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I don’t know why but Korean drama never fail to make me cry.2 weeks ago,I finally got the time to sit down and watched A Love To Kill in my laptop and that series was so sad, especially episode 12 & after watching all of the episodes,I can’t stop listening to the theme song of the series which is the song Dream by K.Will.I love Rain(Bi/Jeong Ji Hun) & it was his best series after Full House(Full House 2 is coming out this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).My birth date is the same as Rain(25 June)!hehehe.I hated the ending of A Love to Kill though.

I watched this Korean movie,a pretty old on titled Sad Movie.Gosh,that movie is like Cinta or Sepi(my friends told me that actually Cinta & Sepi copied that movie).The lil' boy & his mother is the saddest story in the movie.And if you noticed,the girl who's the Snow White mascot in Sad Movie, is actually the heroin in A Love To Kill & the painter that she has crush on is ironically,the guy that she doesn't like in A Love To Kill..haha.

My favourite Korean series under the utterly sad category is of course, Stairways to Heaven(moja u agree right??hahaha). I cried a LOT a few years ago when I watched the series. And recently I watched it again and of course,it never fails to make me cry. I was crying by the 2nd episode!It’s just that the character Jung Suh in Stairways to Heaven is almost the same as the hero in All In except that in Stairways to Heaven,it’s a female that’s having the worst luck.

I recommend people who want to have a good cry to watch Stairways to Heaven.It will definitely play with your emotion.All In is a good series that will make you cry too especially because there’s Lee Byung Hun(he’s in my top 15 hot guys that Nina Alyssa tagged me).Sometimes you just need a good cry now & then. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t cry on a weekly or a monthly basis.. :P

All In & Stairways to Heaven to me are 2 very very sad Korean series.Sad Sonata,Snow Queen & Autumn In My Heart are my faves sad Korean series too.Gosh,I do watch a lot of Korean series.Actually,I have the dvd’s off all the Korean series that I mentioned above thanks to my friends who lend me theirs & but most of it I ordered from my friend Yaya(Yaya is the bomb!!!).


iZLiN said...

Liyana, i pon tgk A love to Kill, sedih sgt kan. huhuh. esp part yg last tu, i was hoping that someone would find and save them. tk suke sad ending huhu.

btw, yeayyyy for Full House 2! they keep the same lines of actors ke? plse say yes. hehe.

LIYANA said...

sedey kn???but rain is muy hot in it!!!!drooolsss
can't believe dulu time nk jd artis die kene reject sbb xde eyelid..wtf????
mmg ending die xbest!!!sob sob sob

tu la..full house 2 in the making..but i dunno if the heroin is song hye gyo or not..tp hero die still rain.