Imelda Marcos moment...lols

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 12 Comments

The title refers to what my mum called me yesterday...ehehe.COD with Orange Little the 3 pairs of shoes that I ordered from them with my mum & my bro'.Tried it on by the sidewalk at a crowded place during lunch time..uhuk2.BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!The shoes are soo damn gorgeous!Especially the one with the RED(yes,RED!!) heel.

I've been going crazy buying shoes online lately(ordered 2 more pair at another blog) because since I've lost 2 pairs of shoes(actually I lost the other pair of each so each shoes has only 1 half...lolss) & I've lots of shoes that have to be send to the cobbler(but I've yet to send em')....the point is...There's NO SUCH thing as too many shoes...hehe.

Funny thing is,because of the fact that I tend to stuff 3 or 4 pairs of shoes under the passenger seat because it's easy for me to change shoes anytime I want,it has resulted in the missing of one pair of 2 shoes.One was during the taping of Bunkface's video clip which was my fault because Izza was driving while I was sitting in the passenger seat & since we got back late,it was dark,I didn't notice that one half of my sandal fell out of the car until we were miles away from the place.

Second time was a few days ago,and my cousin whom I picked up,didn't notice that she accidentally let one pair of the shoe that was a birthday gift from a friend,fell out of the car.LOLSSS..T_T....Anyhoo,it gives me more reason to buy more shoes...and these are my new babies!!!Look at the red heeled one...droolssss...

From left,the pearl white studded glads(so danm comfy & I've been wearing em' out since yesterday),the black velvet ribboned booties(this one looks so cute & cool & it's comfy!) & lastly,the sexaaayyy red heel!
---As requested by Moja,the indv pics are below--:)


Moja Amin™ said...

hahaha! holy mackerel! you're the next imelda marcos for sure! Hahaha!

I think all three are FABULOUS!
(maybe you should get them outta the box for much clear picture! I think the black one looks a bit like Katy Perry's heels in 'Thinking of you' kan? kan?

shop more girls!
Teach in stylesssssss!

Nina Alyssa said...

i love orange little!! & i have the same pair of studded glads but in black =)

nway, how r u babe? xx

LIYANA said...

now that you mentioned it,the black one does look like that shoe in it??but dis one is out of velvet & katy's in shiny pvc..huhu

LIYANA said...

their shoes are fab kn??
omg,actually i order studs tuh in black but they bwk pearly beige & it looks good either comfy kn???

i'm doin sem starts early june ni..bummer!
u dh habis kn???

Jessica_Lyne said...

omg! the shoes are gorgeous! Loving the red one! think u gonna wear it to school? hehe

LIYANA said...

miss u banget..heheh
how's sabah???
i'll always remember goin to Jason Mraz with u & the supper at A&W after it ended..:)

yep!i'm goin to wear both the red & black to school..BUT..I'll stash a pair of filp flops under my desk..^_^

Jessica_Lyne said...

Li, it's good to be home and all, but i do miss shah alam + KL now and then. Esp the shopping!!
Yes! Jason's concert ws amazing! it ws crazy from start to finish..haha.

I'm totally gonna do d same thing - wear hot heels to school and swap 'em with flip-flops when my feet starts hurting..haha. Anyways, enjoy practicum! u totally gonna rock the school - teaher paling stylo:)

LIYANA said...

yep the shopping but it read in the news that there's a new mall that just opened in sabah??

hot heels,that's the only way we can spice up our boring baju kurung kn??

omg..we just got our list of schools for practicum 2day...huhu..guess school is near sunway pyramid & subang parade..gone la my money!!!lolsss
have u got yours babe??

so, when r u gonna wear it? (so that i can bring my camera) hahaha. woohooooooooooo welcom blisters!!!! :)) LOL

Jessica_Lyne said...

new mall, that's 1Borneo. But since it's pretty new, the shopping experience is pretty limited compared to those in KL. More shops r opening soon though:)

what?? ur school is near shopping malls! how is that even possible? hahaa. Korbankan recess 4 a quick shopping trip. Omg jelesnya!

I'll b teaching at a suburban school. It's nowhere near the city tho':/

LIYANA said...

izza...bring it on!!
maybe aq bwk 2 psg gi u-knw-where next week..camwhoring la ape lg!!

weih..dh lame gils kaki aq xkene blisters sbb heels aq sume comfy kot..ballet flats yg kasi aq blisters!!LOLSSS

LIYANA said...

xpe babe..I'm sure cool stores will open in it later..:)

my school is in subang jaya...^_^
nearby 2 malls..i hope none of my potential students are reading this blog...lolsss