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Do you know how many words a website has???Hundreds of freaking thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I've spent hours glued in front of my laptop screen during this suppose holiday translating them from BM to English,word for word.Sleeping at 4 am or 5 am everyday in order to complete it because it's my job.But what I freaking hate/loathe/bengang nak mampos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--is the fact that ALL that I have translated..YES ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..IS GONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is when I want to scream at the top of my lungs and shout I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTFFFFFFF,MFFFFFFFF!!!!NOW I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The money from this translation,ALL of it will go into some serious shopping to compensate this mental anguish that I'm currently experiencing.Now it's back to freaking translating the website....T_T



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Please,please,please,please bring H&M to Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read THIS entry!!
H&M has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004(KARL LEGERFELD PEOPLE!!!THE FATHER OF CHANEL!!!),Stella McCartney in 2005,Viktor & Rolf(they're amazing!!!!!!!!) in 2006,Madonna in 2007,Roberto Cavalli in 2007,Kylie Minogue 2007 and last year it was Commes des Garcons(they're actually a Japanese company despite their French 'like boys'meaning name) and now.....they're collaborating with Matthew Williamson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

H&M + Karl Lagerfeld

H&M + Stella McCartney

Look at those boots!!!

H&M + Viktor&Rolf
--arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!How fabulous!!! I want the wedding dress to wear everyday ..can???LOLSSSSS

H&M + Madonna

H&M + Roberto Cavalli

H&M + Kylie Minogue

H&M + Commes Des Garcons

H&M + Matthew Williamson!!!!
I want the maxi dress,the peacock dress,the studded hot pink belt(in the linked web page up2 above)& the blue blazerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.I want X1000000000.


This made me cried

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In case you've been living under a rock or haven't read the news in awhile,maybe you haven't heard on Britain latest gem of a discovery which is Susan Boyle.Watch THIS(click here!!) vid clip.Although waiting for the video to load is pretty slow,you'll be amazed on what awaits you!

I cried while watching the vid because of the reaction that she got before she sang..Some of them were laughing,okay,a lot of them were laughing while this one mean girl were rolling her eyes & like giving this "You're nothing" look(you're so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which just infuriates me!!!Susan Boyle,you don't have to change!!(the media are debating whether she needs a makeover or not).

In this world & age & especially in a country like Malaysia,tv shows like One in a Million or AF or whatnot choose their contestants on looks & talent & not solely on amazing talent..So it's refreshing that Britain's Got Talent aren't discriminating people like Susan Boyle who has a huge talent!!Go Susan!!!

Look at Simon's reaction while watching her sing!!Priceless..He was like in a trance...^_^


THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to watch this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a docu-film & Charlyne & Micheal Cera ARE a couple in real life.Micheal was the dude who impregnated Juno(in the movie Juno) remember???
They're so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

PAPER HEART (coming out on AUG 2009)


The end of a brutal paper!!

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Today was my ONLY final paper which was Second Language Aqcuisition...But it was also...THE HARDEST out of 4 years that I've been at this faculty.Yes,out of 8 semesters of being here since pre-degree..today was definitely the hardest final paper that i've ever encountered..NO JOKE!!I pray to my juniors that you won't get a final paper that's hard as ours..Imagine this..only 20% of what we read(or maybe it was just me??) came out during todays paper...T_T...

I'm sure that most of my friends would agree that the B section was waaay hard considering the fact that like 4 questions out of the 6,we haven't heard the terms during this whole semester..yes,pity my class for getting a new lecturer who's not cool at all & waaaaaay strict!!!How the heck were we suppose to answer those questions when we have not heard about it before???WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay,finish ranting...huhuh.Today,went out to bowl with Hanna,her sis & Napz(the others went back to their parents house since their paper is way later..Xpe,paper aq dh habis..LOL) straight after the paper ended but stopped at my grandma's house to meet my mum & my bro's who stopped over since ayah got some business matters to attend.
Believe it or not,I haven't gone back to my parents house which is 40 minutes away from Shah Alam....in 2 WEEKS!!That's a record for me because usually I go back every week..hehe.My mum further embarassed me by asking Hanna & the girls whether I have a boyfriend or not..-_-
Like I'm that desperate for one...haiyoooo...

