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This picture above is the closest that I've been to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.Of course I've 'salam' him before this pic was taken.huhu.Izza's there too,next to me and as the date suggests,this was when we were in Part 2 of Pre-TESL Shah Alam and we were asked to man the Faculty of Education booth.huhu.Look how ugly I looked..Actually,there's not much difference kan???hahahah. Congrats to Najib for becoming Malaysia's 6th PM.May he make our country proud!

Okay,no offense to any of the guys at my faculty but...today..I just realize the fact that all this while I've been in the wrong faculty..Why??Because I thought that hot guys are just plain extinct at my faculty....But today,when I went to watch MIMPI by the students of UiTM's Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is the place to be if you're looking for hot guys(though some are straight and some are not..ehehe).

I've to admit I was keen on one of the band guys...^_^..Izza didn't help when she like,waved at him during intermission...hahaha.Haih,after this I think I have this urge to make frequent visits to the faculty which is near my house at Puncak Alam to visit my friend Feeza there...(ulterior motive alert!!)

Okay,moving on to the story line...The story is based on Shakepeare's 'A Midsumer Night's Dream',which I first read when I was 16 years old & it confused me a lot because there were many characters who were chasing after each other,love-wise.

The play is directed by Jim O'Connor,a visiting professor from the States who's currently teaching the students at the faculty(how cool is that???).Tonight was the last night of the show and he sat right in front.The show was staged at Lambang Sari,Istana Budaya.I went there with my 4 other friends.Oh,met Sheena,Sir Kamran,Shrek & Bibi was there too.

I have to say,after watching the whole thing,I admit that it was very good.Maybe because the students are studying theater and other creative stuff and they know how to make it work.There were many funny parts,the props were minimal but was used to the fullest,the make-up was superb but I've to say the costumes for Helena,Hermia,Lysander & Demetrius were just..blahh..huhu.But I guess they were doing it in the Malaysian context..but still,a prominent female character based on Shakepeare's play shouldn't just be wearing t-shirt & jeans in it?That's my opinion lah,you're more than welcome to disagree..^_^

I guess,I just have this beautiful fairy like image in my head back when I was 16 when I first read A Midsumer's Night Dream.It was a picture of flowers,beautiful fairies and creatures.But MIMPI was different because the fairies looked very scary actually!hehe.The character Bottom/Pyramus was very good + so drama queen like..he couldn't stop stealing the show when they were making the play for the king(mati 3 kali okay!hahaha.Xbley blah!!Klaka sgt22).Snug,who played the 'Singa' in the play that they did for the king was very funny too & so was the guy who played Flute/Thisbe who made us laugh out loud with his female impersonation for the play.

Oh,the character Demetrius was very very funny during almost at the end of the play because the sole of his shoe came off half-way so he had to like,walk & run with the sole hanging out which made it difficult for him,which made the audience laugh so hard...LOLLL.The character Puck(who originally in the story is a male) was the favorite of me & my friends because she played the character very very well and we even took a picture with her,below.All in all,the cast & crew did a great job for MIMPI.Congratulations to all of you guys!!

Afterwards went to Piccadily's for supper & tasted Margerita(non-alcoholic of course!) for the first time thanks to Fa--yep the salt surrounding the glass rim is the key..it's very tasty!The menu is very extensive & it's cheaper than Williams(or some might say.haha).Had turkey ham & cheese sandwich..yum!!Definitely come back to try more food..but I've to bring Izza cos' I totally didn't remember the road leading there(she drove Ad's car otw back).

I can't keep thinking about this pickle that someone is in---How can you be somebody's girlfriend without even knowing about it and suddenly that person claim to others that your his girlfriend?Freaking weird ain't it???

I'm UBER glad that I'm nobody's girlfriend..Though I've to say,what I'm seeing and hearing nowadays is that the girlfriends are the one having more than one boyfriend(sometimes even up to 3 boyfriends--boyfriend yer,not casual dating or whatnot) instead of the guy doing so.Tsk2.Baik takyah je ade boyfriend macam tuh!To me,when your someone's girlfriend,just stay faithful to that guy laa...It's not that hard right?If you don't really like that guy in the first place,then DON'T become their girlfriends instead of stringing along other guys in your relationship too.

Here's a toast to living the life of a bachelorette & having the freedom to date whomever I want,when I want & who's to say I can't date 2 or 3 guys at a time??I'm nobody's girlfriend so why can't I date more than 1 guy???It's nothing serious anyway...A date is just a date.It's a totally different thing if I'm in a 'serious relationship'(even the sound of it gives me chills!*shudderss*).Time's a changing people & I for once,like having the ability to choose.Like the song..."My mama told me..you better shop around!".Toodles!!!Here's a few pics from MIMPI...

P/S:I hate my recent hair cut..^&^&!!!But I'm keeping +ve & trying to calm myself by saying that hair will grow back!!:(


Azzam?? said...


R- rahman
A- abdul razak
H- hussein onn
M- mahathir
A- abdullah
N- najib

OkAmA wA said...

I TOTALLY second the statement that hot plain guys DO NOT exist in our fac.


LIYANA said...


wa,true that!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i see my face on the fac paper bag. ngehehe