Kelakar + a change of heart?

Thursday, May 14, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Been AWOL because I've been busy becoming the facilitator along with my friends for part 8 students at the main campus Finishing School program which has been fun but hectic since we start at 8am in the morning until 11pm.On the bright side,meeting old faces that I haven't met in awhile sort of change my mind about something & it's looking pretty sunny here.The point is,maybe I shouldn't be single anymore?LOLSS..We'll see how things goes..:)

Oh,the KELAKAR thing is below---

A funny incident happened yesterday when my parents went out to tesco.My mama,got a phone call from my brother,Haziq’s senior who confessed to her that he was the one who stole his hp & he was very sorry over everything & that he will send it back,via Poslaju & that he was very sorry because since he was so afraid he broke his sim card in two.LOLSSSSSSSSS..Kelakar la mu nih!

Rewind to what actually happened 2 days before. As I mentioned in my previous post, my whole family, except for me cos’ I had to be in Shah Alam on Saturday for a job, went to Johor to pick up my brother.

As I was getting ready that morning, my mum called me up & told me that they were stopping at a R n’ R and that my bro’ just texted her & told her that when he woke up that morning, his hp was gone! It was stolen & of course my mum couldn’t tell my dad as he will go ballistic since my bro’ just got the hp like 2 months ago & it’s muy expensivo.huhu.

So,my mum being the gung-ho person that she is,along the way to Johor,texted my bro’ stole hp since the person who stole the hp didn’t pick up her call(duh!).My mum gave a VERY long & threatening msg to the ‘pencopet’(robber) in the hopes to scare the shit out of him I guess.How cool is my mum again???LOLSS.

But after picking up my brother & on the way back to Shah Alam,my mum told my dad in the car & surprisingly,he didn’t bat an eyelash & he was actually really mad at the person who stole the hp.

But due to my mum constantly praying to Allah during her prayers that the stealer will be brought forth ,he actually called my mum on his own hp number, which my mum told me was really stupid because now she knows his hp number(atleast call la from a public phone brother...haha).

My mum told my bro’ but didn’t tell him the senior’s hp number because she was afraid that my bro’ would call & harassed him.And dude,have you looked at my brother??He beats up people easily kot with his 90+kg & 6 foot height!But,how funny is this situation?Funny!!!



pls online YM now!!!!! or at least give me a call!! super urgent!!!

hahahahaha. mmg kelaka thp cipan. weh i miss u!!! hahahahaha

LIYANA said...

izza...sorry for xdpt on9 tat nite..huhu..but i met u d next morning kn??heheh

i miss u 2 baybeh!!!