stress,comes pimples!!LOL

My recent amazing great find for my eye bags(or like a senior of mine that grad already,Anas,calls it--beg mata!) are SkinVitals Eye Lift Anti-Puffiness Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cloth Eye Treatment Mask--yesh it's very long!!It contains Coenzyme Q10 & Soy Protein(natto gum).It bloody works!!!Seriously!!I used it a day ago because I looked like a zombie & after taking off the mask,I can feel my under eye area plumping up & I felt instantly refreshed.So people,go & buy it since it's just rm7.88 at Guardian..(ceh promote plakss).


Stop it

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This semester has got to be the most hectic semester ever for me and my friends. The reason being is that next semester; we’ll be doing our practicum. In 2 days, I drowned 3 bottles of Red Bull,in order to keep me awake .

I know that it’s not good for my body but believe me when I say that in my 22 years of living, I have never drank 3 bottle of Red Bull in 2 days & in fact ,this semester ,is the first semester that I actually needed to drink Red Bull.

You know that you’re life is hectic when you cut class in order to go back & catch up on your sleep(which I did with some of my friends last week..& today..hehe).And you know you’re stressed out when you & your friends keep getting angry easily.huhu.(But all of us knows to apologize to each other when we raise our voices out of nowhere..Kan??Kan kwn2??)

On to the reason why I’m blogging...

To me, violence is never the answer for anything. And a conversation that I had with some of my friends 2 days ago, about the stories that they got when they become facilitators to children of the army, last weekend, just made my blood boil.
How can you, as a teacher just go about & slap whomever you want in school? I just don’t get that. That is just total abuse of power. And how can a teacher not question a student first and instead just punish him for no apparent reason?

Now before you go and judge me saying that she’s a ‘manja’(spoiled) kid and so-so & that’s why she’s against ‘strict’ teachers, when you read this ,I kid you not that my parents, although they love me, didn’t ‘manja’ me growing up.
But of course when you were a kid, your parents had to beat you up once in awhile in order to straighten you out & I wasn’t spared that either. So my view on why I hate violence doesn’t come from a bias point of view.

I just think it’s so wrong for a teacher to beat up or cane a kid in front of his classmates or schoolmates because it would further demoralize him/her. And this in turn will make less interested in learning and will make them harbour hatred toward the teacher.

Being a TESL student, I have learnt a lot about how to teach but I know that all of that is nothing compared to what I will be facing next semester for my practicum.
But I still stand by my ground that a teacher should not use force in the classroom or the school. Maybe in extreme cases like bullying, they should. But they should not use the cane on a regular basis.

On the case of bullying, did you watch the video on the boys who beat up that short kid in Sarawak??I was very shocked & like one of my lecturer said , imagine that is your son or your brother .It was just very sad seeing the boy being beat up by lots of other boys.

There are other things that can be done rather than taking the easy way out and using force on the students and I totally don’t agree with it.Period.


Syukur Alhamdulillah

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I have been living my life for about 1 year and 3 months without a laptop ever since my laptop monitor went kaput.And I survive by borrowing my good friends laptop,my dad's pc and my lovely cousin,laptop..hehe.Thanks so much for all of you for being there for me through my tough time...:P..

But last week,with bajillion(okay,I'm exaggerating) assigments that I had to do,I felt really bad for using my friends laptop when I know they too have to do their own assigments(thanks so very much Hani!!I love you!!).And I almost broke down because I was stressed out that I sent a message telling my mum that I really need a laptop.

Because all this while I have been delaying asking for them to buy me a new laptop.I told them that I'll be able to do my assignments when I get back home(since my dad has a pc at our home) & since my dad bought me a car last year,I just thought that asking for a brand new laptop is just too much.So I lived my life for 1 year & 3months(I know,like izza said,'Nak jugak'..ehehe) without the presence of a laptop while all of my friends tinkered away on theirs.sob sob sob

But today,the day has ended.I went to buy a new one with my aunt,Mak Su & my cousin,Kak Hani.And here is it,my new baby.The one that I've been lusting over for about 2 weeks since I saw it at Sunway(Kak Hani has a bronze one that is much more expensive than mine that she bought a few weeks ago..huhuh).I don't know what to name it yet though...(My white car is named Salmah--A guy friend of mine called me a lesbo--Thanks Safa!--just because I named it Salmah..I thought that the name is so Malay & sweet...^_^).

