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I'm damn scared of a certain thing that might befall on me...I'm praying really hard that it won't..why oh why???Haven't blog in a long time because a)I've to re-do my translation..for the ^*^*%* time because of prob with the website..aduhhhh...ngapain kamu nih???,b)I've many books to read,c)There's many things I haven't completed yet...damnzz..

On a brighter note,yesterday,was the day my cousin,Kak Hani graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy..wooot!Celebrated with a cake & 6 large pizzas from Pizza Hut(ordered online--1 large pizza + 1 large thin crust yo!!)...*Burp*..Where's my diet again???dangg...Congrats to her..Now go & get a job!LOLSSS..Toodles peep...Here's looking at the bright side of things..:)


Practicum & The Sims 3!!!

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The list of schools for practicum was out a few days ago & I was alerted minutes after the post was posted on tesl blog...hehe.A lot of things was going on inside of me...the pounding of my heart was defeaning...hahaha.I scroll down the list and there was my name listed for a school in the Klang Valley(I won't mention which school cos' who knows if my potential students will read this blog... kantoi la nanti..haha).

I was relieved & excitedly told my mum who was sitting next to me by the couch & she told me that I should just stay in at home next semester instead of my grandma's house(like I usually do each sem).Some of my friends were shocked by the schools that they got...Some of their reactions was hilarious(u know who u r!!Lols)but what to do right?We can't exchange it anyway..huhu.

But my school is just 15 mins from my grandma's house,so it's a no brainer right?huhu.I googled the school & gulped because they are quite well-known.Plus,they have exciting events going on at the school like Dinner Gala,Cheerleading & whatnot...huhu.Double gulp.:)I've actually started thinking of how will I make the lesson fun and interesting & at the same time making it relatable and current.
I'm going to start saving newspaper & magazine clippings for the lesson plans...I wonder if I can incorporate InStyle magazine into my lesson....Kidding!hehe.I'll guess I've to use teen mags so that it'll interest them.I'm actually excited & nervous at the same time.huhu.My parents wanted to bring me to the school maybe sometime this week so that I won't get lost during the first day..huhu.Can't wait!

Oh,I'm hooked on the new Sim game,The Sims 3...Yes,finally got my hands on it & it wasn't hard to install & it's different than Sims 2 with some similarities.I'm glad that the old cheat still works so I was able to buy a cool car(yes they sell cars!!).But I wasn't loving the graphic as much.I prefer the graphic in Sims 2 because it was prettier & softer.hehe.Be warned though,once you get the hang of the game,you'll be hooked for hours in front of your laptop.Like I did!hehe.

What I love about Sims 3

*Easier to get job promotion--I alternate from Power Work to Suck up to boss,to Taking it'll get it what I mean once you play it a few times!

*The personality traits...super cool cos' you get to really customize your sim.

*Get to buy cars instead of previous Sim2 you had to install Nightlife.

*The cool places to go & the many beaches!!wooot..lolsss

*You get to own shops in the town!I now own the grocery store & change the name to my sim..haha.

What I don't love about Sims 3

*How tedious it is to transfer ingredients from the inventory into the fridge & how you've to buy EACH ingredient for a recipe...aiyaaa...In Sims 2 we just buy groceries in bulk & that was it.But this time..even eggs is sold indv...sheessh!

*The slow time pace..even when I click the fastest one,it was still pretty slow!

*The graphics made the characters looked UGLY!haha.Their face & body looked so weird to me...Too big somehow.

*The outfits are boring!BUT you get to download items through the net.So sign up now!!


Gossip Girl final 2 episodes...XOXO

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3 reasons why I watch Gossip Girl:

1)Nathaniel Archibald –Although Gossip Girl called him a ‘class whore’(see the finale!),he’s still super hot in my book!And now Chace is set to play the lead in Footloose..I got confused Dirty Dancing with Footloose..aiyoh!Thank god I just realize it & corrected this post..;)

2)Blair Waldorf & Charles(chuck) Bass—They’re so made for each other..And they're together..FINALLY..for now & hopefully the WHOLE of the 3rd season.

3)The fashion!—I heart Blair’s style because she managed to wear red or pink tights & doesn’t look trashy at all..In fact she ALWAYS look so put together.Serena on the other hand is more bohemian & sexy.Love love their outfits & I pay close attention to what they wear..That’s why I tend to watch each episode 2 or 3 times..:)

Review of Epi 24:
Blair wore a Marchesa(I’ve blog about Marchesa many times..HERE & HERE) dress for her prom!!!And the dress was worn by the designer & my style maven/inspiration Georgina Chapman during last year Cannes Film Festival (yeah,I’m a big fan of her..hehe).Spoiler—Nate & B broke up..Like we didn’t see that coming..

Blair in the gorgeous Marchesa dress
Georgina Chapman,the designer herself,wearing the dress last year at Cannes

They’re too Brangelina-ish don’t you think?Although Nate is HOT,he’s just too vanilla compare to Chuck..After all, a girl always need a spicy bad boy in her life..:)Not that I would ever go out with a guy like Chuck in real life though(too many STD’s...LOLSS).
Lily’s flashback just keeps interrupting the prom!Especially the moment where Blair was accusing Chuck of ruining her prom when in fact he was actually trying to make her dream prom come alive...I almost cry when Blair was on the stage & Chuck told Serena that he knew about Blair’s prom scrapbook & the gorgeous dress was given to her from him!!!OMG.He’s unbelievably sweet....T_T..That has got be one of my favourite moments ever!But Gossip Girl ‘who knew that mother chucker...’..was HILARIOUS...Mother chucker??LOLSSS

But I’ve got to admit that Britanny Snow did a good job playing the younger version of Lily & when her dad came out I was like...arhhhhhh!!
I love Andrew McCarthy in Lipstick Jungle..hopefully in the spin-off there’ll be more scene that he’s in...:)

Andrew McCarthy!!

