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Life is getting more hectic by the second.I'm so sorry for those whom 'terkena' my outbursts or temper this week..It's just that,like a friend of mine said,'Everybody is stressed out'..So if you think you have it worse,others are too & you're not alone!Let's all run and naked & wild after all of this ends(Izza,I know you want too!!).

With all the assignments and tests,to top it all off,I have one more website that I have to translate before the dateline(It's BIG money & I'm super swamped!!YIKESSSS!!!) & I have to tutor the boys too.I also have a pending going out thing and I'm dying to shop some more.Although I've shopped twice with Izza this week..hahaha.

Today,I did my T.Lit microteaching with my 2 fabulous group mates.It was HILARIOUS.Especially when Mak(Farhana) went overly emotional with her character as Tiro and Safa getting very defensive as Mokgobja(I think I'm spelling this wrong??) with her accusations.I can't help but laugh so hard.Fatin & Soleh did a good job too in acting out their part..Thanks so much you guys!!!

On Thursday,my group might be doing our Micro for T.Grammar..I can't wait but I'm also a lil' bit nervous..But being nervous is better than overly cocky!ahahaha.

Friday is submission for the MELTA prob& solution essay.

Lots of tests are coming up..Sunday is T.Lit test which I so haven't studied for.Next Monday I have Grammar 2 test & Shakespeare quiz aannnddd submission of the Grammar article review.

Next Wednesday is the submission for the SLA essay(*gulp*).

I can seriously go crazy.Now you,you understand why I can't go out with you this week??^_^Ada paham???

***Why lah I stoop to that level??haih...Sorry to my friends who advised to not be mean..I won't do it again!!!***


nafasdunia said...

kite kite kite sume.

tgh weng.



layannnn :)

LIYANA said...

btul btul btul