Oh,since I haven't blog in like forever(or so it seems..hehehe) due to being busy completing assignments & 'studying' for the paper& Shakespeare's Reader's Theater...huhu(Mr.Bhanu is super duper cool!!!!)
Last Friday night,for Hanna's 22nd birthday(hope you love the pressie from the 4 of us!!!),we went to Sunway to watch the much awaited He's Just Not That Into You....Before that,walked around & had dinner at Wendy's followed by A&W after the movie(I ate a lot that day & now I'm back to doing Pilates..it's time to shape up because I've been eating CRAP-for my body-but delicious food-for over a month now!)..

Oooh,saw & tried a dress that I like & it was very Blair Waldorf-ish but sadly..the lining inside was bad(i.e:The thread was coming out & you can see it near the bust region & there's no way to cut it cos' it's inside the lining but can be seen from the outside..haisshhhh)aaanndd it was the last dress!!!sob sob sob
*Hanna the birthday girl took this pic of us!!*

*Love this dress!!!!Maybe I should ask a tailor to make me one instead??*

Here's my review of the movie...
The movie was perfection to us in many many ways.I shed a tear twice during the movie & both scenes involved Neil (spoiler!!).I haven’t read the book yet although I know the book came out a long time ago but why would a teenager like me (I think I was 16 or 17 when the book came out) read a self-help book titled ‘He’s just not that into you’ when during that time was the first time in my life that I truly fell in love (I haven’t felt that way ever since..The time will come for me..I’m sure, someday, somehow love will find me again..^_^).
But after watching the movie, I thought, maybe I will buy the book after all( I saw that it was selling for cheap at a book warehouse sale a few months ago).

The movie was great because somehow it was a reflection on all of us girls. I’m sure some of us has done one or 2 things that Gigi did. Although I’ve to admit that she had some of the most embarrassing scenes in the movie, but you know what, she stayed true to herself. Regardless how crazy she was at times. Atleast she was excited and a believer in love and she has so much hope for the men that came in and out of her life.

Justin Long character as Alex is hot!!He’s so charming.He has grown up well since his Ed days..(remember him being the geeky student in Ed??).Though my favourite eye candy in the movie is definitely Bradley Cooper!I love him in Alias & he looks amazing in the movie though his character as Ben, was such a bastard!!

One of the touching moment for me was when Alex came to Gigi’s house to see her & the song ‘Somewhere only we know’ was playing.That has a lot of meaning to me..:(.There was a scene in the movie that made EVERYONE in the cinema(the cinema was packed) got all giddy & happy & excited...Watch the movie to know what I’m saying.

Guys & girls should watch this movie.I’d give it 3.5 out of 5!(disregard the crappy review it got in The Star last Saturday--I'm a feminist & fiercely independent but that doesn't mean I don't believe in love or I won't go for miles for the one that I love...duh!!!)
Random:Oh,a view of Shah Alam from MRCB building when I was running errands for my mum...The place that I grew up,move out & move back..Shah Alam has so many fond memories for me...

*David Beckham for the new Motorola ad....*droools*...He's UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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So much for the freaking study leave!It's already Wednesday but I've been 'camping' at Hanna's house since Monday night..hehehe.Only 2 more assignments to do!!!!!!One written & one Reader's Theater..huhu..After that it's a day out or I think more like a night out & then it's back to studying for the much dreaded SLA final paper.*shudders*

While watching an episode of Greek,the song 'Nothing like you & I' by The Perishers( I used to be so into The Perishers) was playing in the background.That particular episode struck a chord in me too.Because it has happened to many friends that I know.That episode showed how Evan & Cappie(I wonder what his mysterious real name is because of Rebecca's reaction during the study episode!!) used to be bestfriends & in fact they grew up together & of course it's shocking to me because for the past 14 episodes in Season 1,both of them are arch enemies & president's of polar opposites fraternities.

Turns out they were very close to each other but had a falling & at first,I was a big fan of Cappie's but seeing episode 15 made me realize what a douche bag Cappie really was towards Evan in the past.But it didn't help the fact that Evan fell in love with Casey but then again,looking at how poorly Cappie treated Casey as a girlfriend sort of justifies Evan's feelings towards her.

I almost cried during the ball when Casey & Evan was about to take the same glass of champagne while Cappie was dancing with Rebecca.Poor Casey!Both guys loved her but neither is with her anymore & it's not even her fault!(She lost Evan cos' of Frannie's evil ways).

