Friday, April 10, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Have you ever cut yourself or wounded yourself ?The pain that it brings along with the loss of blood(depends on how big your cut or wound was) will probably be forgotten when it is healed because a cut or a wound,can of course, heal with time.But what does it leave you with?

A scar.And that scar will always remind you of the pain that the cut or the wound brought with it and the memory of how it happened will always remain etched in your mind.It might have healed with time but the residue of it never permanently left the body that it lay its mark on.

Different cuts and wounds have different level of pain.Some are f&**&^%ly painful while others were just dripping with blood but it didn't hurt as much while there are in some cases whereby you didn't even notice that it had happened.(mesti korg pernah terkene benda tajam & tak perasan terluka?Btul x???).

Some cuts or wounds,when others or your friends or families look at it,they'll say that it didn't hurt or to them,it doesn't look like it hurt that much.But they themselves,haven't felt the pain,thus how can they say that they know it doesn't hurt?Only the person who has the cut or the wound on their body will know the pain that it brings.

Although others might look at it and say,"Hey,that looks similar with what I have",one's experience,one's level of dealing with the pain,the process of the wound or cut being healed,is different from one person to another.It's never the same.Some might claim to understand the pain that you felt but at the end of the day,they never really did.Nothing is truly black and white or clear cut(pun intended).