Thanks for the 2nd b'day cake!!:)

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*Cake utk aq ker????*
*Thanks Hani amek pic!*
*Hafriz jgn jeles!!*...:P
*Great advice givers & listeners..:)*(sorry pic ni kecik sgt..nanti aq edit balik!)

I wish I am immune to sales..because then I won't be broke AGAIN.haha.I just spend the 2nd half of my birthday money today(spent the other half yesterday) on a pair of ballet flats,3 cute t-shirts,some accesories & good food.Went for a looong brisk walk with Hanna & Hani at the lake just now & it's the 2nd time today that I'm sweating profusely.In the morning went to Napisah's school for their Hari Koperasi..hehe.Just got back a few minutes ago..So penatzz!!

Tonight is the farewell dinner since she's moving to a place closer to her school..T_T...Gonna miss u babe!!!

Anyhoo,this is just so FEROSH(I mean their awesome dancing,singing not so much la)!!!LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!Watch the vid clip below plz...


I should have guessed it when Hanna left earlier than all of us because she said she had to meet up her sis at Baiduri.Since I was engrossed with Sorority Life(blame Hanna & Napisah!),I didn't put much thought to it.But since we arrived late at the designated place for dinner,Hanna who had waited for us,went to PKNS with her sis so we had to wait for her pulak.Tut-tut...

Suddenly Hanna & her supposedly 'Kak Mai' came..who turned out to be her & Safa,who brought along this

my 2nd birthday cake after the Cheese Choc that my parents bought on Thursday.The cake is also dedicated to Napisah who'll be leaving Shah Alam & staying in Klang..T_T...Xpe Napz,nanti kiteorg dtg buka pose sesame:)

Thanks so much peeps for totally fooling!!I thought that none of them know that Hanna & Safa was buying the cake but turns out that they did...aiyaaa..Tipah tertipu!!!!!uwaaaaaaa

Izlin paling xbley blah,cos' she was so worried about whether are we going to eat at the place or not so I thought that nothing special was going on...ahahaha.Besides,they were on the phone with Hanna several times in front of me like,'Kiteorg on the way..tunggulah jap..hah ni tgh nk gi Maybank jap'...I had no indication because everything was just normal..Like Hanna said.."Tengokla sape Mastermind"..ececeh..-_-..Thanks again & love u guys so very much!!Wish mak(her school is in KL) & Izza(Urbanscapes!) was there too though!:(..What to do,timing is everything!

*Cik Mastermind with Farid bukan Kamil(inside joke)...Mesra gitew!!LOLSSSSSSSS*

P/S:Sorry for the 'ROJAK' language in this post!Am tired & have to wake up early cos' going back to my family's house(i'm at Hanna's hse at d' mo') & then on to flea-marketing with em'!


Crespelle & How I Met Your Mother Finale(season 4)

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A few days ago I had a hankering to make this recipe that I saw at Seriously Italian. It’s crespelle ,an Italian version of crepes. Use a non-stick pan because I didn’t need to use any butter at all to heat up the pan & the crespelle came out beautifully. It’s good eaten on its own or drizzle some honey or Nutella..You can get the recipe by clicking HERE.

How I wish I had some fresh strawberry jam that I make for Hanna when we came back from Cameron a few months ago.Making jam using fresh strawberry never taste so gooooodddddddd.I remembered when I brought the fresh jam to Hanna’s house, we ate it with crackers & it was addictive. And all I used was just sugar & fresh strawberries, pureed in the blender & heat in a saucepan until thicken.

The fourth season of How I Met Your Mother has ended .How funny was it when Barney & Robin ‘confessed’ their love for each other??hahaha.So the ‘mother’ is one of Ted’s student??Interesting...

Did you notice that both Robin & Lily were hiding their real-life pregnancy in the show? They used props to hide their belly & wearing flowy tops .Who would have thought that both female cast would get pregnant at the same time?