I love the part where the young Lily was trying on her sister’s many outfits...hehehe.So cool!And so ‘tak boleh blah’ moment when Owen’s ‘friend’ band is NO DOUBT!!!hahahahah.Aannnd Serena’s dad in the spin-off is played by Peyton’s crazy ‘brother’ in One Tree Hill....woweeee.Now I can’t wait for the spin-off.

Review of Epi 25/finale:
The first thing I notice was again,how PERFECT Blair’s curl is compared to Serena’s messy hair(I guess it’s to differentiate the both of them but there was 1 episode during this season where Serena’s hair was soooo messy that it looked like a BUSH!lolssss) & the fact that she was wearing pink tights,yellow headband & a mint green cardy(see,you can totally wear lots of colors at once!Who cares what other think!And then of course I notice Vanessa’s mint green bag which actually compliments her earrings..hehe.Then my jaw drop at the sight of Lily’s necklace.I WANT IT!!!my preciousssss...:)

Blair in pink tights..I heart her style!!!
Blair wore yellow heels!!!
How nice that J didn’t rat out about B and the whole Marcus sleeps with his step mother thingy..ewww...LOLSS. Turns out Dan & Serena’s half brother was the dude at the cafe who pretended he will travel with Vanessa?Drama!

How sad was it when Blair told Chuck(again!) that she loved him & she actually SAID it 3 TIMES while he was just standing there like a stone...arggghhhh!!!!

But all was redeemed at the last part of the episode!!!I don’t care if it was a bit cliché because finally,finally,Blair & Chuck are together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3...:)..And oh,Blair being roomies with Georgina??Hopefully B won't kill her...huhu.


Making me sick!! + American Idol Winner

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Have you read the front page of the Star today?The headline Murder so brutal, was about a 42 year-old woman,her 5 year old son & their maid was stabbed & slashed by a high on drug robber for the sake of a laptop!This is just utterly devastating,chilling and sad...The husband actually heard the screaming of the wife while she was being stabbed because she called him on the hp& by the time he got back,it was too late...

And now that she has been murdered,the husband is left with 3 of their children.What kind of world are we living in?First,the robber was high on drugs,he robbed a family & killed them.Thank God the suspect was caught.Hopefully he gets his just desserts by the authorities.The picture of the crying daughter and the husband is just so heartwrenching.

Yesterday,I read in the newspaper about two 16/17 year old girls in Johor who are cousins,who are school dropout,met their 2 boyfriends by the beach and when they were there,they saw a bunch of guys with their boyfs.They were gang raped by all of them afterwards & were tossed aside after it happened & were found by a passerby.Police said that the guys were all in their early 20's.

I know gang raped cases has exist but the idea & the thought of it is just so utterly disgusting,evil,awful,sick,sick,SICK!lLike what,you the guys get together at first & watch porn,and then you get all turned on & just had to rape a girl??You guys make me sick!What kind of guys actually RAPE underage girls in a group??Like how can you LIVE with that??Imagine if you get married & have kids won't the memory of it haunts you??It's like those guys aren't even human!Even animals have compassion!!!

My opinion---Yang membezakan kita dengan binatang ialah Allah bagi kita AKAL untuk BERFIKIR baik & buruk,halal & haram.

Humans have brains to function & to think about our actions & to make decisions base on what we think the outcome/consequences maybe.To think about the right and wrong of our actions.It's sad,disgusting & despicable when SOME people can't control their sexual urge and results in raping teen girls & worse,gang raping them!!What kind of human being does that???I'm just so DAMN mad!!And I don't even have any sisters so imagine if those girls were your sister or your daughter..What would you feel.And to all the teenage girls out there..PLEASE don't trust guys so easily!!

Young girls can be so naive and vulnerable sometimes & when a guy likes them,they get so 'cloud nine' about it that they trust them too much..Sigh.All these incidents will just increases my parents paranoia over my safety & my paranoia over my mum's safety when my dad goes to work.But it's true,we have to be more cautious nowadays.It's a sad,sad world we live in today..:(

American Idol

Kris Allen won!I'm torn because I actually like both of them although I've got to admit & you can't deny it) that Adam has waaaay more experience than Kris,considering that along the whole season,he only got like 2 or 3 times bad comments from the judges.

BUT I think Kris is more radio /religious people(isn't he's like a priest or something at his church??) & press-friendly.He just looks so wholesome.Plus he got the whole shy-boy next door thing going on which won him many female votes!

Adam is very OTT & 'out there' which,let's be honest,makes some people uncomfortable sometimes(I'm 1 of his fan but I've got to agree with that).But I'm sure A.Idol won't be the end for him & just like Daughtry(who didn't win A.Idol),he'll be famous!!!

But I love Kris too & I'm listening to the studio version of Heartless by Kris(download it,it's brill!!!)...LOVE IT!!!


