Sexed up

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

About the controversial title above..Did you read the article in the Sunday Star Education Pullout 2 weeks ago(it was on the front page of the Education pullout too)?????Yeah,this blog post is an old one that I forgot to blog about.The article in the paper was about the fact that the percentage of teen’s below 18 having sex is increasing EVERYDAY due to the fact that they want to spite their

I tutor 2 highschool boys & from the stories that they’ve told me about their friends, YES teenagers nowadays are having sex whether it’s hard for us(especially the parents) to swallow or not. Did you know that right here in Shah Alam there are uni students that’s selling ‘service’ to high school boys????I found out from, yes, the boys that I’m tutoring because some of their friends go there.Such lovely friends they have..eheh.

But my point is, sex education should have been implemented a long time ago! Now look what has happened? The percentage is INCREASING not DECREASING. And here’s a reminder to boys/man...sleeping with under 18 is statutory rape & it doesn’t matter if the chick agreed to it or not, if you get caught, you’ll get locked up.

These teens are naive & they don’t know any better. They might think it’s fun & I know for a fact that a lot of them do it because nowadays it seems uncool to be a virgin (yes ,shocking but it’s true).Something needs to be done because the percentage not only states that it is increasing but that most of the girls end up being pregnant. Proper sex education is vital for high school nowadays. I hope the government will look into this because the avoidance of it has only made the situation worse.


Hafriz said...

Gile ah. Selambe gile bebudak nih.

LIYANA said...

it's waay different back when we were a teenager kn??

izlin said...

BETOL. mcm dok kt negara luar plak. huhu. baru 2009. nanti 2020, tk terbayang.

LIYANA said...

tu la izlin..huhu
thus,we've no idea what we're going to be dealing with next sem!!huhu

Nazz said...

I don't think sex education will change anything.. The fact of the matter is, the kids are educating themselves.. It starts with friends who exposes them with porn, then they talk and think bout all the time.. In the end, they'd wanna try it..

In the united states, sex education does not discourage free sex.. It just teaches them to do it "safely".. But not safe from hell..

In malaysia, the american sex education may be approriate for the non muslims, but not for muslims..

some american psychologist believe that it is wrong to forbid sex by using sin as an excuse.. but in Islam, it IS a sin.. you WILL be punished for it..

muslim-malaysian-teenagers nowadays lack the religious foundation.. they wouldn't pray even if their life depended on it.. They couldn't care less if they go to hell for committing free sex..

I think the government needs to implement an islamic approach to sex education that teaches the students fear to commit this sin at the same time understanding the scientific aspect of sex..

LIYANA said...

nazz,yes that's right!

sex education in our country should be taught separately for both genders in hig school to avoid discomfort & perhaps during agama/moral lessons to separate those who's none muslim & are muslim.

the sex edu for our country should emphasize on the myriad of STD's & how 'safe' sex isn't really safe either.

in america,it's different because although even in the bible it states that pre-marital sex is a sin,they're still doing it over there.

and thus the only thing that they can do is to promote safe sex or abstinence,hence the popularity of the purity ring there, that are promoted by disney's stars(jonas,demi lovato...etc).