I’ve kept this pics since early this year but I always forgot to put it in my blog. It’s the cast of How I Met Your Mother as famous people/movies from Indiana Jones, Jonas Brothers, Micheal Phelps ,Sarah Palin & Sex & the city..Look at the Jonas pictures..It’s hilarious!


Getting old...

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Sigh..I know I should be happy over the fact that I'm healthy,still alive & kicking,have family & friends who love me(even over the fact of my recent downfall...hahaha..moving on!) but....I'm 22 & I've yet to accomplish many things..Many,many,many things!!!!!!Thus,I've compile a list out of the top of my head,for now(I'll change it with time) of things that I want to improve,to do,to learn,to cook & yadaaa x1000000..lolsss

Oh,I was born on the 25th of June 1987 at HUKL at 6.30 pm(according to my birth cert) & today,I share my birthday with my friend Kimmy(happy birthday dear!!) & Shaema.
Famous people's birthday that falls on this day are Rain(wooot!!!),Carly Simon,George Micheal,George Orwell,Busy Phillips,Karisma Kapoor,Jamie Redknapp&many more..Happy Birthday to all of you!!!:)))))

Things I want to improve

1)My temper--I do have one & it's pretty awful & it's usually unleash towards my brothers..lolss.Thus,I hope that I'll be able to keep it in check better..Though it's useful at times actually...Kidding!

2)Be more polite--Yes,my family knows this because I'm very blase about being polite.hehe.I should be nicer to guests & stop saying things that I shouldn't in front of others...lolsss

3)Fitness regiment-This is important because I DON'T HAVE ONE..hahaha.I think it's bad going on for months without doing any exercise..yikess!It's not too late right??Hanna,marilah kiter gi rock climbing!!!

4)The state of my bedroom--

Declutter my closet-God,this is such a pain because I've too many clothes(i've 2 closet--1 my hse,1 in my grandma's hse-- & 1 big suitcase of clothes) & some of them I haven't even worn yet!I so gotta sort it out & decide which to give away,throw away or sell..hurm...

Declutter my InStyle mag collection-I sort them out every 3 years??haha.It's 2009 & I have Instyle issue from 2005 in my room!!So,the stack of magazine is getting higher & higher..Malasnyer nak kemas!!!!!!!!!!!

5)Impatience-A friend watched the movie Bride Wars a few months ago before I did & was going like,'liyana,you should watch bride wars cos' ur like Kate Hudson's character' I watched it & yeah...the impatience as hell part is definitely me..hahaha.Hanna has scold me a few times because I'll be so annoying if I've to wait for someone/something..:)

To achieve

1)Study the Italian language--I just have to since it's what I planned way before I had to take Japanese instead..T_T

2)Save money--because I just don't!I just calculated how much I earned from tutoring + web translation last semester & it's almost rm3k!!Imagine if I actually save it,instead of spending it all everytime I got it,I could have bought a new handphone!!damnzzzzzzz...T_T...

There's many more but I can't remember it now..Cos' I'm old now..(ceh...)

Thanks so much for the unbelievable flood of birthday wishes on my FB account!!!..T_T


My fave weird food combo & trailers!

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this in a long time but haven’t gotten myself to complete it.I’m the kind of person who just detest bland food.My food has to be flavourful.I like spicy,sweet,sour or bitter foods.Thus,sometimes I can mix weird combination of foods but to me,it taste good.You might be disgusted by some of my food combination but I just want to share my weird side to you blog readers..:)

1) Scrambled eggs mixed with Maggi tomato ketchup

My mum even packed this for me back in primary school & my friends was grossed out by the look of this dish but once they taste it..they loved it.I love this combo eaten on it’s own or with white/brown bread.

2) Fried sunny side eggs with caramelized onion eaten with white rice mixed with Maggi tomato ketchup & deep fried anchovies

This is a favourite dish of mine when I don’t want to eat elaborate dishes.The caramelized onions & the crunchy bite of the egg with the runny yolk in the middle mixed with the sour/sweet rice with ketchup & the salty of the anchovies is just pure perfection..:)

3) Baked tempe with caramelized onions & mixed with Kimball thai chilli sauce

Since I think deep frying tempe totally depletes the healthiness of it,I mix it with a little bit of turmeric powder & baked it in the oven. Sauté the onions until it caramelize(brown & wilted) & mix with thai chilli sauce.Yum!

