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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

*Buying vege seeds for mama!*

The last time I went to Cameron was with my big family which includes my aunts,uncles & cousins on my mum's side & my late grandpa,Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin Al-Radzi & my grandma was there too.So to put it into words,our family haven't been there ever since my grandpa passed away in Dec 24th 2004 because of lung cancer.

Cameron,next to Langkawi,is a place that my family has gone to many times.A lot of places there has fond memories of me & my family.My family has spend our hols at Cameron with lots of people.Particularly at the bungalow in Tanah Rata which used to belong to my mum's former boss.

We've been there with our relatives,with my dad's friends & their families & even with our neighbours back when we lived in Senawang.I can still remember the late Bob,who played football with Haziq there.Bob passed away in 2005 at the age of 15 & during that time,none of us could believe it as it was during Ramadhan & he passed away due to an accident that no one predicted could've happen to him.

So to cut it short,we've been to Cameron many times & after not being there in a long time,lots of thing has changed and my trip this time with my friends,brought a wave of nostalgia as the bus passed the place that I used to go with different people at different parts of my life.

There's a quaint kopitiam in Brinchang now,that we went during both days there, for lunch.There's a KFC & Guardian in Brinchang too.There's an amazing Strawberry farm above Cactus Valley where there wasn't a few years ago & a hydroponic farm there too.They plant parsley,romaine lettuce & butterhead lettuce.The old Marry Brown at Tanah Rata is still there.And the road that leads to the old bungalow.

The air was crisp and fresh.And it makes you hungry all the time!The strawberry sundae at the Strawberry farm in Cactus Valley was TO DIE for...You definitely won't get a scrumpelydumptious sundae with lotsa fat strawberries & homemade vanilla ice cream & lotsa whipped cream at just rm5.90 anywhere in Klang Valley.*droolsss*
Hanna & Napz had strawberries & cream and strawberries with yogurt.There were strawberry pancakes,waffles & ice cream,smoothie,muffin & many more.But they also sell the yucky looking Butterhead lettuce juice..yucksss!

The water was as usual,icy cold!Imagine having to wash your face with melted ice.hahaha.And at night it rained.Although we managed to do the BBQ after the rain has stopped(though lots of the chicken were cooked half way due to the fact that the fire couldn't get started until after many attempts!).

Bought lots of stuff for me mum,my aunt & the girls.It was a great 2 day vacation & was spoiled only for a few minutes due to selfishness of some people & the 4 hour traffiq jam!!Oh,btw,when you've apologize,please mean it.If not,don't bother to do so.
Suddenly I remembered the lyric to one of my fave songs..Survivor by Destiny's Child..
"You know I'm not gonna diss you on the Internet,Cause my momma told me better than that."
True that!!

Last night went to watch Marley & Me with Izza & Izlin & it was a great movie..I'd give it 3.5 out 5.Definitely one for the books(sorry for the pun!!).

Here's pictures from the trip to Cameron.


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ala hanna bucuk..heheh
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