The final countdown!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

In only 2 weeks,the semester will be officially over...a bit bittersweet because the link students will be leaving the faculty & I hope I'll be able to join their farewell party(provided I'm not dead broke at that time).

The final hurdle lists of things to complete before the semester ends are as follows:

1)Asian Lit take home test

2)Shakespeare's Reader's Theater

3)Shakespeare's 2 tests

4)Shakespeare's King Richard 3 essay

5)Classroom Management Case Study

6)T.Lit journal
7)T.Grammar Test Construction

8)Finally,my only final paper----SLA(Second language acquisition)!!(YIKESSSSS!!!)

After all that ends,I'm looking forward to the road trip that is being plan by my friends...we so need a break from all of this.Today with all of my stressed out friends,the 6 of us went out & eat,eat,eat and shop a lil' bit.I ate so much food!!!!!yikesss...

Yes,when I'm stressed out,I tend to eat a lot.huhuhu.A few hours ago,the very competent driver that is Hanna,went with me to KLIA to pick up Adam's grandpa at LCCT.Thanks so much Hanna for driving from and to KLIA for me while I sit in the passenger seat...hehehe.When I didn't have a license(a year & 1/2 ago),I always envy people who could drive,but after getting my drivers license I tend to get very lazy & prefer others to drive my car instead..Go figure!hahaha.

Oh,and I pitied my dad after we went back from KLIA because before we went there,I spent rm30 on petrol & when we went back,the tank was back from where it started!!This whole week,I used my dad's car because he wanted to save money on petrol.Boy,how much he must have saved while using my car.Because usually when I got to KLIA,I drove my own car & it doesn't cost that much for petrol but,my dad's car cost rm30 for a trip to the KLIA & that doesn't include the rm11 for the tol!So in total,my dad spends rm4o a day to go to work???OMG!!!

I'm thinking of giving my dad to use my car as often as he wants so that it'll lessen his burden.Kesian ayah!!!huhuhu.


I know I'm not suppose to make fun of people,but this just takes the cake!A lecturer is suppose to educate a student and not to mislead them instead by teaching them very bad grammar!!

Today,a friend told me a very funny story.It's about a lecturer,who speaks very bad English.But mind you,this lecturer is not a lecturer at my faculty!

Here are some of the words that the lecturer use in her(oops) class:

"She's not that fluented"--yes,she actually made a past tense out of the word fluent!

"Quototation:"---which should be quotation.

"What money is your laptop?"--in case you're wondering,she wasn't asking what currency but she actually was asking how much the laptop cost..T_T

"All of the presentations is very goods"--yes she actually used the word goods...

Haih.How can you blame some students in our country for having bad grammar & vocabulary if not for some of their respective teachers or lecturers setting a bad example for them??

Also,on the way to KLIA,I turned on the radio & on Fly fm(I think..cos' it was 95.8),one of the female dj,I don't remember who,pronounce the word 'Correct' like the Malay word 'korek' but the difference is that she stressed on the letter 'r',though it was still wrong.It didn't help that she was shouting the word loudly..aiyooo.

Maybe being a TESL student for almost 4 years has made me more aware & irritated with bad pronunciation & grammar?I remembered a super senior of mine,Syed Husni,who's now in the States,used to correct my friends' grammar when he was sent a normal message through Friendster during my pre-tesl days in Shah Alam!hahaha.

Read this blog entry about more bad pronunciation gone awry.So damn funny I tell you!


Jessica_Lyne said...

it's almost over isn't? just reading ur post gets me nostalgic and wary - still got assgmnts to do 0_0.

The "Entri Separa Lucah" got me rotfl! Bad grammar really makes everything sounds! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

you guys are doing king richard III too? we did that too.

did u do othello? or something else?

LIYANA said...

tu la jess..gonna miss u nanti!!huhuh..still got assignments to finish..damn..haha

yes..exactly..connect sounds like k***k...LOLLL

LIYANA said...

hana,yes..we learned 3 plays..
the first one was King Lear,the 2nd was Taming of the Shrew & lastly is King Richard 3..

no,we didn't get to learn Othello dis' sem!!It's a pity cos' I love that one..huhu

syahmibukansiclair said... first laugh of the day reading the `entri spara lucah`..didn`t struck me he actually meant connect =))

LIYANA said...

amboi syahmi..part tuh je u ske bce eks??hahaha
hows japan??
green tea i dh habis!!
send la 2 packet ke 3 ke cni...LOL

syahmibukansinclair said...

ler..u can`t blame me..part tu je yg funny maa. =P
hows japan?..biase je,ntah..getting hotter evrydy(siang 23deg panas2) :))
wow!dah habis?..dun tell me u actually minum hari2??