Saturday, March 28, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Today,was a day of me doing absolutely nothing,assignments or study-wise despite the fact that there's a stack of things to be done.eheh.But hey,you gotta take a break sometime and today was my official none edu-related day.

What I wanted to blog about this time is about the movie Talentime.Such a simple movie with a simple setting.The movie revolves around the lives of the students at Anderson School and the racial prejudice that unfortunately,does exist in our 'prosperous' country.Watching the movie made me think a lot about the fact that yeah,each race in our country has somewhat a prejudice towards one another.Yeah I know that it doesn't exist in everyone but mostly,it ran deep.

I have to give kudos to Harith Iskander,Mahesh and of course Mohammad Syafie.Though I know that it's Pamela first movie,I have to say that she was a bit stiff in some parts and her Malay were a little bit off in some scenes.Mahesh on the other hand,although he got a none-speaking part,I thought he did a great job with his expressions(it's not an easy task!) and he was able to flaunt his abs a few times in the movie..teehee.

Adibah Noor was great and I envy her perfect English(she's a TESL grad after all..hehe).Jacyln Victor did a pretty good job too considering that it's her first movie.Mohammad Syafie's character,Hafiz was the character that almost made me cry.I wonder who sang the songs that he sung during the movie.It was just amazing and the dude has such a nice voice.Seeing Azean Irdawati in it was bittersweet cos' I'm pretty sure when the movie was filmed,she was really sick.I was excited when Jit Murad was in the movie as well because I'm such a fan of his after going to Actors Studio--which has been closed..:(--to watch Full of Jit.

The movie taught me that racial prejudice are created because of our own misconceptions about each other.The movie also proves that prejudice can also(which actually happens a lot in our country) stem from the influence of our own family members.All in all,Talentime is a good movie.I'll give it 3 out of 5.There are many funny scenes,a few sad ones and some corny ones too.The songs in the movie are just beautiful.Trust me.Even the indian song with a great meaning behind it.


Nina Alyssa said...

Loved the songs! It was a great movie, n i like mahesh too =)

Owh the guy who sang Hafiz's songs is aizat af, sedap kan? hehe

LIYANA said...

omg...it was aizat af??????
what an amazing voice!!
wonder who's voice the song that melur sang..juwita suwito ke???

dh la i met aizat during the jason mraz concert & he ws wearing shorts & waiting on the sidewalk with his 2 other friends..but i xtegor pon..my friend kept saying he was very dark & short...lol...

LIYANA said...

ooh..mahesh has great abs..which was flaunted a couple of times in the movie..LOL

Nina Alyssa said...

hehe atilia sang melur's songs tuu if i x silap la hehe