Stop it

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This semester has got to be the most hectic semester ever for me and my friends. The reason being is that next semester; we’ll be doing our practicum. In 2 days, I drowned 3 bottles of Red Bull,in order to keep me awake .

I know that it’s not good for my body but believe me when I say that in my 22 years of living, I have never drank 3 bottle of Red Bull in 2 days & in fact ,this semester ,is the first semester that I actually needed to drink Red Bull.

You know that you’re life is hectic when you cut class in order to go back & catch up on your sleep(which I did with some of my friends last week..& today..hehe).And you know you’re stressed out when you & your friends keep getting angry easily.huhu.(But all of us knows to apologize to each other when we raise our voices out of nowhere..Kan??Kan kwn2??)

On to the reason why I’m blogging...

To me, violence is never the answer for anything. And a conversation that I had with some of my friends 2 days ago, about the stories that they got when they become facilitators to children of the army, last weekend, just made my blood boil.
How can you, as a teacher just go about & slap whomever you want in school? I just don’t get that. That is just total abuse of power. And how can a teacher not question a student first and instead just punish him for no apparent reason?

Now before you go and judge me saying that she’s a ‘manja’(spoiled) kid and so-so & that’s why she’s against ‘strict’ teachers, when you read this ,I kid you not that my parents, although they love me, didn’t ‘manja’ me growing up.
But of course when you were a kid, your parents had to beat you up once in awhile in order to straighten you out & I wasn’t spared that either. So my view on why I hate violence doesn’t come from a bias point of view.

I just think it’s so wrong for a teacher to beat up or cane a kid in front of his classmates or schoolmates because it would further demoralize him/her. And this in turn will make less interested in learning and will make them harbour hatred toward the teacher.

Being a TESL student, I have learnt a lot about how to teach but I know that all of that is nothing compared to what I will be facing next semester for my practicum.
But I still stand by my ground that a teacher should not use force in the classroom or the school. Maybe in extreme cases like bullying, they should. But they should not use the cane on a regular basis.

On the case of bullying, did you watch the video on the boys who beat up that short kid in Sarawak??I was very shocked & like one of my lecturer said , imagine that is your son or your brother .It was just very sad seeing the boy being beat up by lots of other boys.

There are other things that can be done rather than taking the easy way out and using force on the students and I totally don’t agree with it.Period.