Thank you so much to both of my parents(words cannot say how much I love both of you!!),Mak Su(thank you & I'll clean up my room more!) & Kak Hani(thank you for surveying the lappies with me!!).Thank you so much to all of my friends that have lend me their laptops for this 1 year..Hanna,Napisah,Hani,Mak&Izlin.LOVEx10000000000.I will take care of this pink baby with all my heart!!xoxoxoxo



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Wow,2 blog post in one day??ahaha

Yep,I just had to blog about this too..People may not know this,but I secretly(though it's not a secret among my close friends) love watching Raja Lawak.Truthfully speaking,I have a lot of respect for people who can make jokes spontaneously because it takes a lot of thinking actually to make people laugh.It's not an easy feat because some people may end up making jokes that are well...instead of Raja Lawak,it'll become Lawak Bodoh.Like what Amir did.I'm sorry(wait a min,that's his lame tagline..bleargh!) but I just don't find him funny!

I don't know how many times have I complained to Napz,Mak or Hanna(they're my Raja Lawak watching companions) about how Amir so doesn't deserve to be in the finals.No offense to the Kelantanese though!haha.The 2 contestants that I don't like in Raja Lawak 3 is of course Amir & Am..Can you hear the crickets when they crack a 'joke'???

And I'm super glad that Sepah won!!Yeayyy.And here's a clip of one of my fave moments during the finals..when Nabil & Jozan(I heart you Zizan!!!^_^) sang the Wonderpet song.As you all know,I've blog about Wonderpets a few months ago.It's better if you watch it in Malay rather than in the original Eng form because it's so much funnier in Malay.

I watched Wonderpets late last year & I find it so hilarious.I love it when Ming Ming name is pronounce or any of their hilarious rescuing missions(LOL!!--Remember when they went under the sea & they met a group of sea creatures that are almost like them???LOLLLLL) or the fact that they celebrate every rescue mission by eating celery.

Like Hani said when they celebrate with grilled celery or like they said in the Malay lang in that episode,saderi/seleri panggang--'Healthy giler Wonderpets nih!'...LOL

The theme song of Wonderpets in Malay!!!


Confessions of a shopaholic

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This post will make me sound so bimbo-ish which I'm so not!!!But what the heck...A girl just needs her chick lit fix sometimes.I know I tend to be serious but I do read light stuff from time to time.And I love Sophie Kinsella's book.I even mentioned her books 4 years ago during my pre-TESL interview in Shah Alam to which both of my interviewees,Ms.Sal & Ms.J,said that they read it too!!I have all of them & the last one was of course Remember Me.

But in my honest opinion,it wasn't as good as her other books.The last book in the Shopaholic series was of course Shopaholic and Baby(which I hope she'll continue with like,Shopaholic and Twins..maybe??).I bought the hardcover one years ago & got a free Shopaholic green halter with it.haha.

Okay,why am I blogging this when I could be doing my essay is because I'm just super excited over the movie version of the Shopaholic book.Although it's a wee bit dissapointing that Becky in the movie is a New Yorker instead of the Brit that she is in the book..But at least there's Hugh Dancy playing Luke!But although the response that the movie got from the critics in the US has been lukewarm(they gave the movie a C)..I'm dying to see what parts of the book is in the movie & what part isn't..^_^.And isn't it ironic that Jerry Bruckheimer(of CSI,Pirates of the Caribbean,Armageddon) is directing a chick flick??LOL.

Here's a video clip of a song from the soundtrack,an interview with Hugh Dancy & a trailer of it.Can't wait!!

Official Trailer

Interview with Hugh Dancy

Jordyn Taylor--'Accesory'


A breath of fresh air

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*Buying vege seeds for mama!*

The last time I went to Cameron was with my big family which includes my aunts,uncles & cousins on my mum's side & my late grandpa,Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin Al-Radzi & my grandma was there too.So to put it into words,our family haven't been there ever since my grandpa passed away in Dec 24th 2004 because of lung cancer.

Cameron,next to Langkawi,is a place that my family has gone to many times.A lot of places there has fond memories of me & my family.My family has spend our hols at Cameron with lots of people.Particularly at the bungalow in Tanah Rata which used to belong to my mum's former boss.

