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Tuesday, May 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I don't go with things that has a lot of hype surrounding them.All the things that interests me be it music or books or music stems from the fact that I like them on my own.Thus,when everybody was getting all hyped about Twilight,I didn't feel the need to jump on the wagon just because personally,I just don't like things that is hyped up by others.

Heck,when everybody was going on about Harry Potter back in high school,I was like..meh.But then one day at MPH,I decided to buy the 4th book & that was the first Harry Potter book that I bought,Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire & I became a fan after that,on my own,not because everybody was going crazy over the book.The point is,I don't like things with so much hype surrounding it because it's like you're following everyone else.
But,a few days ago,due to a member of my family having the Twilight dvd lying around,I decided to watch it.

True to what I've heard,the movie was kind of a dissapoinment.It wasn't that bad but it was okay lah.But the thing that made me wanted to read the Twilight books is because I wanted to know what happened between Bella & Edward.So I borrowed all the book from Moja.Read it in 2 days.I've to say that,the bull that said that Twilight will replace Harry Potter?That's crap.Harry Potter book is intricate in details about Hogwarts history,the background of the characters & so many more details that makes us,the readers believe that Hogwarts could be real.

The problem that I had with the Twilight books was the fact that,get real,the book is not so much about vampires as it is more about the relationship/undying love crap(though I did cry during the 2nd book--New Moon, just because it really hurts because Bella was left by a guy who claim to love her & was really hurt was that she didn't do anything wrong& that really mess her up!) between Bella & Edward.

But I do like the Breaking Dawn book because Bella finally became what she had wanted and don't even forget the feathers(LOLSS) or the ripped of black lingerie & the cool cars that was mentioned in the book.But truthfully,the series is just fluff.If you want to read about vampires,I suggest you go & buy Anne Rice's books.Now that's a true vampire story teller.

Besides,haven't you heard that Edward is Stephanie Meyer's idea of a perfect guy & although I've read Twilight,New Moon & Breaking Dawn(moja didn't have Eclipse),judging by the many reviews I read HERE,the 3rd book emphasize about Edwards's gorgeousness a lot.haha.But after reading the book,I've to admit that Robert Pattison is the right guy to play Edward Cullen.;)

To my fellow TESLians...we're definitely moving to UiTM Puncak Alam next semester..
CLICK HERE to see the pictures of our lecturer's going there for a visit..huhu.