Confessions of a shopaholic

Thursday, March 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This post will make me sound so bimbo-ish which I'm so not!!!But what the heck...A girl just needs her chick lit fix sometimes.I know I tend to be serious but I do read light stuff from time to time.And I love Sophie Kinsella's book.I even mentioned her books 4 years ago during my pre-TESL interview in Shah Alam to which both of my interviewees,Ms.Sal & Ms.J,said that they read it too!!I have all of them & the last one was of course Remember Me.

But in my honest opinion,it wasn't as good as her other books.The last book in the Shopaholic series was of course Shopaholic and Baby(which I hope she'll continue with like,Shopaholic and Twins..maybe??).I bought the hardcover one years ago & got a free Shopaholic green halter with it.haha.

Okay,why am I blogging this when I could be doing my essay is because I'm just super excited over the movie version of the Shopaholic book.Although it's a wee bit dissapointing that Becky in the movie is a New Yorker instead of the Brit that she is in the book..But at least there's Hugh Dancy playing Luke!But although the response that the movie got from the critics in the US has been lukewarm(they gave the movie a C)..I'm dying to see what parts of the book is in the movie & what part isn't..^_^.And isn't it ironic that Jerry Bruckheimer(of CSI,Pirates of the Caribbean,Armageddon) is directing a chick flick??LOL.

Here's a video clip of a song from the soundtrack,an interview with Hugh Dancy & a trailer of it.Can't wait!!

Official Trailer

Interview with Hugh Dancy

Jordyn Taylor--'Accesory'