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So much for the freaking study leave!It's already Wednesday but I've been 'camping' at Hanna's house since Monday night..hehehe.Only 2 more assignments to do!!!!!!One written & one Reader's Theater..huhu..After that it's a day out or I think more like a night out & then it's back to studying for the much dreaded SLA final paper.*shudders*

While watching an episode of Greek,the song 'Nothing like you & I' by The Perishers( I used to be so into The Perishers) was playing in the background.That particular episode struck a chord in me too.Because it has happened to many friends that I know.That episode showed how Evan & Cappie(I wonder what his mysterious real name is because of Rebecca's reaction during the study episode!!) used to be bestfriends & in fact they grew up together & of course it's shocking to me because for the past 14 episodes in Season 1,both of them are arch enemies & president's of polar opposites fraternities.

Turns out they were very close to each other but had a falling & at first,I was a big fan of Cappie's but seeing episode 15 made me realize what a douche bag Cappie really was towards Evan in the past.But it didn't help the fact that Evan fell in love with Casey but then again,looking at how poorly Cappie treated Casey as a girlfriend sort of justifies Evan's feelings towards her.

I almost cried during the ball when Casey & Evan was about to take the same glass of champagne while Cappie was dancing with Rebecca.Poor Casey!Both guys loved her but neither is with her anymore & it's not even her fault!(She lost Evan cos' of Frannie's evil ways).

Greek is still going strong in the States with the latest episodes of the second season.

Here's my fave dress from Marchesa's Fall 09' RTW line...
Plus,here's a list of movie trailers of movies that I can't wait to watch when it hits our country!

Rudo Y Cursi--a movie starring 2 of my fave latin american actors--Diego Luna(of Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights) & Gael Garcia Bernal(he's freakin' hot!!).

The Brothers Bloom--I think this movie will be great!Plus I love Rinko & Mark Ruffalo..The trailer looks like it's going to be a great one..huhuh

Departures--A Japanese movie that will probably makes us think about life,family & love.Interesting because the main character's job is to 'prepare' dead bodies for funerals.

500 Days of Summer--Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel!!!It's such a cute movie..huhu.Can't wait for this one..

Cheri--Michelle Peiffer becomes a very refined Cougar??Coolness!!hehehe.The costumes that she wear is so beautiful & the house looks very oppulent.Rupert Friend is the hero in the movie(or more known as Kiera Nightly's boyfriend).