Greek is still going strong in the States with the latest episodes of the second season.

Here's my fave dress from Marchesa's Fall 09' RTW line...
Plus,here's a list of movie trailers of movies that I can't wait to watch when it hits our country!

Rudo Y Cursi--a movie starring 2 of my fave latin american actors--Diego Luna(of Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights) & Gael Garcia Bernal(he's freakin' hot!!).

The Brothers Bloom--I think this movie will be great!Plus I love Rinko & Mark Ruffalo..The trailer looks like it's going to be a great one..huhuh

Departures--A Japanese movie that will probably makes us think about life,family & love.Interesting because the main character's job is to 'prepare' dead bodies for funerals.

500 Days of Summer--Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel!!!It's such a cute movie..huhu.Can't wait for this one..

Cheri--Michelle Peiffer becomes a very refined Cougar??Coolness!!hehehe.The costumes that she wear is so beautiful & the house looks very oppulent.Rupert Friend is the hero in the movie(or more known as Kiera Nightly's boyfriend).


Getting old..haha

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Safarizan Safian, a friend whom I’ve known since Part 1 degree(I’m now in Part 6),celebrated his 25th birthday on the 9th( (a day after my mum’s birthday!).Because the whole week,everyone was super busy, the initial plan made by Hanna to celebrate Safa’s birthday didn’t pull through.

Last night however, due to Hanna’s planning skills, we managed to celebrate his birthday with good friends and lots & lots of good food. When I say lots, there were lots!!!Oh, btw ,Safa had no idea that we were going to celebrate his birthday.

We chipped in our money &bought 2 large & 2 regular Dominos pizza while Hanna bought 21 doughnuts from Big Apple. After eating some of the doughnuts & finishing all of the pizza’s,Safa being in a generous mood, asked us what we want to eat & he’ll buy it for us. After taking down all of the orders, off he went with Hanna to buy KFC,Cornetto ice cream & Cheezel’s BBQ Cheese(my fave!!!) for all of us.
We ate and ate and ate & ate.I was so damn stuffed that I felt like fasting the next day.haha.I’m so glad that everything turned out just the way Hanna wanted it & she was so happy & so was of course ,the Birthday Old Man(not Birthday Boy cos’ he’s so not a boy anymore!!LOL).

Safa, you’ve turn 25!!Thanks for being sort of like an annoying + ‘gatal’ older brother who loves to nag at me about love ,life & everything in general, 'thanks' for matchmaking me to the wrong guy(though I know your intentions were good..but still...hahaha),thanks for teaching me how to drive using your beloved ‘Maria’, thanks for being such a wonderful bestie to Hanna & making her happy!!^_^


The final countdown!!

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In only 2 weeks,the semester will be officially over...a bit bittersweet because the link students will be leaving the faculty & I hope I'll be able to join their farewell party(provided I'm not dead broke at that time).

The final hurdle lists of things to complete before the semester ends are as follows:

1)Asian Lit take home test

2)Shakespeare's Reader's Theater

3)Shakespeare's 2 tests

4)Shakespeare's King Richard 3 essay

5)Classroom Management Case Study

6)T.Lit journal
7)T.Grammar Test Construction

8)Finally,my only final paper----SLA(Second language acquisition)!!(YIKESSSSS!!!)

After all that ends,I'm looking forward to the road trip that is being plan by my friends...we so need a break from all of this.Today with all of my stressed out friends,the 6 of us went out & eat,eat,eat and shop a lil' bit.I ate so much food!!!!!yikesss...

Yes,when I'm stressed out,I tend to eat a lot.huhuhu.A few hours ago,the very competent driver that is Hanna,went with me to KLIA to pick up Adam's grandpa at LCCT.Thanks so much Hanna for driving from and to KLIA for me while I sit in the passenger seat...hehehe.When I didn't have a license(a year & 1/2 ago),I always envy people who could drive,but after getting my drivers license I tend to get very lazy & prefer others to drive my car instead..Go figure!hahaha.

