If it kills me

Thursday, March 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 9 Comments

:48:All pics courtesy of Jess's camera--Thanks hun!!!:48:

I know I should be sleeping seeing that I've an 8.30am class tomorrow but I just can't help it!!!

The title refers to my fave song from Jason Mraz's We sing.we dance.we steal things album,which he sang a few hours ago during his first ever concert in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!
IT WAS AWESOME.Scratch that..it was beyond awesome..There were many of my friends who was raring up to go to the concert &we discussed about it many time at my FB account.

Believe it or not,when my friends and I were caught up in the traffiq jam leading up to the concert,there was this 4 people in a red saga car who out of nowhere,showed us,through their car window,Jason Mraz's current cd!NO JOKE!!We were laughing & I was like pointing to them like,yeah we're going to the concert too..hehehe.And I showed them my ticket through the window which made the guy open the car window & shouted 'Jason Mraz rocks!!'...Exactly!!!!

The concert was awesome..I'm even more in love with Jason Mraz than ever.He was so funny & his vocal range was amazing!!And here's the order of the song that he played during the 1 hour & 30+ minutes concert that started at 8.30 pm.

1st :Make it mine & The Remedy(everybody sang together to this song!)--a medley
2nd :You and I both( everybody sang together to this song!)& Sleeping to dream--a medley with the Oasis song 'Wonderwall' thrown in the mix..the part "I don't believe that anybody could feel the way I do about you now" which he dedicated to the ladies!!!

3rd :If it kills me--my fave & he sang the whole song!!I was soo in awe..*sigh*

4th:I don't know the title--an old song or a brand new unreleased one??

5th:Live High

6th:A beautiful mess--also a fave of mine from the new album.

7th:Geek in the pink--which made me scream so loud because before the song started,I told Acad that I wish he'd sing that song!I sang along to the whole thing!

8th:The dynamo of volition--love his 'hip-hopper' impersonation before the song.

9th:I'm Yours--Everybody sang along to it!!And after this song he took like no longer than 5 mins break to change his clothes to sing...

10th:Lucky--he duets with Candy which a lot of people didn't recognize & to be honest,ALL of us could have sung together better than her!

11th:Another song that I've no idea the title of it.

12th:Butterfly!!!--one of my fave too for obvious reason(the title!!).

But I really wished he had sang Bella Luna & Details in the fabric..huhuhu.After the concert,as we were waiting for other cars to go out,because it was blocking my Unser...we heard a commotion across us,which was the backstage area.Lo and behold,Jason Mraz & his band was about to board the bus to their hotel..AND...I ran across the street,pushed my way inside the crowd &manage to stand below him,under the bus window & had a CLEAR view of him from upclose!!!waarrrgghhhhhhhhhh..

He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!(faints...).:01:I swear if he asked me to marry him,I'd accept with no hesitation!!..kidding..or am I??hahaha
All of the pictures from tonight are in Jess's,Huzen's & Izza's camera as I didn't brought mine so I'll upload em' later!Nite peeps...or morning in some cases!!


Jessica_Lyne said...

Oh yeeessss! he is an AMAZING performer and a damn sexy one as well! hahaha! Wud upload 'em pics soon (n_n)/ Had so much fun with you guys n thanks for bringing us along in ur big n comfy car! ~hugs you~ :)

LIYANA said...

yessss jess!!!
I completely agree...hahaha
still can't believe tat manage to see him in the flesh..
it was fun to experience it with u guys too!!
ur welcome!

Zuliana said...

omgggggg you saw him up close?? no fairrrr!!!!!
but seriously, he's wayyy past being awesome! he's just....wow! :-D

LIYANA said...

we happened to be there when his tour bus came to the back..
so the band & him board the bus & i saw him directly under me cos' i was standing beneath the window...
because he was STILL wearing the fedora..hahahah

btw,super ramai hot guys & byk guys pakai fedora yesterday kan??

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww jealous

Zen said...

wah, my pic here! I'm femes now.

It was awesome. If it kills me was good. If he sang "clockwatching" it would really hit the spot.

still need bout the photos.

LIYANA said...

hana...xpe nanti die dtg m'sia lg!!^_^

zen,yesh ur faymes now!!hahahaha

yeah everything that night was awesome!!! (except for one thing though. but put it aside.lol)

and why is he so thin? dia tak makan ke datang malaysia. dammit. must be dia tak makan pedas. shitto.

LIYANA said...

izza...agaks la...ko dpt free 'tattoo' that nite..heheh

weih,ape ko merepeks nih???
die muscular la!!!
tgk arms die...
jason mraz plz come back& marry me!!!!