Imelda Marcos moment...lols

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The title refers to what my mum called me yesterday...ehehe.COD with Orange Little the 3 pairs of shoes that I ordered from them with my mum & my bro'.Tried it on by the sidewalk at a crowded place during lunch time..uhuk2.BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!The shoes are soo damn gorgeous!Especially the one with the RED(yes,RED!!) heel.

I've been going crazy buying shoes online lately(ordered 2 more pair at another blog) because since I've lost 2 pairs of shoes(actually I lost the other pair of each so each shoes has only 1 half...lolss) & I've lots of shoes that have to be send to the cobbler(but I've yet to send em')....the point is...There's NO SUCH thing as too many shoes...hehe.

Funny thing is,because of the fact that I tend to stuff 3 or 4 pairs of shoes under the passenger seat because it's easy for me to change shoes anytime I want,it has resulted in the missing of one pair of 2 shoes.One was during the taping of Bunkface's video clip which was my fault because Izza was driving while I was sitting in the passenger seat & since we got back late,it was dark,I didn't notice that one half of my sandal fell out of the car until we were miles away from the place.

Second time was a few days ago,and my cousin whom I picked up,didn't notice that she accidentally let one pair of the shoe that was a birthday gift from a friend,fell out of the car.LOLSSS..T_T....Anyhoo,it gives me more reason to buy more shoes...and these are my new babies!!!Look at the red heeled one...droolssss...

From left,the pearl white studded glads(so danm comfy & I've been wearing em' out since yesterday),the black velvet ribboned booties(this one looks so cute & cool & it's comfy!) & lastly,the sexaaayyy red heel!
---As requested by Moja,the indv pics are below--:)


Great experience + LOVE

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Participating for this program has taught me a lot about what I should do after I graduate. Now I know how to write my own cover letter, do a great resume, and I got to meet a lot of new people which I love. Plus, it also reaffirms my belief that TESL students are a great bunch because my seniors were just a great company during the whole 5 days & there certainly wasn’t any dull moment when they were around.

Falliq & Afiq Hafiz are just hilarious & very sarcastic at times & I’ll definitely remember the ‘assholes’ joke told by Afiq while Liyana K.(she’s very cool & was the faci for group 1 with me for 2 days before she had to replace Izza in Izza’s group) became his subject, that made me & another senior laugh out loud.

I love talking to Sipi because she has great insights & she gave me the inspiration that if one day,I find a guy that I truly want to be with,I should just go for it!hehe. One of my trainer gave me an inspiration too because she was the one who wooed her husband & ask him if he wanted to be her boyfriend(you’d never guess that she was that bold because she looked so reserved & shy) and they’re happily married with 2 super cute daughters(they came during one of the group session).

That time haven’t come yet though as in my 22 years of living,I haven’t truly met a guy that was able to make me really want to be with him or give my time for him. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that if I truly like a guy, nothing will stop me in being with him which I’ve yet to feel. I’d be lying if I say I was truly single in 22 years, there has been dates & flings(and I’m not a ‘romeo’ like Izza said because most of the guys I’ve met wasn’t destined(chehh wah) to be anything more than a fling) but nothing serious.

I had a talk with one of my guy friend who has been single in a long time too & he was in a predicament that I had been in (and ironically, I have been in the girl’s position before too). He liked this girl, but he wasn’t ready for it to go anywhere serious as he has a lot of things ahead of him (he just graduated).I told him that you should just tell her the truth because it seems like she has set expectations over him. Which I hope he will, because although sometimes the truth hurts, it is for the best.

Guys who have come in and out of my life have taught me a lot about what I really want and who I want to end up with. I’m pretty straightforward so if after the 1st date, if I don’t reply your message in days or if I don’t pick up your call, do I have to explain what that means? That might be cruel but I just don’t like to waste my time with guys that I know aren’t compatible with me. They might be compatible with other girls so why waste their time in pursuing me right?

Here’s what I want :
-A guy who has a good relationship with his parents(or atleast with his mum because I’m very close with mine)
-One who’ll respect my parents
-Doesn’t drink or smoke(If possible)
-Intelligent because I love talking about lots of random stuff
-Can speak English well(because I do..haha)
-Not a lazy person(this irks me because I’ve bout of laziness but not all the time!)
-A great sense of humour (because the ability to make me laugh is very important! VERY since I can be moody at times)
-Nice to look at/cute (hehehe)
-Take care of his appearance (duh!).
-Not mushy/jiwang cos’ I’m pretty romantic but at certain times (I feel ‘geli’ with overly romantic guys)
-I don’t want a guy who always checking up/calling/texting me more than 5 times in a day(I met 2 guys who called/texted more than 10 times in a day even when we were in the process of getting to know each other & it was torture!!!My life/freedom is important to me & doesn’t mean I’ve to be joined at the hip with my boyfriend)
-Knows how to calm me down(because I tend to get stressed out over things & I met a guy who was able to brought out the ‘chill’ in me which was great)
-Doesn’t have a bad temper(VERY important!).

BUT,all this may go out of the window if fate has a different thing in store for me.Who knows right?But until I’ve met the one that has what I want,I’ll stay single.hehe.

There are bouts of loneliness though when you’re always single, especially when lots of my friends & even one of my best friend is happily in a relationship but most of the time I’m pretty busy with my life, I’m one of those people who does a lot of things--I’ve been in debates, adjudicate, organize various events, crew for 2 musical theatres, I tutor high school students, do web translation, proofreading, & many more.