Oh,and I pitied my dad after we went back from KLIA because before we went there,I spent rm30 on petrol & when we went back,the tank was back from where it started!!This whole week,I used my dad's car because he wanted to save money on petrol.Boy,how much he must have saved while using my car.Because usually when I got to KLIA,I drove my own car & it doesn't cost that much for petrol but,my dad's car cost rm30 for a trip to the KLIA & that doesn't include the rm11 for the tol!So in total,my dad spends rm4o a day to go to work???OMG!!!

I'm thinking of giving my dad to use my car as often as he wants so that it'll lessen his burden.Kesian ayah!!!huhuhu.


I know I'm not suppose to make fun of people,but this just takes the cake!A lecturer is suppose to educate a student and not to mislead them instead by teaching them very bad grammar!!

Today,a friend told me a very funny story.It's about a lecturer,who speaks very bad English.But mind you,this lecturer is not a lecturer at my faculty!

Here are some of the words that the lecturer use in her(oops) class:

"She's not that fluented"--yes,she actually made a past tense out of the word fluent!

"Quototation:"---which should be quotation.

"What money is your laptop?"--in case you're wondering,she wasn't asking what currency but she actually was asking how much the laptop cost..T_T

"All of the presentations is very goods"--yes she actually used the word goods...

Haih.How can you blame some students in our country for having bad grammar & vocabulary if not for some of their respective teachers or lecturers setting a bad example for them??

Also,on the way to KLIA,I turned on the radio & on Fly fm(I think..cos' it was 95.8),one of the female dj,I don't remember who,pronounce the word 'Correct' like the Malay word 'korek' but the difference is that she stressed on the letter 'r',though it was still wrong.It didn't help that she was shouting the word loudly..aiyooo.

Maybe being a TESL student for almost 4 years has made me more aware & irritated with bad pronunciation & grammar?I remembered a super senior of mine,Syed Husni,who's now in the States,used to correct my friends' grammar when he was sent a normal message through Friendster during my pre-tesl days in Shah Alam!hahaha.

Read this blog entry about more bad pronunciation gone awry.So damn funny I tell you!



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Have you ever cut yourself or wounded yourself ?The pain that it brings along with the loss of blood(depends on how big your cut or wound was) will probably be forgotten when it is healed because a cut or a wound,can of course, heal with time.But what does it leave you with?

A scar.And that scar will always remind you of the pain that the cut or the wound brought with it and the memory of how it happened will always remain etched in your mind.It might have healed with time but the residue of it never permanently left the body that it lay its mark on.

Different cuts and wounds have different level of pain.Some are f&**&^%ly painful while others were just dripping with blood but it didn't hurt as much while there are in some cases whereby you didn't even notice that it had happened.(mesti korg pernah terkene benda tajam & tak perasan terluka?Btul x???).

Some cuts or wounds,when others or your friends or families look at it,they'll say that it didn't hurt or to them,it doesn't look like it hurt that much.But they themselves,haven't felt the pain,thus how can they say that they know it doesn't hurt?Only the person who has the cut or the wound on their body will know the pain that it brings.

Although others might look at it and say,"Hey,that looks similar with what I have",one's experience,one's level of dealing with the pain,the process of the wound or cut being healed,is different from one person to another.It's never the same.Some might claim to understand the pain that you felt but at the end of the day,they never really did.Nothing is truly black and white or clear cut(pun intended).


Something to look forward to

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Today has been a pretty stressful day and tonight,negligence and selfishness that was shown by some people resulted in stressing me & my friends out.Thanks a whole bunch!!If others can complete their assigments in time,why can't you??haih....

So,instead of getting all stressed out which makes me break out(pimple la ape lg)...let's make thewpper(the geds way of pronouncing super,which was coined by Izza,which I loike!) positive list instead...After all,looking forward to something positive is much much better than wishing than you can break people's neck in half like they're chickens....(evil laugh insert here.).

Liyana's Looking Forward to List

1.This weekend!!!!(can't elaborate due to top secret information)

2.Shoe shopping spree--cos' I bought a new pair of sandals less than 2 weeks ago & I accidentally lost one half of it last night.Didn't notice that it fell out of the car...-_-Sgt sedey!!!

3.Holiday with the girls after the sem ends!!!Please,please,please...I'll even wait for those whose paper ends way later than mine...kah22222

4.Going to KLIA this Friday night....although not that great,but still,anything to get the heck away from all the stress.

