Something to look forward to

Thursday, April 09, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today has been a pretty stressful day and tonight,negligence and selfishness that was shown by some people resulted in stressing me & my friends out.Thanks a whole bunch!!If others can complete their assigments in time,why can't you??haih....

So,instead of getting all stressed out which makes me break out(pimple la ape lg)...let's make thewpper(the geds way of pronouncing super,which was coined by Izza,which I loike!) positive list instead...After all,looking forward to something positive is much much better than wishing than you can break people's neck in half like they're chickens....(evil laugh insert here.).

Liyana's Looking Forward to List

1.This weekend!!!!(can't elaborate due to top secret information)

2.Shoe shopping spree--cos' I bought a new pair of sandals less than 2 weeks ago & I accidentally lost one half of it last night.Didn't notice that it fell out of the car...-_-Sgt sedey!!!

3.Holiday with the girls after the sem ends!!!Please,please,please...I'll even wait for those whose paper ends way later than mine...kah22222

4.Going to KLIA this Friday night....although not that great,but still,anything to get the heck away from all the stress.

5.The showing of He's Just not that into you & X-Men Origin:Wolverine movie!!!!woooottttt

6.Sleeping for hours and hours!!!!!!!!!!!Like I told Izza today,sleeping is such a luxury nowadays.Or like what Izlin& Hafriz thought when they saw me this morning.."Liyana mcm dh xtido 3 hari"...T_T (Though I have to study for my SLA paper sometime next week---20th April kottttt)

7.Catching up with the 4th season of How I Met Your Mother---I've download all of the 2nd half of the season but haven't got the time to watch all of it.

8.Gossip Girl 221 episode coming out on the 20th of April...Can't wait to see how Blair & Nate's relationship is going & if there will be more going on between Chuck & Vanessa(ewww)...annndddd,to see the face of Dan & Serena's brother!!

9.Reading the 2 new books that I bought last week!

10.Waking up in the afternoon instead of early morning...ah,what a luxury that is...huhuh.

Until's back to test construction for my Methodology of Teaching Grammar class...T_T