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*Freaking crazzzy ride!The Pirate's Revenge.Like Hafriz said after the 5 of us had 'experienced' it.."The pirate really had its revenge!"...LOL...*
Somebody came back from Japan after 2 years last Saturday & he's no other Kak Aisyah fave's brother(actually,the only brother that she has) Syahmi.Since I was told to cook spaghetti & meatballs for him(we had an agreement that I should make him caramel,a few months ago..i think...but somehow it turned into spaghetti instead...long story!),I did so & I guess it's the first meal that he had since he landed on our soil.hahaha.Thanks for the gifts(though I'm sad over the absence of that pink yukata!!! )!

To cut it short,the next morning:19:,went to Sunway Lagoon with Izlin,Hafriz,Kak Aisyah&Syahmi.Woke up super early in the morning after sleeping late (because I was up watching reruns of Raja Lawak 3(I don't like Amir!!!) with Napz,Hanna & Mak) only to find out after me & Izlin perused the internet that,Sunway opens at 10 am..haih.So we went for breakfast first,and then after running here & there,we got to Sunway.

Luckily,I parked at such a 5 lucky(pun not intended!) spot because there was this uncle who just came out of his car & he called us asking if we were going to Sunway Lagoon & we said yes.And he told us that his company are having a family day today at Sunway Lagoon & that he has many extra tickets.9So he gave us 5 tickets for all parks for just rm40 each(instead of the rm60 that we were supposed to pay).How lucky is that?haha.Thanks so much to that uncle & his family!!

So we started first at the amusement park & we tried the roller coaster first & of course,I shouted.Sorry to the person who was next to me at that time!!haha.Embarassingly,that was my first time getting on the roller coaster & I think I shut my eyes the whole time cos' it was going fast as hell.We went to try the other rides after that but the scariest part was the Pirate's Revenge..ayeyayayay.

I was screaming bloody murder,12,didn't open my eyes the whole time & tears even came running down my face.It didn't help when Syahmi was like forcing me to open my eyes while we were suspended on air!I was like"Tak nak!!!". I've pics to prove how crazy the ride was.Like I said,never,never,never,never again!And the brave sister & brother duo(Kak Aisyah & Syahmi) actually had the guts to try the crazzzyyy Tomahawk which me,Izlin & Hafriz sit out & just watch them being thrown in the air from the benches.hahaha.

Afterwards,we went to the wet park & splashed around & had a blast playing 3 rounds of pool volleyball!Although we were duped by the cute lifeguard/referee that we were going to win a prize if our team won.cehhh.After getting soaking wet,we changed clothes or in Kak Aisyah& my case,we blow dried our hair.haha.Went to Sunway to eat at Wendy's& I ate a lot that made this person,whispered in my ear.."Kate nk diet??"18...ceh!!!

Walked around & bought an ironic birthday present for my dad,who's birthday was on that day.Send the peeps home & drove all the way back to Puncak Alam to my family!
*Cutie pies in a row..LOL*

*Water babies!!*
*Mucking around*
*Lapar gilsssssssssss!!!*


wow..sounds so much fun!!! ;p

LIYANA said...

hey niza bukan u gi sunway gak ke tat day???LOL
it was fun..naek pirate's revenge & tomahawk x???ngerriiiiiii!!!

iZLiN said...

cutie pie! *sniff sniff*

i puas hati naik that pirate's revenge. i rase dilambong ke udara and pening lalat pastu---sgt berbaloi:the experience:)

water babies! *wah kiutnye i*


Anonymous said...

sori bout the diet comment la....huhuhu

LIYANA said...

izlin..puas hati la tapi..kite kan tutop mate time tuh??
i rase mcm nak mati time the ride pon ade!seriyes...huhu

anonymous la sgt syahmi..
i xmrh la..hish!

syami said...

eh i takde blog..tu la pasal letak anonymous..tp kali ni i tulis nama la