Case in point, there are only 3 societies that a TESLian can join at my faculty & I’ve been in the High Committee for 2 of them & a MPP Secretariat as well & most of the void that I feel at times is filled with friends & families. Thus, I have no qualms in being single and like I told that guy friend of mine, when it’s right, you’ll just know, so don’t fret & just enjoy being single because looking from others experience on being in a relationship, it’s not a piece of cake!

P/S:I’ve managed to lose the 1 kg that I gain this semester..yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheh


Fun moments

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The best part among the days was during the Death Game and the 3rd night. The Death Game was HILARIOUS because my group of 28 students were divided into 3 groups.They choose their plastic animals which Pn.Sharifah brought from home and they named their group Rina the Rhino,Alex the Lion & Blacky Whitey the Zebra, and then each group were divided into 2(so 6 parts in total) and they had to draw lots from me because they had to pick which characters they were playing.

There were 6 occupations and they were Scientist,Engineer,Defense Minister,Army General,Ustaz & Brain Surgeon. So each group had to defend why they should be on the life boat and not the sinking boat(hence the Death Game name).It was so funny because when each group come up to defend themselves, the other groups will bombard them and everyone wanted to win and go on the life boat. Mind you, everything was done in English, though they had grammatical mistakes here and there, the point is that they were able to make their point across.

On the 3rd night, my group, along with Sipi’s group,Fi’s group and Ili’s group combined & we ‘face off’ each other. In the afternoon, each group were asked to discuss about the scenario that were given to them and they had to identify the problem, the actions and the outcomes. My group got the Green Road Motors problem whereby they made a mistake in the break system, resulting in 2 celebs that tested the buggy getting into an accident & were threatening to sue them. Sipi’s group got the Bookadia problem, Fi’s group got the WUPID problem & Ili’s group were Mat Rempit prob(cos’ there were only 3 probs & the trainer for the 4th group had to create a new one for his group).

There were ‘clap clap’ & ‘silent’ (used a lot during ‘heated’ moments) cue cards that was created by one of the trainers as a joke but everyone clapped when the cue cards came up anyway. LOLSS. Things got heated during at the end of each presentation & the groups were asked questions from the other students and their trainers. But I’ve to say my group defended themselves very well and Pn.Sharifah was very proud of them & told them after everything ended & we were in our own class.



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5 days involving myself in facilitating the modules and activities for Applied Sciences & Engineering students for their Finishing School Program(basically preparing the part 8 students how to do their resume, cover letter & do their interview) has opened up my eyes and taught me so many things.95% of the facilitators for the program was TESL student(moi’) which consist of me, my friends & lots of my seniors who had just finish their degree(uwaaa!!!!).

The TESLians were me,Hanna,Izza,Safa,Rina,Natra,Aim,Sipi,Afiq Hafiz,Fi,Naja,Falliq,Aqilah(thanks for the gorge manicure!!),Ili ,Liyana Kamaruzaman,& many more. I joined this programme because of my debate (though I haven’t debate in years & I adjudicate debates now from time to time) senior, Iqbal Hafiedz who asked me to join & find others who wanted to.

It was a wonderful experience because fortunate for me, I got a class of 31 students from various courses like Biology, Chemistry, Polymer Technology and 22 of the them consistently showed up for all 5 days (a lot of the facilitators told me that at one time their class had only 9 or 10 students attending although the name list states that there’s almost 30 students for each of the 19 classes).I was the facilitator along with Liyana Kamaruzaman, my senior & she’s so nice, smart & fun but during the night of the second day, she was transferred to Group 4 because their facilitator, Izza went to Singapore(I’m sure u had so much fun!!!^_^) so we had to say goodbye to her. My group was Group 1 (there were 18 groups altogether) & there were 2 trainers (lecturers) & me.

I knew one of the lecturers, Pn.Sharifah beforehand because I met her during the training for trainers and facilitators & she sat with me & my friends & we had no idea that she was a lecturer, pregnant(she so didn’t look like she was) & that she was 37 years old(she looked like our age!!Seriously! And she said is because she’s a very positive person) because she was cheerful, talkative (like yours truly!),bubbly and had spunk. It made the whole experience far more enjoyable for the 28 students that were in our class.


Kelakar + a change of heart?

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Been AWOL because I've been busy becoming the facilitator along with my friends for part 8 students at the main campus Finishing School program which has been fun but hectic since we start at 8am in the morning until 11pm.On the bright side,meeting old faces that I haven't met in awhile sort of change my mind about something & it's looking pretty sunny here.The point is,maybe I shouldn't be single anymore?LOLSS..We'll see how things goes..:)

Oh,the KELAKAR thing is below---

A funny incident happened yesterday when my parents went out to tesco.My mama,got a phone call from my brother,Haziq’s senior who confessed to her that he was the one who stole his hp & he was very sorry over everything & that he will send it back,via Poslaju & that he was very sorry because since he was so afraid he broke his sim card in two.LOLSSSSSSSSS..Kelakar la mu nih!

Rewind to what actually happened 2 days before. As I mentioned in my previous post, my whole family, except for me cos’ I had to be in Shah Alam on Saturday for a job, went to Johor to pick up my brother.

As I was getting ready that morning, my mum called me up & told me that they were stopping at a R n’ R and that my bro’ just texted her & told her that when he woke up that morning, his hp was gone! It was stolen & of course my mum couldn’t tell my dad as he will go ballistic since my bro’ just got the hp like 2 months ago & it’s muy expensivo.huhu.