5.The showing of He's Just not that into you & X-Men Origin:Wolverine movie!!!!woooottttt

6.Sleeping for hours and hours!!!!!!!!!!!Like I told Izza today,sleeping is such a luxury nowadays.Or like what Izlin& Hafriz thought when they saw me this morning.."Liyana mcm dh xtido 3 hari"...T_T (Though I have to study for my SLA paper sometime next week---20th April kottttt)

7.Catching up with the 4th season of How I Met Your Mother---I've download all of the 2nd half of the season but haven't got the time to watch all of it.

8.Gossip Girl 221 episode coming out on the 20th of April...Can't wait to see how Blair & Nate's relationship is going & if there will be more going on between Chuck & Vanessa(ewww)...annndddd,to see the face of Dan & Serena's brother!!

9.Reading the 2 new books that I bought last week!

10.Waking up in the afternoon instead of early morning...ah,what a luxury that is...huhuh.

Until then....it's back to test construction for my Methodology of Teaching Grammar class...T_T



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Remember I blog about them back in November in this post....

Of course now I'm a bigger fan than I was back then..teeheee..^_^And Fine is still my fave song.huhu.

The title above of course refers Bunkface's most well-known Malay song,'Situasi'.Which actually,was first written in English,titled(duh!),Situation. I kept listening to the song almost everyday,last year and a few days ago,I was offered a chance to be in their videoclip for the song 'Situasi' along with other fans of theirs & of course,I just couldn't pass it up.So I asked a friend who is so obssesed with that song,that she uses the lyrics in her daily conversation,to join me.

For example:

Subject A: (comes up quietly from behind me)....Diskriminasi,menjatuhkan aku(ala2 bersyair/berceramah)..Reputasi pula(ini die tambah) menjadi bisu...Dan aku,aku layu!----LOLLLLLLLLLL

So,naturally,I have to invite Izza(ooopsie!!) to go with me!!I've a presentation to do for my 8.30am class which starts in a few hours so,I'll elt the pictures to do the talking!
Thanks to Izza,for driving along the very foreign(to me,being a Shah Alam-ian true & true)KL road,thanks to Shauna & Atie from Bunkface's management for giving me the directions to go to the place & providing us with refreshments & free-cd's(autographed by the boys!),thanks to the crew of the vid clip & the uber cool producer!!Most importantly,thanks to Bunkface for being so cool!!!Can't wait for the vid clip to come out to see how horrible I looked!!LOLLLL



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I can't believe that I forgot about the Jabbawockeez until one of my super senior told me about them yesterday.I remembered being in awe watching them perform during last year's MTV Asia awards..& when at first,they were interviewed on the red carpet,I was like,who the heck is these dapper lookin dudes??Turns out they were amazing performers/dancers!!Btw,the name Jabbawockeez is taken from the word,Jabberwocky that was in Lewis Carroll poem,"Through the looking glass".

So tonight instead of studying,doing my assignments & completing my translations..I watched lots of their videos on You Tube.Below are some of my favorites,dating back when they were in America's Best Dance Crew!(they won the 1st season in 2008 & became famous after that but,they were created back in 2003!)

America's Best Dance Crew-week 3

ABDC-week 4

ABDC-week 5

ABDC-week 6


Pepsi Smash


Of Mimpi

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This picture above is the closest that I've been to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.Of course I've 'salam' him before this pic was taken.huhu.Izza's there too,next to me and as the date suggests,this was when we were in Part 2 of Pre-TESL Shah Alam and we were asked to man the Faculty of Education booth.huhu.Look how ugly I looked..Actually,there's not much difference kan???hahahah. Congrats to Najib for becoming Malaysia's 6th PM.May he make our country proud!

Okay,no offense to any of the guys at my faculty but...today..I just realize the fact that all this while I've been in the wrong faculty..Why??Because I thought that hot guys are just plain extinct at my faculty....But today,when I went to watch MIMPI by the students of UiTM's Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is the place to be if you're looking for hot guys(though some are straight and some are not..ehehe).

I've to admit I was keen on one of the band guys...^_^..Izza didn't help when she like,waved at him during intermission...hahaha.Haih,after this I think I have this urge to make frequent visits to the faculty which is near my house at Puncak Alam to visit my friend Feeza there...(ulterior motive alert!!)

