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Thursday, March 19, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

As a degree student,we tend to spend a lot of money on a lot of stuff..hehe.Thus,the fact we're over our teenage years means that we shouldn't depend too much on our parents..right?So,in order to be able to splurge once in awhile(80% of my shoes are bought using my own money) or buy things that our parents won't buy for us(in my case,super high heels cos' my mum doesn't agree with me wearing it..hehe),we need to take up part-time jobs or in my case odd jobs.

Odd jobs to me are jobs that does not require me to have a fix schedule everyday instead it's jobs that I do in like 3-4 days or during my free time but,it pays me very well.Don't worry,I'll explain all the jobs that I've done in the course of almost 4 years studying in this uni,below.So teddy,there's ways of making money if you know where to look but I have to admit it also depends on the connection that you have and having your own transport is important too.Networking is very important in this world!

Liyana's List of odd jobs

1.Staedtler School Project--went from one school to another in the Klang Valley region & helped Ad(a super senior of mine,who has graduated already) with his storytelling about the making of pencils.We went to about 8 or 9 schools and from each school I made rm60 or was it rm80??

2.Make-up artist(along with 2 others) under Absolut Pitch(Edmund & Gabe) for OK Mag's Anniversary Party at Zouk--It was a 2 day job & I got rm400,that required me to go to KJ(for rehearsals)& then of course,staying at one of the hotels near Zouk(but it was paid by the company!).Plus,I got to eat at TGIF&Pelita for free!!And meeting the celebs was a big plus too..^_^

3.Tutoring-I've been doing this for 2 semesters & it pays me quite well too.I get rm200 per month.And this is the only job that I've taken that requires me to be at a specific place,at a specific time,almost every week.It's a great opportunity for me as a TESL student because I tutor secondary students.

4.Baking cookies for sale & Raya-This is a hobby which I've absolutely have no time to do now.huhu.I think I made more than rm600 last year for all the baking & packing that I did on my own.No helped required from my family as I'm the only girl & my mum doesn't bake.hehe.

5.Selling bracelets--I sold bracelets for fun last year because I needed some cash in a short period of time.Made more than rm300.

6.Translation & Proofreading for Vistaberkat--This is what I've started doing this semester,thanks to one my super senior who has graduated too.So far,I've made rm500 for a 3 days worth of work.I'm in the process of doing translation work for 2 other websites.

Yes,how cool is that whenever I open the website,the words that people read,are grammatically correct because of me!(though I've to admit,my blog is not that grammar perfect..give me a break because this is a blog,not an essay to submit for marks!)On the other hand,I will not reveal which websites that I'm working on..^_^

I guess that's the list of work that I've done..unless there's more that I can't remember..huhu.Oh,volunteering to become runners for UiTM event's pays quite okaylah..The highest I got was rm150 for a 3-day event.

So,you can work,involve yourself in the student body(I miss PMFP!) and still make sure that your grades is above 3 pointer.^_^Teddy,I hope this post gives you some inspiration?Now back to assignments for me because...Next week I've 2 microteaching & 2 written assignment to send!!arrghhhhhhhh.Oh,all of these things,helps you to become more organize & handle the stress that comes your way.But do have a pimple cream/acne treatment at hand because with stress,comes pimples!!LOL

My recent amazing great find for my eye bags(or like a senior of mine that grad already,Anas,calls it--beg mata!) are SkinVitals Eye Lift Anti-Puffiness Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cloth Eye Treatment Mask--yesh it's very long!!It contains Coenzyme Q10 & Soy Protein(natto gum).It bloody works!!!Seriously!!I used it a day ago because I looked like a zombie & after taking off the mask,I can feel my under eye area plumping up & I felt instantly refreshed.So people,go & buy it since it's just rm7.88 at Guardian..(ceh promote plakss).


nafasdunia said...

wah. kak yana.

tedy penah buat jugak yg staedler tu. hahaa.

rase cm senget jugak. sbb sesat bwh mentari yg terik nk cr skola2 tu. ciscis.


makeup? hahaha. im good in creating a zombie-alike. tet.

translation? tgk kwn2 buat pon cam leteyh je. but well paid. :)

dlm manyak2 yg kak yana ckp.

tutoring la yg paling tedy plg suke.

bile la bole ade tutee ni :P

btw, tnx for d info sis!

LIYANA said...

huhu..kak yana buat staedtler tuh middle tahun lps..time tuh bru jer start mende tuh...
penat woo drive ke damansara la,usj la..bangsar pon!!

makeup tuh kak yana makeup watak2 movies..bukan makeup biase teddy.
makeup character dlm Hellboy 2!!!cool gilerr..ade kat post blog yg tahun lps punyer.

translation tuh xletih tp ade la sket pening2..hahaha
mmg byk la duit bley dpt if ur good at it

tutor tuh i do every dis week xde sbb cuti sekolah..huhu

ur welcome dear!

nak keje jugak. waaaaaaa. penat buat esaimen!!

LIYANA said...

babe,tu la aq bley jer kasi u keje gaks..if u want it,i'll send ur email to the senior tuh...
just tell me & it's done!!
hari tuh ade a couple of our friends whom i offered a rm800 job & they took a test for it..xtau la their progress camne..huhu

btw,mlm sok la kite gi shopping eks??can't wait!!!
i need new shoes & a dress!

nak keje jugak~ nak keje jugak~~

hulur hulur la sket yana!!!~~

haha daku kekeringan duit..

akuduniaku said...

i love green..=)

bare essence said...

aku pon duet kerings gak....
nk duet tp nk keje...
nk keje dan nk duet...
nk duet..
nk duetttt!!!!