Getting old..haha

Sunday, April 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Safarizan Safian, a friend whom I’ve known since Part 1 degree(I’m now in Part 6),celebrated his 25th birthday on the 9th( (a day after my mum’s birthday!).Because the whole week,everyone was super busy, the initial plan made by Hanna to celebrate Safa’s birthday didn’t pull through.

Last night however, due to Hanna’s planning skills, we managed to celebrate his birthday with good friends and lots & lots of good food. When I say lots, there were lots!!!Oh, btw ,Safa had no idea that we were going to celebrate his birthday.

We chipped in our money &bought 2 large & 2 regular Dominos pizza while Hanna bought 21 doughnuts from Big Apple. After eating some of the doughnuts & finishing all of the pizza’s,Safa being in a generous mood, asked us what we want to eat & he’ll buy it for us. After taking down all of the orders, off he went with Hanna to buy KFC,Cornetto ice cream & Cheezel’s BBQ Cheese(my fave!!!) for all of us.
We ate and ate and ate & ate.I was so damn stuffed that I felt like fasting the next day.haha.I’m so glad that everything turned out just the way Hanna wanted it & she was so happy & so was of course ,the Birthday Old Man(not Birthday Boy cos’ he’s so not a boy anymore!!LOL).

Safa, you’ve turn 25!!Thanks for being sort of like an annoying + ‘gatal’ older brother who loves to nag at me about love ,life & everything in general, 'thanks' for matchmaking me to the wrong guy(though I know your intentions were good..but still...hahaha),thanks for teaching me how to drive using your beloved ‘Maria’, thanks for being such a wonderful bestie to Hanna & making her happy!!^_^


~SweetyMya~ said...

oke2 da nmpk katak! ;p

bare essence said...

i had fun..u had fun..n we had fun, aite...n i believe that safa had fun and terharu sgt ngn klu x pon, xpe...huhuhu...thank God that everything went well and the weather was on our side...thank you to all for making my dream comes true...hehe...heart y'all...

LIYANA said...

kak mya..hahahaha
safa dh ade la bantal busok skang!!!

tu pasti balik umah tuh safa menangis sambil peluk katak die tuh...LOL

tu la,naseb hujan berhenti lps tuh...

the food was a lot...*burp*still kekenyangan..
ur welcome babe!!
heart u 2!!