So,my mum being the gung-ho person that she is,along the way to Johor,texted my bro’ stole hp since the person who stole the hp didn’t pick up her call(duh!).My mum gave a VERY long & threatening msg to the ‘pencopet’(robber) in the hopes to scare the shit out of him I guess.How cool is my mum again???LOLSS.

But after picking up my brother & on the way back to Shah Alam,my mum told my dad in the car & surprisingly,he didn’t bat an eyelash & he was actually really mad at the person who stole the hp.

But due to my mum constantly praying to Allah during her prayers that the stealer will be brought forth ,he actually called my mum on his own hp number, which my mum told me was really stupid because now she knows his hp number(atleast call la from a public phone brother...haha).

My mum told my bro’ but didn’t tell him the senior’s hp number because she was afraid that my bro’ would call & harassed him.And dude,have you looked at my brother??He beats up people easily kot with his 90+kg & 6 foot height!But,how funny is this situation?Funny!!!


Happy Mother's Day& Red Velvet Cake

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My mum plays a very big role in my life..huge!I wouldn’t be as gung-ho as I’m now if it wasn’t for her. Even up til now,she’s still as independent and brave as ever .I still remember that when I was a little girl,back then my mum was still working at the legal firm but she would wake up early in the morning & make me this lunch box thing.

It consists of 4 small tupperwares filled with baked beans, sausages, green peas, fries or nuggets with ketchup on the side all zipped up inside a lunch box. It was the cutest thing ever and I still remember it until today.My mum is waaaaaaaaaaaay patient, calm, positive, polite and refined than I’ll ever be. I’ll be lucky if I can be as half as a good person that she is.:).Mama,thanks for everything that you've done & given to me.You'll always be the best mama in the world to me,Haziq,Syafiq & Raffiq!!

So I baked a beautiful red velvet cake for Mother’s Day for my mum. It was my first time baking a red velvet cake & it turned out well!!But as the comments at the post blog at Pinch My Salt that posted the recipe,the cake tend to spread many red crumbs when you want to ice it(as in frosting/icing it).

But I was like,who cares with a few red crumbs here & there...hehe.The cake turned out very moist & since buttermilk is hard to come by in Malaysia,I substitute it for SunGlo Low Fat Yogurt because I search on the net that buttermilk can be substituted for it.

Here’s pictures of the process of me baking the cake.You can decorate it anyway you want but I chose fresh strawberries because my mum loves em’.

The cake was very moist!My 3 brother’s even ate the ‘crust’(the part of the cake that you cut before putting on the frosting) of the cake.My very picky youngest brother Raffiq(who diet consist of croissants,pizza,choki2 & junk food—he doesn’t like rice+lauk) actually love my cake!!!

My mum said that the frosting was a little too sweet..I guess it’s because I used only 1 package of cream cheese instead of the 2 package that the recipe asked but it was still A LOT of cream cheese.Click HERE for the recipe.

But nonetheless, I’m glad that I manage to bake the cake that I’ve been dying to bake. The taste of the cake is different than any cake I’ve tasted...I guess that’s why it’s so popular in the states & it appears in a lot of celeb’s wedding(Ellen Degeneres & Portia choose red velvet as their wedding cake!).


A ray of light

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Thank god,alhamdulillah..everything is back to normal...I'm so relieved..To my close friends who knew what's been going on with my life lately,don't worry peeps,everything is back to normal.Thank you so much for Izza,for giving me the advice that I needed & it helped me a heck lot..huhu.

My family,everyone of em' went to Johor to pick up my brother who's coming back while I am here because I've a date at 11.30..kah22..Date la sgt..More like tutoring date..sigh.

But now that the air is clear(except for the fact that I got a bad case of flu now!But not swine flu okay!)...I can't wait to shop(see previous post),read the 10 books that are waiting to be read(see other previous post) & bake these goods:

1)Red velvet cake-I've always crave to eat this cake but it's so hard to come by in Malaysia so I've found a tried & true recipe on the net from a food blogger & I'll blog about the baking process later this week.

2)Chocolate chip cookies-Click HERE for previous post.

3)Martha Stewart Fudge Brownies-after reading The Star newspaper review last Sunday on the many kind of brownies available in Malaysia,turns out the Secret Recipe one,is not really a brownie so I'm going to make my own!

Recently,I bought 2 bags & a cincher with a an ornate fleur de lis-ish pattern(so cool!).One of the bags that I got was the like the fringe bags that I saw at F21 & this Prada one...

*drools*.I bought it because it looked so bohemian & cool.Haven't worn the bag yet though..But it's dark brown leather & looks utterly delicious(yes,to a girl who loves bags,sometimes looking at it can be considered as delicious..LOL)..
Lately,I've been you-tube-ing Cinta Laura Kiehl a lot..I love her in Upik Abu & Laura,an indonesian sinetron that I follow with my mum..Her character is quite annoying in the series but I just love the fact that she has no qualms about making fun of herself..I even have her vid clip 'You say aq' song..hehe.The song is so bubbly..LOLsss..



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I don’t know why but Korean drama never fail to make me cry.2 weeks ago,I finally got the time to sit down and watched A Love To Kill in my laptop and that series was so sad, especially episode 12 & after watching all of the episodes,I can’t stop listening to the theme song of the series which is the song Dream by K.Will.I love Rain(Bi/Jeong Ji Hun) & it was his best series after Full House(Full House 2 is coming out this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).My birth date is the same as Rain(25 June)!hehehe.I hated the ending of A Love to Kill though.

