The end of a brutal paper!!

Monday, April 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today was my ONLY final paper which was Second Language Aqcuisition...But it was also...THE HARDEST out of 4 years that I've been at this faculty.Yes,out of 8 semesters of being here since was definitely the hardest final paper that i've ever encountered..NO JOKE!!I pray to my juniors that you won't get a final paper that's hard as ours..Imagine this..only 20% of what we read(or maybe it was just me??) came out during todays paper...T_T...

I'm sure that most of my friends would agree that the B section was waaay hard considering the fact that like 4 questions out of the 6,we haven't heard the terms during this whole semester..yes,pity my class for getting a new lecturer who's not cool at all & waaaaaay strict!!!How the heck were we suppose to answer those questions when we have not heard about it before???WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay,finish ranting...huhuh.Today,went out to bowl with Hanna,her sis & Napz(the others went back to their parents house since their paper is way later..Xpe,paper aq dh habis..LOL) straight after the paper ended but stopped at my grandma's house to meet my mum & my bro's who stopped over since ayah got some business matters to attend.
Believe it or not,I haven't gone back to my parents house which is 40 minutes away from Shah 2 WEEKS!!That's a record for me because usually I go back every week..hehe.My mum further embarassed me by asking Hanna & the girls whether I have a boyfriend or not..-_-
Like I'm that desperate for one...haiyoooo...

Oh,since I haven't blog in like forever(or so it seems..hehehe) due to being busy completing assignments & 'studying' for the paper& Shakespeare's Reader's Theater...huhu(Mr.Bhanu is super duper cool!!!!)
Last Friday night,for Hanna's 22nd birthday(hope you love the pressie from the 4 of us!!!),we went to Sunway to watch the much awaited He's Just Not That Into You....Before that,walked around & had dinner at Wendy's followed by A&W after the movie(I ate a lot that day & now I'm back to doing's time to shape up because I've been eating CRAP-for my body-but delicious food-for over a month now!)..

Oooh,saw & tried a dress that I like & it was very Blair Waldorf-ish but sadly..the lining inside was bad(i.e:The thread was coming out & you can see it near the bust region & there's no way to cut it cos' it's inside the lining but can be seen from the outside..haisshhhh)aaanndd it was the last dress!!!sob sob sob
*Hanna the birthday girl took this pic of us!!*

*Love this dress!!!!Maybe I should ask a tailor to make me one instead??*

Here's my review of the movie...
The movie was perfection to us in many many ways.I shed a tear twice during the movie & both scenes involved Neil (spoiler!!).I haven’t read the book yet although I know the book came out a long time ago but why would a teenager like me (I think I was 16 or 17 when the book came out) read a self-help book titled ‘He’s just not that into you’ when during that time was the first time in my life that I truly fell in love (I haven’t felt that way ever since..The time will come for me..I’m sure, someday, somehow love will find me again..^_^).
But after watching the movie, I thought, maybe I will buy the book after all( I saw that it was selling for cheap at a book warehouse sale a few months ago).

The movie was great because somehow it was a reflection on all of us girls. I’m sure some of us has done one or 2 things that Gigi did. Although I’ve to admit that she had some of the most embarrassing scenes in the movie, but you know what, she stayed true to herself. Regardless how crazy she was at times. Atleast she was excited and a believer in love and she has so much hope for the men that came in and out of her life.

Justin Long character as Alex is hot!!He’s so charming.He has grown up well since his Ed days..(remember him being the geeky student in Ed??).Though my favourite eye candy in the movie is definitely Bradley Cooper!I love him in Alias & he looks amazing in the movie though his character as Ben, was such a bastard!!

One of the touching moment for me was when Alex came to Gigi’s house to see her & the song ‘Somewhere only we know’ was playing.That has a lot of meaning to me..:(.There was a scene in the movie that made EVERYONE in the cinema(the cinema was packed) got all giddy & happy & excited...Watch the movie to know what I’m saying.

Guys & girls should watch this movie.I’d give it 3.5 out of 5!(disregard the crappy review it got in The Star last Saturday--I'm a feminist & fiercely independent but that doesn't mean I don't believe in love or I won't go for miles for the one that I love...duh!!!)
Random:Oh,a view of Shah Alam from MRCB building when I was running errands for my mum...The place that I grew up,move out & move back..Shah Alam has so many fond memories for me...

*David Beckham for the new Motorola ad....*droools*...He's UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!