Fun moments

Monday, May 18, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The best part among the days was during the Death Game and the 3rd night. The Death Game was HILARIOUS because my group of 28 students were divided into 3 groups.They choose their plastic animals which Pn.Sharifah brought from home and they named their group Rina the Rhino,Alex the Lion & Blacky Whitey the Zebra, and then each group were divided into 2(so 6 parts in total) and they had to draw lots from me because they had to pick which characters they were playing.

There were 6 occupations and they were Scientist,Engineer,Defense Minister,Army General,Ustaz & Brain Surgeon. So each group had to defend why they should be on the life boat and not the sinking boat(hence the Death Game name).It was so funny because when each group come up to defend themselves, the other groups will bombard them and everyone wanted to win and go on the life boat. Mind you, everything was done in English, though they had grammatical mistakes here and there, the point is that they were able to make their point across.

On the 3rd night, my group, along with Sipi’s group,Fi’s group and Ili’s group combined & we ‘face off’ each other. In the afternoon, each group were asked to discuss about the scenario that were given to them and they had to identify the problem, the actions and the outcomes. My group got the Green Road Motors problem whereby they made a mistake in the break system, resulting in 2 celebs that tested the buggy getting into an accident & were threatening to sue them. Sipi’s group got the Bookadia problem, Fi’s group got the WUPID problem & Ili’s group were Mat Rempit prob(cos’ there were only 3 probs & the trainer for the 4th group had to create a new one for his group).

There were ‘clap clap’ & ‘silent’ (used a lot during ‘heated’ moments) cue cards that was created by one of the trainers as a joke but everyone clapped when the cue cards came up anyway. LOLSS. Things got heated during at the end of each presentation & the groups were asked questions from the other students and their trainers. But I’ve to say my group defended themselves very well and Pn.Sharifah was very proud of them & told them after everything ended & we were in our own class.