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Monday, March 16, 2009 Liyana Hanim 20 Comments

I have been living my life for about 1 year and 3 months without a laptop ever since my laptop monitor went kaput.And I survive by borrowing my good friends laptop,my dad's pc and my lovely cousin,laptop..hehe.Thanks so much for all of you for being there for me through my tough time...:P..

But last week,with bajillion(okay,I'm exaggerating) assigments that I had to do,I felt really bad for using my friends laptop when I know they too have to do their own assigments(thanks so very much Hani!!I love you!!).And I almost broke down because I was stressed out that I sent a message telling my mum that I really need a laptop.

Because all this while I have been delaying asking for them to buy me a new laptop.I told them that I'll be able to do my assignments when I get back home(since my dad has a pc at our home) & since my dad bought me a car last year,I just thought that asking for a brand new laptop is just too much.So I lived my life for 1 year & 3months(I know,like izza said,'Nak jugak'..ehehe) without the presence of a laptop while all of my friends tinkered away on theirs.sob sob sob

But today,the day has ended.I went to buy a new one with my aunt,Mak Su & my cousin,Kak Hani.And here is it,my new baby.The one that I've been lusting over for about 2 weeks since I saw it at Sunway(Kak Hani has a bronze one that is much more expensive than mine that she bought a few weeks ago..huhuh).I don't know what to name it yet though...(My white car is named Salmah--A guy friend of mine called me a lesbo--Thanks Safa!--just because I named it Salmah..I thought that the name is so Malay & sweet...^_^).

Thank you so much to both of my parents(words cannot say how much I love both of you!!),Mak Su(thank you & I'll clean up my room more!) & Kak Hani(thank you for surveying the lappies with me!!).Thank you so much to all of my friends that have lend me their laptops for this 1 year..Hanna,Napisah,Hani,Mak&Izlin.LOVEx10000000000.I will take care of this pink baby with all my heart!!xoxoxoxo


Jessica_Lyne said...

omg! ur new precious is a babe! N ur girlfriends r real sweethearts (n_n)/

Anonymous said...

nice! its what i wnat too! viao in pink.

iZLiN said...

aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwww! laptop is the new pink! hehehee.

im soooo glad for u hun ;)

jaga elok2 tau.

p.s: good things come to those who wait xx.

LIYANA said...

it is isn't it??
the first time i saw it..i ws like..
so i waited for like 2 weeks b4 it ws mine..

yes,all of my gf's hs helped me a lot throughout the 'absence' of my laptop..huhu

LIYANA said...


LIYANA said...

izlin..laptop is the new pink??
xbley blah..haha

thanks babe!!!
i'll take care if it with my life..huhu

yesh..i guess like dr.hanim says..Good things come to those who wait..ALL THE TIME..
haih..bile pulak nk ade bf kan??LOL

bare essence said...

congrats for the new pinkathon (cmtu ke??)hahah
jage elok2 tau...
jgn nk tercalar ngn kunci lak pasni...
n jgn makan2,tgn minyk2 while using it...
love u too!!!

LIYANA said...

mcm nih

aq tau xsechomel name laptop

weih,sudah la...
hani,ampunkan aq atas keslhan sem lps...huhuhu

hanna mmg kurengs!!
tp xpe,kerna ko mmg honest...^_^

rina isa said...


want one too!!


as im typing these words, im using ur laptop and these awesome keyboards!! the contour of the body..the smell of the new pastic thingy.. the crystal clear monitor...wowwee mamma mia!! one can only dream bebeh!!

ur parents really love you man!!!!

LIYANA said...

rina,ade kaler2 laen gaks!!

izza,bau tangan ko maseh ade di keypad nih..LOL
aq tau ko hyper sbb kiter xgi mkn lg..jom mkn bersame the girls..
naseb ayah aq tukar kete laei dis week with me..huhuh
muat sume org!
i want a big car but yg xpakai byk minyak.

irma ain said...

lili (eh eh bole ke pggl lili?)
laptop kita sma!!
but im in red color sbb i LOVE red!
high five! yeay! :D

congrats yana!!~

yeah name pinkerton tak secomel name chikumomel. haha.

thanks to u too, u've helped me a lot~~

jaga dia leklok. jangan di calari (hati) nya.. haha
kem salam salmah...

*hugs n kisses*

LIYANA said...

my cousin punye kaler bronze..
ironically,byk my stuff kaler white or red(especially red shoes)
but i just like the laptop in pink..hehehe

LIYANA said...

thanks napz!!!
kiter kan simbiosis??^_^
2day aq dpt salmah balik..yeay!!

Aisyah Hani said...

ak terkejut giler ko beli lappie br.
ak tak kisah pon ko pinjam laptop ak.hehehe.seriuosly.
lgpon ko slalu tlg ak.
buat baik dibals baik.

i'm hepi fo u beb!!

ps,jg leklok lappie tuh.hehehhe.

LIYANA said...

hani..2la..dh rezeki kots..
tp still,aq kene byr rm1200 while the rest parents aq byr..haha

thanks so much!!
ko punye lappy dh byk berjasa pd aq...sob sob sob

ko la teman peluk aq yg besh!!LOL

nafasdunia said...


i craze for vaio for a long time.


wish my time will come. ameen.

LIYANA said...

xpe teddy..i nih part 6 bru merase vaio okay!
insyallah nanti u pon dpt gaks..
rajin2 la cari keje part-time
tats what i did to pay the 1200 for this while my parents pay the remaining half..huhu

nafasdunia said...


part time?

what to do?