We've been there with our relatives,with my dad's friends & their families & even with our neighbours back when we lived in Senawang.I can still remember the late Bob,who played football with Haziq there.Bob passed away in 2005 at the age of 15 & during that time,none of us could believe it as it was during Ramadhan & he passed away due to an accident that no one predicted could've happen to him.

So to cut it short,we've been to Cameron many times & after not being there in a long time,lots of thing has changed and my trip this time with my friends,brought a wave of nostalgia as the bus passed the place that I used to go with different people at different parts of my life.

There's a quaint kopitiam in Brinchang now,that we went during both days there, for lunch.There's a KFC & Guardian in Brinchang too.There's an amazing Strawberry farm above Cactus Valley where there wasn't a few years ago & a hydroponic farm there too.They plant parsley,romaine lettuce & butterhead lettuce.The old Marry Brown at Tanah Rata is still there.And the road that leads to the old bungalow.

The air was crisp and fresh.And it makes you hungry all the time!The strawberry sundae at the Strawberry farm in Cactus Valley was TO DIE for...You definitely won't get a scrumpelydumptious sundae with lotsa fat strawberries & homemade vanilla ice cream & lotsa whipped cream at just rm5.90 anywhere in Klang Valley.*droolsss*
Hanna & Napz had strawberries & cream and strawberries with yogurt.There were strawberry pancakes,waffles & ice cream,smoothie,muffin & many more.But they also sell the yucky looking Butterhead lettuce juice..yucksss!

The water was as usual,icy cold!Imagine having to wash your face with melted ice.hahaha.And at night it rained.Although we managed to do the BBQ after the rain has stopped(though lots of the chicken were cooked half way due to the fact that the fire couldn't get started until after many attempts!).

Bought lots of stuff for me mum,my aunt & the girls.It was a great 2 day vacation & was spoiled only for a few minutes due to selfishness of some people & the 4 hour traffiq jam!!Oh,btw,when you've apologize,please mean it.If not,don't bother to do so.
Suddenly I remembered the lyric to one of my fave songs..Survivor by Destiny's Child..
"You know I'm not gonna diss you on the Internet,Cause my momma told me better than that."
True that!!

Last night went to watch Marley & Me with Izza & Izlin & it was a great movie..I'd give it 3.5 out 5.Definitely one for the books(sorry for the pun!!).

Here's pictures from the trip to Cameron.


If it kills me

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:48:All pics courtesy of Jess's camera--Thanks hun!!!:48:

I know I should be sleeping seeing that I've an 8.30am class tomorrow but I just can't help it!!!

The title refers to my fave song from Jason Mraz's We sing.we dance.we steal things album,which he sang a few hours ago during his first ever concert in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!
IT WAS AWESOME.Scratch was beyond awesome..There were many of my friends who was raring up to go to the concert &we discussed about it many time at my FB account.

Believe it or not,when my friends and I were caught up in the traffiq jam leading up to the concert,there was this 4 people in a red saga car who out of nowhere,showed us,through their car window,Jason Mraz's current cd!NO JOKE!!We were laughing & I was like pointing to them like,yeah we're going to the concert too..hehehe.And I showed them my ticket through the window which made the guy open the car window & shouted 'Jason Mraz rocks!!'...Exactly!!!!

The concert was awesome..I'm even more in love with Jason Mraz than ever.He was so funny & his vocal range was amazing!!And here's the order of the song that he played during the 1 hour & 30+ minutes concert that started at 8.30 pm.

1st :Make it mine & The Remedy(everybody sang together to this song!)--a medley
2nd :You and I both( everybody sang together to this song!)& Sleeping to dream--a medley with the Oasis song 'Wonderwall' thrown in the mix..the part "I don't believe that anybody could feel the way I do about you now" which he dedicated to the ladies!!!

3rd :If it kills me--my fave & he sang the whole song!!I was soo in awe..*sigh*

4th:I don't know the title--an old song or a brand new unreleased one??

5th:Live High

6th:A beautiful mess--also a fave of mine from the new album.

7th:Geek in the pink--which made me scream so loud because before the song started,I told Acad that I wish he'd sing that song!I sang along to the whole thing!