Okay,moving on to the story line...The story is based on Shakepeare's 'A Midsumer Night's Dream',which I first read when I was 16 years old & it confused me a lot because there were many characters who were chasing after each other,love-wise.

The play is directed by Jim O'Connor,a visiting professor from the States who's currently teaching the students at the faculty(how cool is that???).Tonight was the last night of the show and he sat right in front.The show was staged at Lambang Sari,Istana Budaya.I went there with my 4 other friends.Oh,met Sheena,Sir Kamran,Shrek & Bibi was there too.

I have to say,after watching the whole thing,I admit that it was very good.Maybe because the students are studying theater and other creative stuff and they know how to make it work.There were many funny parts,the props were minimal but was used to the fullest,the make-up was superb but I've to say the costumes for Helena,Hermia,Lysander & Demetrius were just..blahh..huhu.But I guess they were doing it in the Malaysian context..but still,a prominent female character based on Shakepeare's play shouldn't just be wearing t-shirt & jeans in it?That's my opinion lah,you're more than welcome to disagree..^_^

I guess,I just have this beautiful fairy like image in my head back when I was 16 when I first read A Midsumer's Night Dream.It was a picture of flowers,beautiful fairies and creatures.But MIMPI was different because the fairies looked very scary actually!hehe.The character Bottom/Pyramus was very good + so drama queen like..he couldn't stop stealing the show when they were making the play for the king(mati 3 kali okay!hahaha.Xbley blah!!Klaka sgt22).Snug,who played the 'Singa' in the play that they did for the king was very funny too & so was the guy who played Flute/Thisbe who made us laugh out loud with his female impersonation for the play.

Oh,the character Demetrius was very very funny during almost at the end of the play because the sole of his shoe came off half-way so he had to like,walk & run with the sole hanging out which made it difficult for him,which made the audience laugh so hard...LOLLL.The character Puck(who originally in the story is a male) was the favorite of me & my friends because she played the character very very well and we even took a picture with her,below.All in all,the cast & crew did a great job for MIMPI.Congratulations to all of you guys!!

Afterwards went to Piccadily's for supper & tasted Margerita(non-alcoholic of course!) for the first time thanks to Fa--yep the salt surrounding the glass rim is the key..it's very tasty!The menu is very extensive & it's cheaper than Williams(or some might say.haha).Had turkey ham & cheese sandwich..yum!!Definitely come back to try more food..but I've to bring Izza cos' I totally didn't remember the road leading there(she drove Ad's car otw back).

I can't keep thinking about this pickle that someone is in---How can you be somebody's girlfriend without even knowing about it and suddenly that person claim to others that your his girlfriend?Freaking weird ain't it???

I'm UBER glad that I'm nobody's girlfriend..Though I've to say,what I'm seeing and hearing nowadays is that the girlfriends are the one having more than one boyfriend(sometimes even up to 3 boyfriends--boyfriend yer,not casual dating or whatnot) instead of the guy doing so.Tsk2.Baik takyah je ade boyfriend macam tuh!To me,when your someone's girlfriend,just stay faithful to that guy laa...It's not that hard right?If you don't really like that guy in the first place,then DON'T become their girlfriends instead of stringing along other guys in your relationship too.

Here's a toast to living the life of a bachelorette & having the freedom to date whomever I want,when I want & who's to say I can't date 2 or 3 guys at a time??I'm nobody's girlfriend so why can't I date more than 1 guy???It's nothing serious anyway...A date is just a date.It's a totally different thing if I'm in a 'serious relationship'(even the sound of it gives me chills!*shudderss*).Time's a changing people & I for once,like having the ability to choose.Like the song..."My mama told me..you better shop around!".Toodles!!!Here's a few pics from MIMPI...

P/S:I hate my recent hair cut..^&^&!!!But I'm keeping +ve & trying to calm myself by saying that hair will grow back!!:(


The sweetness of honey & the sting of bees

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Today after tutoring the boys,I felt like reading a book of poems or quotes.Since Ms.Sal's book collection is pretty extensive,borrowed one from her,titled The Sweetness of Honey and The Sting of Bees,A Book of Love from the Ancient Mediterranean by Michelle Lovric & Nikiforos Doxiadis Mardas(ini nama sebenar die..bukan olok2..hahaha).