4) Diced green apple/guava mix with kuah rojak Mak Bee

This kuah rojak is just so addictive & it has been a family favourite since I was little because it’s from my grandma’s hometown,Alor Setar.I could eat a lot of it but I stop myself since I’m allergic to it & it cause me breakouts(it has belacan which I‘m allergic to) but it has never stop me from eating them.What’s a pimple compared to the spicy/sweet taste of the sauce.It’s great with guava too.

5) Chocolate/vanilla ice cream mix with cornflakes/honey crunch cereal

I love this combo because the cornflakes/honey crunch ‘spice’ up the plain flavours of the ice cream.I don’t think it’ll work on more elaborate ice cream flavours.

6) Chopped petai(bitter pods) in omelette & fried rice.

I love petai so much that I add it in omelette & fried rice.I love the bitter taste of it & plus,it fights ‘kencing manis’ a disease that runs in my family.:(

7) Baked eggplant mixed with cayenne pepper

This taste so good.It’s my version of a potato chip.I slice the eggplant & mixed it with a little bit of oil & lots of cayenne pepper & baked it in the oven until it’s golden brown.Try it & taste it cos’ you won’t be sorry.

8) Baked cili padi (birds eye chilli)&anchovy with caramelized onion

I slice the cili padi thinly & mix them with anchovy & baked in the oven until crispy brown.I caramelized the onion until it’s a little bit charred & mix them all together & keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator(because if you don’t,the moisture from the onions will make the anchovy,in time,not crispy anymore).I eat this with rice for a spicy/sweet/savory kick.Love this combo!My parents are very against me eating too much cili padi(due to health reasons) so I haven’t made this in awhile but it’s very good that I even eat it on it’s own.heheh.

9) Tuna mayonnaise with lettuce & tomatoes in a hot dog roll

This combo was created by one of my aunts & it’s good.But I haven’t eaten it in awhile though cos’ I don’t like tuna mayonnaise that much anymore.

10) Hard as a rock roti canai eaten with dhal curry/onions & chilli in vinegar

This was actually created by my grandma & I prefer my roti canai this way.You buy a roti canai from the mamak,you put it in the microwave until it becomes brown & hard(be careful to not put it in for too long or it’ll turn black & burn..been there!) & now it has become sort of like a tortilla chip.
Eat it with dhal curry or this consommé that my grandma taught me—Mix vinegar with a little bit of water(to dilute the acidity),sugar & salt.Taste it & add more sugar/salt if you want.Diced onions & red chillies(add according to your taste,more or less) & mixed them all together.Now dip your hard roti canai with it..heaven!!!

11) Mee sedap perisa mee goreng biasa mixed with strips of omelette & thai chillie sauce & served with slices of cucumber

I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten this combo during last semester because it’s quick to prepare & tasty for a degree student like me who has no time to cook.I just prepare the instant noodle the way it’s shown on the packet but I discard the ‘bumbu’ powder cos’ I fear MSG.I then fry an omellete,cut into thin strips,mix with the noodles & some thai chilli sauce & serve with many slices of cucumber.Yumm!!

12) Groundnuts (the one like Kacang Menglembu kind) mixed in tea or eaten with bananas

My cousin & I used to do this when we were little.We would make sweet Boh tea & filled our cups with groundnuts & eat them with a spoon. I don’t know who taught us to do so but I remembered making this with Kak Hani,a cousin of mine.I would also peel a banana & have a bowl of shelled groundnuts or salted peanuts & pushed them on top of the banana,eat a layer & then put some more peanuts on the next get my drift..:)But I don’t eat bananas anymore though..I guess I out grew them.

I’ve many more weird food combo but I couldn’t remember them now..haha.