I watched this Korean movie,a pretty old on titled Sad Movie.Gosh,that movie is like Cinta or Sepi(my friends told me that actually Cinta & Sepi copied that movie).The lil' boy & his mother is the saddest story in the movie.And if you noticed,the girl who's the Snow White mascot in Sad Movie, is actually the heroin in A Love To Kill & the painter that she has crush on is ironically,the guy that she doesn't like in A Love To Kill..haha.

My favourite Korean series under the utterly sad category is of course, Stairways to Heaven(moja u agree right??hahaha). I cried a LOT a few years ago when I watched the series. And recently I watched it again and of course,it never fails to make me cry. I was crying by the 2nd episode!It’s just that the character Jung Suh in Stairways to Heaven is almost the same as the hero in All In except that in Stairways to Heaven,it’s a female that’s having the worst luck.

I recommend people who want to have a good cry to watch Stairways to Heaven.It will definitely play with your emotion.All In is a good series that will make you cry too especially because there’s Lee Byung Hun(he’s in my top 15 hot guys that Nina Alyssa tagged me).Sometimes you just need a good cry now & then. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t cry on a weekly or a monthly basis.. :P

All In & Stairways to Heaven to me are 2 very very sad Korean series.Sad Sonata,Snow Queen & Autumn In My Heart are my faves sad Korean series too.Gosh,I do watch a lot of Korean series.Actually,I have the dvd’s off all the Korean series that I mentioned above thanks to my friends who lend me theirs & but most of it I ordered from my friend Yaya(Yaya is the bomb!!!).


Time bomb

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There's many things that's going through my mind.I'm glad that my web translation job is over,for now,until the next one comes,atleast I get a break to do whatever I want.What I really want to do now is go somewhere far,somewhere nobody can find me.Somewhere where I can be alone and just listen to my thoughts.Somewhere far from all this pain & emotional roller coaster.

Somehow I'm getting tired of always being strong,being brave and in short,putting up a tough shell on the outside.For once,I just need a shoulder to lean on,someone who can help me get through all this.I need the reassurance,a simple hug,a shoulder to cry on & to just make me believe that everything will be okay because I just don't see it happening anytime soon.

Atleast for now,I remember how songs from Aqualung never fails to keep me sane & after neglecting listening to the songs for months,I even didn't notice that a new album came out last October(Words & Music).The song that's playing on this blog is 'Something to believe in' from the Memory Man album(2007). I could listen to Brighter than Sunshine for days & I used to back then.Aqualung is actually Matt Hales's stage name.CLICK HERE for the official website.For now,I'll listen to Matt Hales's soothing voice to calm me down.



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I don't want this to happen
This is not what I wanted
But you have changed
You made me hate you.

Instead of becoming better,
You became worse.
You followed the path of darkness
Until I don't even know
Who you are anymore.

I don't want you in my life
I wish that you'd realize
What a mess you have made
Of everything.

How you hurt her feelings,
How you've hurt mine,
How you've hurt them.

I hate you,
I truly hate you.

Now I've become numb
From everything
I'm broken
My heart has become hard
Hard as a stone.


Sexed up

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About the controversial title above..Did you read the article in the Sunday Star Education Pullout 2 weeks ago(it was on the front page of the Education pullout too)?????Yeah,this blog post is an old one that I forgot to blog about.The article in the paper was about the fact that the percentage of teen’s below 18 having sex is increasing EVERYDAY due to the fact that they want to spite their

I tutor 2 highschool boys & from the stories that they’ve told me about their friends, YES teenagers nowadays are having sex whether it’s hard for us(especially the parents) to swallow or not. Did you know that right here in Shah Alam there are uni students that’s selling ‘service’ to high school boys????I found out from, yes, the boys that I’m tutoring because some of their friends go there.Such lovely friends they have..eheh.

But my point is, sex education should have been implemented a long time ago! Now look what has happened? The percentage is INCREASING not DECREASING. And here’s a reminder to boys/man...sleeping with under 18 is statutory rape & it doesn’t matter if the chick agreed to it or not, if you get caught, you’ll get locked up.

These teens are naive & they don’t know any better. They might think it’s fun & I know for a fact that a lot of them do it because nowadays it seems uncool to be a virgin (yes ,shocking but it’s true).Something needs to be done because the percentage not only states that it is increasing but that most of the girls end up being pregnant. Proper sex education is vital for high school nowadays. I hope the government will look into this because the avoidance of it has only made the situation worse.


Fluff & Edu fac is moving!

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I don't go with things that has a lot of hype surrounding them.All the things that interests me be it music or books or music stems from the fact that I like them on my own.Thus,when everybody was getting all hyped about Twilight,I didn't feel the need to jump on the wagon just because personally,I just don't like things that is hyped up by others.

Heck,when everybody was going on about Harry Potter back in high school,I was like..meh.But then one day at MPH,I decided to buy the 4th book & that was the first Harry Potter book that I bought,Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire & I became a fan after that,on my own,not because everybody was going crazy over the book.The point is,I don't like things with so much hype surrounding it because it's like you're following everyone else.
But,a few days ago,due to a member of my family having the Twilight dvd lying around,I decided to watch it.

