Making me sick!! + American Idol Winner

Thursday, May 21, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Have you read the front page of the Star today?The headline Murder so brutal, was about a 42 year-old woman,her 5 year old son & their maid was stabbed & slashed by a high on drug robber for the sake of a laptop!This is just utterly devastating,chilling and sad...The husband actually heard the screaming of the wife while she was being stabbed because she called him on the hp& by the time he got back,it was too late...

And now that she has been murdered,the husband is left with 3 of their children.What kind of world are we living in?First,the robber was high on drugs,he robbed a family & killed them.Thank God the suspect was caught.Hopefully he gets his just desserts by the authorities.The picture of the crying daughter and the husband is just so heartwrenching.

Yesterday,I read in the newspaper about two 16/17 year old girls in Johor who are cousins,who are school dropout,met their 2 boyfriends by the beach and when they were there,they saw a bunch of guys with their boyfs.They were gang raped by all of them afterwards & were tossed aside after it happened & were found by a passerby.Police said that the guys were all in their early 20's.

I know gang raped cases has exist but the idea & the thought of it is just so utterly disgusting,evil,awful,sick,sick,SICK!lLike what,you the guys get together at first & watch porn,and then you get all turned on & just had to rape a girl??You guys make me sick!What kind of guys actually RAPE underage girls in a group??Like how can you LIVE with that??Imagine if you get married & have kids won't the memory of it haunts you??It's like those guys aren't even human!Even animals have compassion!!!

My opinion---Yang membezakan kita dengan binatang ialah Allah bagi kita AKAL untuk BERFIKIR baik & buruk,halal & haram.

Humans have brains to function & to think about our actions & to make decisions base on what we think the outcome/consequences maybe.To think about the right and wrong of our actions.It's sad,disgusting & despicable when SOME people can't control their sexual urge and results in raping teen girls & worse,gang raping them!!What kind of human being does that???I'm just so DAMN mad!!And I don't even have any sisters so imagine if those girls were your sister or your daughter..What would you feel.And to all the teenage girls out there..PLEASE don't trust guys so easily!!

Young girls can be so naive and vulnerable sometimes & when a guy likes them,they get so 'cloud nine' about it that they trust them too much..Sigh.All these incidents will just increases my parents paranoia over my safety & my paranoia over my mum's safety when my dad goes to work.But it's true,we have to be more cautious nowadays.It's a sad,sad world we live in today..:(

American Idol

Kris Allen won!I'm torn because I actually like both of them although I've got to admit & you can't deny it) that Adam has waaaay more experience than Kris,considering that along the whole season,he only got like 2 or 3 times bad comments from the judges.

BUT I think Kris is more radio /religious people(isn't he's like a priest or something at his church??) & press-friendly.He just looks so wholesome.Plus he got the whole shy-boy next door thing going on which won him many female votes!

Adam is very OTT & 'out there' which,let's be honest,makes some people uncomfortable sometimes(I'm 1 of his fan but I've got to agree with that).But I'm sure A.Idol won't be the end for him & just like Daughtry(who didn't win A.Idol),he'll be famous!!!

But I love Kris too & I'm listening to the studio version of Heartless by Kris(download it,it's brill!!!)...LOVE IT!!!