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Wow,2 blog post in one day??ahaha

Yep,I just had to blog about this too..People may not know this,but I secretly(though it's not a secret among my close friends) love watching Raja Lawak.Truthfully speaking,I have a lot of respect for people who can make jokes spontaneously because it takes a lot of thinking actually to make people laugh.It's not an easy feat because some people may end up making jokes that are well...instead of Raja Lawak,it'll become Lawak Bodoh.Like what Amir did.I'm sorry(wait a min,that's his lame tagline..bleargh!) but I just don't find him funny!

I don't know how many times have I complained to Napz,Mak or Hanna(they're my Raja Lawak watching companions) about how Amir so doesn't deserve to be in the finals.No offense to the Kelantanese though!haha.The 2 contestants that I don't like in Raja Lawak 3 is of course Amir & Am..Can you hear the crickets when they crack a 'joke'???

And I'm super glad that Sepah won!!Yeayyy.And here's a clip of one of my fave moments during the finals..when Nabil & Jozan(I heart you Zizan!!!^_^) sang the Wonderpet song.As you all know,I've blog about Wonderpets a few months ago.It's better if you watch it in Malay rather than in the original Eng form because it's so much funnier in Malay.

I watched Wonderpets late last year & I find it so hilarious.I love it when Ming Ming name is pronounce or any of their hilarious rescuing missions(LOL!!--Remember when they went under the sea & they met a group of sea creatures that are almost like them???LOLLLLL) or the fact that they celebrate every rescue mission by eating celery.

Like Hani said when they celebrate with grilled celery or like they said in the Malay lang in that episode,saderi/seleri panggang--'Healthy giler Wonderpets nih!'...LOL

The theme song of Wonderpets in Malay!!!