Oh Snap!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today has got to be one of the most hectic day of all...Today was the day of my last microteaching...yeay---which was teaching writing!!!wooohooo.After my microteaching,it was my 2nd writing test..which,I totally didn't study for..okay,maybe I studied for the test in only like 2 hours..hahaha.Today, at 8.30 am,I had to hand over the SLA essay to Izlin since I won't be able to make it for the 2 hours class...huhuh.

So after lunch,me& Izza went to PK because my foot suddenly swelled up last night due to being bitten by some kind of bug...(everyone kene kat kaki..Me,Izza & Hanna..sume kene sumthing kat kaki..why?????)It looked very freakish indeed!The doc gave me 2 kind of medicine and a cream for the swelling.Aftewards,went to my grandma's house and then went to checked whether the proofread money is in my account--and lo & behold...the 400 is in!!!

Gave Izza & Izlin their money.Thanks Izlin for helping me a lil bit with the work..^_^Since it has been a pretty hectic and hellish week...What should a girl do with money that she just earned???SPEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My principle,although it sounds very awful is that,money is suppose to be spend but only when you have it laa.huhu.If you don't have money to spend(which happens to me quite a lot..hahah),try and make some money anyway...LOL.Anyway,you can't take it to the grave kn???(ceh,saje je cari excuses..kah22)

Today I spend 160 on toiletries(oh snap!!!But it's money that I earn on my own so it's okay!!haha) and only a mere 35 for wash,trim & blow!!I feel so alive & energized...^_^Spending 160 on toiletries is very reasonable okay!!hahaha.I love splurging on beauty products..what to do??I think pampering yourself is very important especially in this stressful and humid & hot environment that we live in.Do not scrimp on personal hygiene!!!LOL.

I don't go to spas so it's reasonable that I spend like a few hundred on my toiletries every month right??Plus,my friend,Mak(Farhana) is damn good at giving massages...hehehe.So I don't need to go to any massage parlour whatsoever..^_^