True to what I've heard,the movie was kind of a dissapoinment.It wasn't that bad but it was okay lah.But the thing that made me wanted to read the Twilight books is because I wanted to know what happened between Bella & Edward.So I borrowed all the book from Moja.Read it in 2 days.I've to say that,the bull that said that Twilight will replace Harry Potter?That's crap.Harry Potter book is intricate in details about Hogwarts history,the background of the characters & so many more details that makes us,the readers believe that Hogwarts could be real.

The problem that I had with the Twilight books was the fact that,get real,the book is not so much about vampires as it is more about the relationship/undying love crap(though I did cry during the 2nd book--New Moon, just because it really hurts because Bella was left by a guy who claim to love her & was really hurt was that she didn't do anything wrong& that really mess her up!) between Bella & Edward.

But I do like the Breaking Dawn book because Bella finally became what she had wanted and don't even forget the feathers(LOLSS) or the ripped of black lingerie & the cool cars that was mentioned in the book.But truthfully,the series is just fluff.If you want to read about vampires,I suggest you go & buy Anne Rice's books.Now that's a true vampire story teller.

Besides,haven't you heard that Edward is Stephanie Meyer's idea of a perfect guy & although I've read Twilight,New Moon & Breaking Dawn(moja didn't have Eclipse),judging by the many reviews I read HERE,the 3rd book emphasize about Edwards's gorgeousness a lot.haha.But after reading the book,I've to admit that Robert Pattison is the right guy to play Edward Cullen.;)

To my fellow TESLians...we're definitely moving to UiTM Puncak Alam next semester..
CLICK HERE to see the pictures of our lecturer's going there for a visit..huhu.


It's never easy

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What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. That’s very true. But I don’t want to give up hope on certain things. I don’t want to be someone that’s heart is made out of an impenetrable rock. But in truth, that’s where I’m heading day by day. It’s hard when the one person that you love more than the world itself, is going through so much. All I can do is to be there for my mum. This is the moment that I truly wish that I had super powers, so that I’ll be stronger than she is, so that somehow, I can fix everything & make it all okay.

But I’m just a girl & all I can do is be there & support her through thick and thin. Besides, crying never solve anything. Right? Though sometimes it does makes you feel better. I just pray that god will show us the way & help us go through this. Insyallah.Thanks for Izza,for coming over.Thanks so much to Hanna & Napisah for their wonderful advices.I love you guys so much!!

On a more positive note,last week American idol was the best one to me in so many years & it’s my numero uno fave in terms of the selection of songs.I love all of the songs!!The rat pack rules.I love it when Alison did a rendition of Someone to watch over me.In fact I’m listening to Renee Olstead version of it right now. Renee is amazing & I guess she’s not that popular although her albums has gotten rave reviews is because she’s very young but she likes to sing oldies.


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1.Nama awak boleh dikatakan sempena nama siapa?::>Tak tau..tapi adik beradik mama memang hujung name semua ada hanim.

2. Kali terakhir awak menangis?::>Semalam..:(

3. Awak suka tulisan awak?::>Boley la.Tulisan sy bulat2 & sederhana bsr

4. Makan tengahari yang digemari?::>Nasi

5. Awak akan berkawan dengan diri sendiri jika awak adalah orang lain?::>Mungkin kot.hahaha.

6. Sarcasm?::>Kadang2 la.Tp sy sgt berterus terang smpai kadang2 terkasar bahasa..hehe.Ampun ya kwn2...

7. Setuju dengan kempen memboikot barang Yahudi? Barang yang susah untuk boikot?::>50-50.Banyakla.

8. Bijiran kegemaran?::>Honey Flakes/Fruit Loops!!

9. Ais krim?::>Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia or Baskin Robbin Cherries Jubilee/Pralines & Cream/Love Potion

10. Perkara pertama bila melihat orang lain?::>Pakaian,muka & kasut..hehe

11. Merah atau merah jambu?::> sy memang byk brg kaler merah

12. Paling awak rindu?::>takde sesiapa yg paling dirindui..sume kwn2 sy rindu..heheh

13. Mahu orang lain selesaikan soalan ni?::>lerrrr...xssh pon

14. Warna kasut?::>byk kaler merah

15. Sedang mendengar?::>Someone to watch over me by Renee Olstead

16. Warna pilihan jika awak ialah crayon?::>Hijau

17. Orang terakhir waktu berbual dengan telefon?::>boss translation sy.mslh log in..huk2

18. Suka tak orang yang beri soalan ni?::>mestila!die byk kasi nasihat..hehe

19. Sukan?::> kot

20. Rambut?::>sudah pendek sket...citt

21. Mata?::>bak kata seorg kwn kat profile facebook sy--Separa sepet..LOLS

22. Kaca mata?::>xpakai


24. Cerita hantu atau happy endings?::>btul kate napisah,happy endings ske cerite sedey..bley nangis byk2..or rom-com.

25. Movie terakhir?::>He's just not that into you

26. Musim panas atau sejuk?::>Neither

27. Pencuci mulut?::>nk sgt Red Velvet cake..bile la ade time nk bake nih..

28. Paling tak suka cakap?::>bende yg morbid

29.Buku?::>ade 10 kene bace..bru bace 1

30. Apa ada di atas alas tetikus (mouse pad)?::>xde alas..mouse sy canggih..haha

31. Apa yang awak lihat di tv semalam?::>Gordon Ramsay..hehe

32. Lagu?::>mcm2

33. Jarak paling jauh dari rumah yang pernah awak pergi?::> Mane la ingat

34. Lahir di mana?::>HUKL..Hospital University Kuala Lumpur

35. Tag orang lain?::>Sape2 yg rase nk wat,wat lah


Booksssss & OIAM

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OMG..I haven't been on9 in a while..hehe.Been busy with translation stuff--had to fix somethings & finish somethings & there's other things in between those things.:P Had a facilitators briefing for a seminar with Hanna,Izza,safa,rina,aim & natra & others last week too..Can't wait for that...There's a possibility that I'm going to go somewhere farrrr from Shah Alam,again after haven't gone there for so long.Hope it'll happen!!Okay,back to updates.....

