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Remember I blog about them back in November in this post....

Of course now I'm a bigger fan than I was back then..teeheee..^_^And Fine is still my fave song.huhu.

The title above of course refers Bunkface's most well-known Malay song,'Situasi'.Which actually,was first written in English,titled(duh!),Situation. I kept listening to the song almost everyday,last year and a few days ago,I was offered a chance to be in their videoclip for the song 'Situasi' along with other fans of theirs & of course,I just couldn't pass it up.So I asked a friend who is so obssesed with that song,that she uses the lyrics in her daily conversation,to join me.

For example:

Subject A: (comes up quietly from behind me)....Diskriminasi,menjatuhkan aku(ala2 bersyair/berceramah)..Reputasi pula(ini die tambah) menjadi bisu...Dan aku,aku layu!----LOLLLLLLLLLL

So,naturally,I have to invite Izza(ooopsie!!) to go with me!!I've a presentation to do for my 8.30am class which starts in a few hours so,I'll elt the pictures to do the talking!
Thanks to Izza,for driving along the very foreign(to me,being a Shah Alam-ian true & true)KL road,thanks to Shauna & Atie from Bunkface's management for giving me the directions to go to the place & providing us with refreshments & free-cd's(autographed by the boys!),thanks to the crew of the vid clip & the uber cool producer!!Most importantly,thanks to Bunkface for being so cool!!!Can't wait for the vid clip to come out to see how horrible I looked!!LOLLLL


Moja Amin™ said...


eh. aku nampak liyana jasmay!

(ak masih gelak baca fake confession of Youk (YUCK?!) kat dlam notebook ak. ahahaha.

sepoi sepoi gerimis. wth.

CONGRATZ kpada 2 anak gadis yg gila Bunkface. semoga panjang umur dan dmurahkan rezki. semoga sampy ke jinjang pelamin dan bahgia anak cucu.

LIYANA said...

izza yerr yg minat kat youk(utk para pembaca yg keliru!!)...hehehe.

agakla..list izza tuh mmg scary mary!!mampuih la hang moja if izza bace comment ko nih...LOL

moja,xbley blah!!!!!!!!
sampai ke jinjang pelamin dgn sape???wink wink wink

BunkACADface said...

I should have been in the damn picca!

Urghhh perlukan masa untuk melupakan semua ini...

Lee, keep ur distance from me kalo jumpa kt fac coz my hands would probably cekik ko!

LIYANA said...

dude,it's not my fault ko ade full dress rehearsal kot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xkan la aq nk soh bunkface reschedule shooting just for u kot???cehhhhhhh

moja: lingkaran angin disebalik ku meredakan amarah diri. lantas, tarik balik kata-kata mu itu!

p/s: liyana jasmay yg tiru muka ku kot. nak wat cane, muka komersil.

li: perlu ke bagitau semua org youk suka aku?

acad: fakulti kita sekarang terbahagi kepada dua kasta - kasta aku, dan kasta kau. atau erti kata lain, kasta selebriti dan kasta pelajar kolej.

LIYANA said...

aq ade satu mende jer nk ckp....
"phoenix bangkit"..

acad,jgn risau...usaha tangga kejayaan..nanti ko akan jd selembriti jugaks...hahahah