8th:The dynamo of volition--love his 'hip-hopper' impersonation before the song.

9th:I'm Yours--Everybody sang along to it!!And after this song he took like no longer than 5 mins break to change his clothes to sing...

10th:Lucky--he duets with Candy which a lot of people didn't recognize & to be honest,ALL of us could have sung together better than her!

11th:Another song that I've no idea the title of it.

12th:Butterfly!!!--one of my fave too for obvious reason(the title!!).

But I really wished he had sang Bella Luna & Details in the fabric..huhuhu.After the concert,as we were waiting for other cars to go out,because it was blocking my Unser...we heard a commotion across us,which was the backstage area.Lo and behold,Jason Mraz & his band was about to board the bus to their hotel..AND...I ran across the street,pushed my way inside the crowd &manage to stand below him,under the bus window & had a CLEAR view of him from upclose!!!waarrrgghhhhhhhhhh..

He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!(faints...).:01:I swear if he asked me to marry him,I'd accept with no hesitation!!..kidding..or am I??hahaha
All of the pictures from tonight are in Jess's,Huzen's & Izza's camera as I didn't brought mine so I'll upload em' later!Nite peeps...or morning in some cases!!



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*Freaking crazzzy ride!The Pirate's Revenge.Like Hafriz said after the 5 of us had 'experienced' it.."The pirate really had its revenge!"...LOL...*
Somebody came back from Japan after 2 years last Saturday & he's no other Kak Aisyah fave's brother(actually,the only brother that she has) Syahmi.Since I was told to cook spaghetti & meatballs for him(we had an agreement that I should make him caramel,a few months ago..i think...but somehow it turned into spaghetti instead...long story!),I did so & I guess it's the first meal that he had since he landed on our soil.hahaha.Thanks for the gifts(though I'm sad over the absence of that pink yukata!!! )!

To cut it short,the next morning:19:,went to Sunway Lagoon with Izlin,Hafriz,Kak Aisyah&Syahmi.Woke up super early in the morning after sleeping late (because I was up watching reruns of Raja Lawak 3(I don't like Amir!!!) with Napz,Hanna & Mak) only to find out after me & Izlin perused the internet that,Sunway opens at 10 am..haih.So we went for breakfast first,and then after running here & there,we got to Sunway.

Luckily,I parked at such a 5 lucky(pun not intended!) spot because there was this uncle who just came out of his car & he called us asking if we were going to Sunway Lagoon & we said yes.And he told us that his company are having a family day today at Sunway Lagoon & that he has many extra tickets.9So he gave us 5 tickets for all parks for just rm40 each(instead of the rm60 that we were supposed to pay).How lucky is that?haha.Thanks so much to that uncle & his family!!

So we started first at the amusement park & we tried the roller coaster first & of course,I shouted.Sorry to the person who was next to me at that time!!haha.Embarassingly,that was my first time getting on the roller coaster & I think I shut my eyes the whole time cos' it was going fast as hell.We went to try the other rides after that but the scariest part was the Pirate's Revenge..ayeyayayay.

I was screaming bloody murder,12,didn't open my eyes the whole time & tears even came running down my face.It didn't help when Syahmi was like forcing me to open my eyes while we were suspended on air!I was like"Tak nak!!!". I've pics to prove how crazy the ride was.Like I said,never,never,never,never again!And the brave sister & brother duo(Kak Aisyah & Syahmi) actually had the guts to try the crazzzyyy Tomahawk which me,Izlin & Hafriz sit out & just watch them being thrown in the air from the benches.hahaha.

Afterwards,we went to the wet park & splashed around & had a blast playing 3 rounds of pool volleyball!Although we were duped by the cute lifeguard/referee that we were going to win a prize if our team won.cehhh.After getting soaking wet,we changed clothes or in Kak Aisyah& my case,we blow dried our hair.haha.Went to Sunway to eat at Wendy's& I ate a lot that made this person,whispered in my ear.."Kate nk diet??"18...ceh!!!

Walked around & bought an ironic birthday present for my dad,who's birthday was on that day.Send the peeps home & drove all the way back to Puncak Alam to my family!
*Cutie pies in a row..LOL*

*Water babies!!*
*Mucking around*
*Lapar gilsssssssssss!!!*