Last Wednesday morning I went to the MPH Distributors sale with my mum & my lil brother. We managed to find the place without getting lost at all because my mum,after all was a Sri Aman girl & grew up in Petaling Jaya,as we passed all of the places that were familiar to her,she pointed out bits and pieces like,Anwar Ibrahim’s old house,he used to live there & was in the same Rukun Tetangga as my late grandpa(but our huge family is of course Tun Mahathir’s supporter through & through).I even bought my mum recently for her birthday,the book of illustrations on Tun’s life & she loved it.

I’ve been to various books warehouse sales.How else do I have more than 200 books in my room then??My favourite bookstore warehouse sale has got to be hands down,The Big Bookstore at The Atria Damansara.It’s the bomb!Their selections are amazing & that’s where I discovered Annie Hawes books & bought all of them.

The second has got to be Payless Bookstore(where I discovered 2 writers that I’ve loved now for many years although they don’t write anymore, Fannie Flagg & Frances Mayes—I’ve ALL of their book,so if anyone wants to borrow just tell me!) warehouse sale because again,the selection are amazing & they have books that aren’t at MPH or Borders, books that are not current because sometimes there are great books by great authors but they’re not available at bookstores because their works are not recent.

I’ve been to MPH & Times warehouse sales too.I’ve been going to them since I was what,16 years old?But I’ve to say that there has been numerous times when I went to MPH warehouse sale & they disappointed me.Though there were a few gems but it was mostly a let down.But because the sale was mentioned by my friend,my mum,I thought why not give it a try?

So I did & it was a let down.I even couldn’t find any books that was on Moja’s list that I said I would help him buy.The selection was more leaning towards young adults & the prices were not that ‘warehouse’ sale worthy.BUT,I manage to buy 4 great books after poring around & the total was rm54.My mum bought 2 books & my lil’ bro bought 1(men in my family are not that great readers..hurmph..).Now there’s only 1 book by Amy Tan that I haven’t read,The one hundred secret senses.Below are the pic of books that I bought.

The diary of Anne Frank=Rm16
Saving fish from drowning & The bonesetters daughter by Amy Tan=Rm 9 each
One fifth avenue by Candance Bushnell(hardcover)=rm20

Friday morning, I went to Times Warehouse sale at Digital Mall USJ 19 because I know that it’ll be better than MPH.I went alone, because my dad had to go to KL & my mum wanted to stay home with my 2 lazy brothers. So off I went driving my dad’s car(cos’ he used mine),although I followed the correct directions that I saw on the net the day before,I got lost due to me being panicked,asking a restaurant owner for directions & he gave me the wrong one(because I forgot that there’s a Digital Mall at Subang Parade, which he directed me too..aiyoh!).

So I texted Ad, since I remembered that he lives in USJ so turns out I was on the right path all along & if only I didn’t panic & continued on my path,I wouldn’t have been 30 minutes late to the place.aiyaaaa. This is all because my mum wasn’t there because usually when I get lost,she’ll be there next to me to calm me down. huhu.By the way peeps,the Digital Mall in USJ 19 is straight ahead after The Summit,you’ll see it on your left.I should have gone straight ahead instead of turning around & second guessing myself!!!

Back to the Warehouse sale,it was superb!I pored over all the books,although their selections were many,the quantity wasn’t as much as MPH’s but they were far better in pricing their books & I even manage to find 2 books that were on my list---Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami & Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood!!Yesss..Only like 30 more books to go that’s on my hard to find list.haih...I also bought 4 others books.All 6 books =rm74.43.Woot!!!Here’s a pic of all of them below.

Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murukami= Rm24.43(30% of 34.90)
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen =Rm5
Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood =Rm 10
The tea house on Mulberry Street by Sharon Owens =Rm10
Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O’Connell =rm10
Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman =Rm15

Oh,I want to give a shoutout to Tomok for winning OIAM!I know Esther is talented & I’m a fan of her as well(I won’t comment on Aweera...kah22222)but Tomok to me & my mum(both of us voted for him many2 time during the finals) but to me,Tomok deserves to win because I mean come ON,look at the enormous amount of transformation that he went through!!I’ve to be honest,I wasn’t a fan of Tomok AT ALL before I watched him LIVE at one of the taping of OIAM(I think it was week 7 that I went).

He sang Syafinaz’s song & I thought that was very bold & suicidal of him & he pulled through!I was like,is that the dude who sang the icky jiwang songs in New Boyz??hahah.And the fact that he sang Beyonce’s Crazy In Love & Rihanna’s Umbrella was a great shock.So for that,I was glad with this year’s OIAM winner.But I hope he won’t be cursed like the past 2 winner of OIAM who is much less popular now than OIAM second place(Faizal & Sheila both didn’t win OIAM but they’re waaaay popular than Suki & Ayu).