Totally not related to food,but Nia Vardalos & John Corbett are teaming up again for the movie I Hate Valentine’s Day.I love love the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding which both of them starred in & I can even watch it again today so I’m super glad that they’re being paired up again in a romantic movie.I watched the trailer & Nia plays this girl who can play cupid for others but she has a rule when she’s dating men.It’s just 5 dates & that’s it.Nothing further than that.So it’s interesting when she falls for John Corbett character & suddenly her 5 date rule thing,which she has told John’s character before hand,puts her in a pickle.The trailer is below:

Oh,I so have & want to read the book The Time Traveler’s Wife because I watched the trailer & it looks very interesting.The movie stars Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams & it’ll be out in August so I’ve to read the book first cos’ I can’t wait that long.haha.The trailer is below..

My old high school,SMK Sek 9 Shah Alam was hit with the HINI virus!!!woaaah...It's in Shah Alam now???scarrryyy...My cousin who goes to school there aren't going to school now cos' fear of contamination.My mum's old alma mater,Assunta also was hit with the virus & all of the students who were hit just got back from holiday in Melbourne..crikey!!



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Last Saturday I went to the wedding of one of my senior that has long graduated with Izza at Bukit Tinggi,Klang.Both of them,Izwan & Ernisa,are my former TESL seniors & I want to say a big congratulations to them & thanks for inviting me(pictures of the lovely couple are in Izza’s camera & she has yet to upload em’).It’s very scary because there has been quite a few of my seniors getting married but god knows when that’ll be me..It’ll be waaaaayyyy later in my life, I hope... because I’m so not ready to settle down.hahaha.

The question of where I’ll end up once I graduate sprung in my mind too when I was at the wedding.So when I got home,I cracked open the What Should I Do With My Life by Po Bronson,a book about stories on how more than 55 people whom Po got to know & interview for the book,shared their experiences on what they did with their life when they were at crossroads & how they learn from their mistakes & many more interesting stories.

It’s true that we can plan but sometimes fate might lead us into a different direction.I have an inclination of what I want to do after I graduate & I even dream of doing many things but unfortunately I’m not truly a jack of all trades,though I wish I was one.I wonder what will happen in the years to come....

I baked lots of big chocolate chip cookies for Father's Day which I gave to some of my friends too.Glad that they love it!!:)I baked mine with macadamia nuts since I love em' in my cookies..hehe.Can't baked all the cookies with it since it's expensive.hehe...Oh,I mixed 2 type of chocolate chips for the cookies,Hershey's Semi-Sweet choc chips & Hershey's Milk Chocolate choc chips.Yummmaahh!Went out to lunch with the whole family at Sunway for Father's Day & eat,eat,eat.Now I'm fasting to get rid of the calories...lolsss

Oh,I’m so loving the local tv series,GHOST.As the series is about to end,the episodes are getting more & more intriguing..oohhh..I love that show!Cheryl Samad is getting better & better as an actress.I thought that the story between her & Fariz is akin to real life,how guys do cheat sometimes but it's more complicated than that,as Fariz does love Eza & he stabbed himself for her.
Below is a picture of my favorite celeb couple,Lindsay Price & Josh Radnor..awwwww.They're so cute together!!Lindsay is of course from the Lipstick Jungle & Josh is from my favorite current sitcom,How I Met Your Mother.
Recently I watched the movie The Women & I love it because the movie is the first one that I’ve watch where there’s no men in it & the focal point is about the women in it.It’s a good watch & I recommend you guys to watch it.The cast is amazing too because it stars Meg Ryan,Annette Benning,Jada Pinkett,Debra Messing,Bette Midler & Eva Mendes.

Book Reviews

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

Reading this book is like going into the lives of NY’s rich & famous. It’s brimming with juicy details of what they do with their lives & sometimes I wonder if Candance is referring to any real life characters living in NY because they could easily be someone well known. I thought that the book is pretty good & the character Lola Fabrikant is so freaking annoying but her type does exist in this world, the gold digger who uses sex/beauty as a weapon.

Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O’Connell

As I read this book,I can imagine it being made into a movie,akin to Because I Said So since the main character,Lauren Gallagher is an owner of a cake boutique named Lauren’s Luscious Licks.The interesting thing about Lauren is that she thinks that she can predict whether one’s couple marriage will last or not depending on what cake they choose..haha.It’s a good quick read filled with cakes!:)

The Tea House on Mulberry Street by Sharon Owens

This book reminds me of movies like Love Actually & Feast of Love.It’s about a married couple who runs a tea house in Belfast,Ireland & the stories of the customers that comes in & out of their tea house.Some of the stories are hilarious & some are very touching.I love this book because the characters are just so colourful.A great read on a rainy day,on your comfy bed.

The Palace Diaries by Sarah Goodall & Nicholas Monson

Sarah spent 12 years working for Prince Charles as a Lady Clerk from 1988-2000.Thus the book has many juicy bits about the prince & of course,Lady Diana.Although I know Lady Diana is not as nice & innocent as she looks,the stories that Sarah wrote in this book definitely shocks me.And of course how Camilla was jealous over her closeness with Prince Charles.Of course,this book is not really a literary gem as Sarah mentioned in the prologue that one of the reason why she wrote the book is to make money,thus,sometimes her writing can be a wee bit annoying.


Let Us Eat Cake

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Before I start this post,I would like to show you this saying by Datuk Lat,a cartoonist who’s works my mum exposed to me when I was a kid..I thought that his saying was very on point and true.Very very true.

Apabila kita ketawa,kita mentertawakan diri sendiri.Mentertawakan orang mudah,tetapi mentertawakan diri sendiri,itu yang lebih susah.Dengan ketawa kepada diri sendiri,kita belajar jadi manusia yang menyedari kelemahan yang ada.Menyedari tidak bermakna kita menerima.Ia jadi jalan pertama untuk kita memperbaikinya-Datuk Lat.

English translation—
When we laugh, we’re laughing at ourselves. Laughing at others is easy, but laughing at ourselves, that’s hard. By laughing at ourselves, we learn to become human who realize our own weakness. Realizing doesn’t mean accepting. It’s a step for us to fix it-Datuk Lat.

I’ve just finished reading Let Us Eat Cake: Adventures in Food and Friendship by Sharon Boorstin.No,the book is not about cakes or how we should eat it. The book is about an account of true stories on Sharon’s life & her family and friends& how one way or the other, food brought them all together through sharing recipes ,cooking and eating out .

Sharon Boorstin was a restaurant critique for Los Angeles Herald-Examiner & her writings has appeared in Bon Appétit, More, Conde’ Nast Traveller UK & many more.
Reading the book about the numerous friendships that she made because of food, and how she reconnects with old friends and the memories of her childhood and she even writes about the life of her friend’s relatives and many more, brought lots of nostalgic memory to me.

Some of the stories in the book are how some of Sharon’s friends, who didn’t like to cook, somehow, one way or the other finds themselves picking up cooking in their late years. It goes to show, that no matter what, any girl/woman will at some point in their life have to learn how to cook. Sharon & her friends also exchanged recipes which I do to with my friends and my family members.

Funnily enough, my love for cooking wasn’t through my mum. My mum is a modern mum & although she does cook for us, she doesn’t love cooking as much as her own mother did. That’s where I learn how to cook, from my maternal grandmother & also, my aunt, Umi. Both of them love to cook and since my family live with my mum’s parents up until I was 12 years old, I was always in the kitchen, marvelling at my grandmother’s cooking and how she can make such elaborate dishes in large quantities, all on her own.

I still remember the times when me & my cousins would help her in the kitchen during special occasions like Raya or a big family dinner, usually during the weekends, peeling the shallots for Rendang or mashing the potatoes for Mee Rebus, or grating the tapioca for her Bingka Ubi or separating the kuey teow,layer by layer(my grandma is meticulous like that) for her awesome Fried Kuey Teow.

My grandmother is a Kedahan so she cooked a lot of Kedahan dishes & kuih(cakes),and Perakian dishes too(since her husband is a Perakian).Even when we lived in Penang(for 2 years),my parents would make a point to go back to Shah Alam every weekend in order to stay over at my grandparent’s house eventhough it meant my dad had to drive for about 4 hours on the road.

