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Monday, May 18, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Participating for this program has taught me a lot about what I should do after I graduate. Now I know how to write my own cover letter, do a great resume, and I got to meet a lot of new people which I love. Plus, it also reaffirms my belief that TESL students are a great bunch because my seniors were just a great company during the whole 5 days & there certainly wasn’t any dull moment when they were around.

Falliq & Afiq Hafiz are just hilarious & very sarcastic at times & I’ll definitely remember the ‘assholes’ joke told by Afiq while Liyana K.(she’s very cool & was the faci for group 1 with me for 2 days before she had to replace Izza in Izza’s group) became his subject, that made me & another senior laugh out loud.

I love talking to Sipi because she has great insights & she gave me the inspiration that if one day,I find a guy that I truly want to be with,I should just go for it!hehe. One of my trainer gave me an inspiration too because she was the one who wooed her husband & ask him if he wanted to be her boyfriend(you’d never guess that she was that bold because she looked so reserved & shy) and they’re happily married with 2 super cute daughters(they came during one of the group session).

That time haven’t come yet though as in my 22 years of living,I haven’t truly met a guy that was able to make me really want to be with him or give my time for him. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that if I truly like a guy, nothing will stop me in being with him which I’ve yet to feel. I’d be lying if I say I was truly single in 22 years, there has been dates & flings(and I’m not a ‘romeo’ like Izza said because most of the guys I’ve met wasn’t destined(chehh wah) to be anything more than a fling) but nothing serious.

I had a talk with one of my guy friend who has been single in a long time too & he was in a predicament that I had been in (and ironically, I have been in the girl’s position before too). He liked this girl, but he wasn’t ready for it to go anywhere serious as he has a lot of things ahead of him (he just graduated).I told him that you should just tell her the truth because it seems like she has set expectations over him. Which I hope he will, because although sometimes the truth hurts, it is for the best.

Guys who have come in and out of my life have taught me a lot about what I really want and who I want to end up with. I’m pretty straightforward so if after the 1st date, if I don’t reply your message in days or if I don’t pick up your call, do I have to explain what that means? That might be cruel but I just don’t like to waste my time with guys that I know aren’t compatible with me. They might be compatible with other girls so why waste their time in pursuing me right?

Here’s what I want :
-A guy who has a good relationship with his parents(or atleast with his mum because I’m very close with mine)
-One who’ll respect my parents
-Doesn’t drink or smoke(If possible)
-Intelligent because I love talking about lots of random stuff
-Can speak English well(because I do..haha)
-Not a lazy person(this irks me because I’ve bout of laziness but not all the time!)
-A great sense of humour (because the ability to make me laugh is very important! VERY since I can be moody at times)
-Nice to look at/cute (hehehe)
-Take care of his appearance (duh!).
-Not mushy/jiwang cos’ I’m pretty romantic but at certain times (I feel ‘geli’ with overly romantic guys)
-I don’t want a guy who always checking up/calling/texting me more than 5 times in a day(I met 2 guys who called/texted more than 10 times in a day even when we were in the process of getting to know each other & it was torture!!!My life/freedom is important to me & doesn’t mean I’ve to be joined at the hip with my boyfriend)
-Knows how to calm me down(because I tend to get stressed out over things & I met a guy who was able to brought out the ‘chill’ in me which was great)
-Doesn’t have a bad temper(VERY important!).

BUT,all this may go out of the window if fate has a different thing in store for me.Who knows right?But until I’ve met the one that has what I want,I’ll stay single.hehe.

There are bouts of loneliness though when you’re always single, especially when lots of my friends & even one of my best friend is happily in a relationship but most of the time I’m pretty busy with my life, I’m one of those people who does a lot of things--I’ve been in debates, adjudicate, organize various events, crew for 2 musical theatres, I tutor high school students, do web translation, proofreading, & many more.

Case in point, there are only 3 societies that a TESLian can join at my faculty & I’ve been in the High Committee for 2 of them & a MPP Secretariat as well & most of the void that I feel at times is filled with friends & families. Thus, I have no qualms in being single and like I told that guy friend of mine, when it’s right, you’ll just know, so don’t fret & just enjoy being single because looking from others experience on being in a relationship, it’s not a piece of cake!

P/S:I’ve managed to lose the 1 kg that I gain this semester..yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheh


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liyana, i found you!! :P

LIYANA said...

hey mawar!!!
haven't seen u in awhile..:)
last time kat mcd rite??haha