The book of love poems/quotes from Greek gods to philosophers were divided into 13 chapters of poems/quotes + 2 chapters on Love & Gods/Poets.The poem below is in the Beautiful Loved One chapter--this is under the 'True love is blind' part.You'll understand why it is so if you read the one below...;)

A swarthy one is "honey colored",

A foul and filthy one is "au naturelle"...

A stringy and wooden one is a "gazelle",

A squat dwarf is "one of the Graces" and "full of wit",
A monstrous huge one is "phenomenal" and "full of grandeur",

If she stammers and can't speak,"she has a charming lisp"'

A mute one is "shy",

A shameless,hateful chatterbox is "a little cracker:,

One who looks starved to the point of death is "a slender sweetheart".......

One with a fat lip is "all kiss"

De Rerum Natura IV
Reading the one above,I can't help but laugh and thought of how true it is when a person is blinded by love,they tend to only see the good in everything that their beloved does.Sadly enough,it has never happen to me(but I don't wish for it to happen anytime soon actually..love is a distraction for me right now..hahaha).
The other one that I really like is this poem...
It's under the Seduction chapter....*blush*

As the sweet-apple bushes,
On the end of its branch,
On top of the tree's top-most fork,
It is forgotten by the apple-pickers.
No---it's not that they've forgotten it,
They just couldn't quite reach it....

fragment 105

And lastly,this one is under the Absence and Longing chapter..awww...

I grieve,
"That my mother did not bear me finned like a fish,
That I might dive down into the ocean,
And kiss your hand--if not your mouth.
And I would bring you white lilies or

The red petals of velvet poppies burst open.

But even now,my darling,I will learn to swim...

So I may taste of the sweetness to be had,

Living with you in the dim of depths!"

Idyll 11(The Cyclops)

The Cyclops,Polyphemus,was in love with the sea-nymph Galatea,and here laments their fundamental,and ultimately insurmountable,incompatibility.... T_T



Thursday, April 02, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

Izza,Napz,Hani & gadis2 sungai(LOLLLLLLLLLSSSS)..jom kite sume gi vacay after the sem ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We soo need to get away before practicum starts & have lots of super duper fun..hehehe.
Away from the stress,from the dramzz,from the stress(again!)...
Hanna cepat cari van utk disewa..hahaha...
So where to???
Kuching(hint hint)!!!!!


Oh Snap!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today has got to be one of the most hectic day of all...Today was the day of my last microteaching...yeay---which was teaching writing!!!wooohooo.After my microteaching,it was my 2nd writing test..which,I totally didn't study for..okay,maybe I studied for the test in only like 2 hours..hahaha.Today, at 8.30 am,I had to hand over the SLA essay to Izlin since I won't be able to make it for the 2 hours class...huhuh.

So after lunch,me& Izza went to PK because my foot suddenly swelled up last night due to being bitten by some kind of bug...(everyone kene kat kaki..Me,Izza & Hanna..sume kene sumthing kat kaki..why?????)It looked very freakish indeed!The doc gave me 2 kind of medicine and a cream for the swelling.Aftewards,went to my grandma's house and then went to checked whether the proofread money is in my account--and lo & behold...the 400 is in!!!

Gave Izza & Izlin their money.Thanks Izlin for helping me a lil bit with the work..^_^Since it has been a pretty hectic and hellish week...What should a girl do with money that she just earned???SPEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My principle,although it sounds very awful is that,money is suppose to be spend but only when you have it laa.huhu.If you don't have money to spend(which happens to me quite a lot..hahah),try and make some money anyway...LOL.Anyway,you can't take it to the grave kn???(ceh,saje je cari excuses..kah22)

Today I spend 160 on toiletries(oh snap!!!But it's money that I earn on my own so it's okay!!haha) and only a mere 35 for wash,trim & blow!!I feel so alive & energized...^_^Spending 160 on toiletries is very reasonable okay!!hahaha.I love splurging on beauty products..what to do??I think pampering yourself is very important especially in this stressful and humid & hot environment that we live in.Do not scrimp on personal hygiene!!!LOL.

I don't go to spas so it's reasonable that I spend like a few hundred on my toiletries every month right??Plus,my friend,Mak(Farhana) is damn good at giving massages...hehehe.So I don't need to go to any massage parlour whatsoever..^_^