So although I tend to blog about baking & making pizza & pasta, I can cook Malay dishes well, thanks to my grandma. But now my grandma is bed-ridden and she has been for almost a year, and even before she was bed-ridden & grandpa had passed away(2 days before tsunami), she still cooked for her family everyday. Our relatives would request her to make her famous Mee Rebus(which I’m proud to say that in our family, Umi & me can make it on our own, the others doesn’t bother to learn the recipe)& she would invite all of them(we are one HUGEEEEEEE family) to her house to eat them.

In grandma’s kitchen, she has made gulai ikan(fish curry) every single day for my grandpa because it’s his favourite dish & when I meant every single day, I meant EVERY SINGLE DAY & that’s why I don’t eat curry at all even until today(muak wei!).
Grandma even makes the simple daging goreng delicious because she would add lily buds in them & she would always ask me to tie up the soaked lily buds. From grandma, I learnt to eat petai, tempe, begedil and many more.

When she makes hati masak cili(liver cooked with chilli), she would cooked it separately with meat,not liver(hati) for me & my mum because both of us doesn’t eat liver. She would always make two different type of kuey teow or mee rebus,one pedas(spicy) & one not spicy for her little grandchildren. I still miss seeing her cooking up a storm anytime we or any of our relatives come over.

Grandma always finds it important to feed your guest,(sometimes I’d get annoyed because whenever I stay over, she’d force me to eat late at night even when I’m dieting..hahaha)so like the proper and prim lady that she is, she gets piss off when guest shows up unexpectedly because she wouldn’t have time to prepare elaborate dishes for their pleasure.

Thus,our relatives knows to call grandma a day before if they want to pop over. Once,I tried to make a healthy dish & cooked Jantung Pisang masak lemak kuning (banana flower) in soy milk instead of coconut milk but my grandma didn’t like it since she prefers cooking a dish the way it is.hehe.One of my grandma’s unique dish is Masak Tepung.It’s called as such in our family but it’s actually a curry base dish that has gourd(labu air) & squares of dough(tepung) in it.

I would always help my grandma roll out the dough & cut it into tiny square pieces & put it in the curry while it’s cooking. I’ve never seen this dish anywhere at Malay rice stalls/restaurant.But,it was featured in the cookbook Masakan Tradisional Utara by Zakiah Hanum which my mum bought so I guess,it’s a Kedah dish.

Just like what Sharon wrote in her book, some recipes we learnt on our own .I’m Malaysian but I love cooking non-Malaysian dishes as well because trying out new recipes is fun for me.
I learnt how to make a great lasagna, complete with béchamel sauce at the age of 15, thanks to a friend who made her lasagna for a cooking competition at our school & shared her recipe with me.
I even made a lasagna party when I moved to a different school, because a friend ate it at my house one day ,told the others & they wanted to eat it too .I still have a picture of 10 of my friends, who came to my house & finished trays of lasagna.

The great chocolate chip cookie that I make for my family & friends & even sold during last Raya, was found by me on the internet, after trying out many different ones. I even tried Martha Stewart recipe but it was just too thin to my family liking. Now, I’ve perfected the recipe & I’ve only shared the recipe with very close friends.:)

You can read what other people thought of Sharon book at Amazon..HERE.



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On Sunday afternoon I went to the Amcorp Mall Flea Market with my mum & brothers. I haven’t been there in a long time & went there because my mum wanted to go since she hasn’t been there in a long time as well.
There was this stall manned by 3 girls that sold cute cupcakes & candies.My mum bought pineapple tarts while I chose this cute homemade pink & white hearts marshmallow and pink & green coconut candies.

Seeing the bright pink coconut candy brought back memories when my family lived in Penang, my friends, Vinothini & Dharmini would give me a variety of Indian candies when it was Deepavali. The candies that I bought were chewier & less sweet (which is a good thing) than the very sweet & rich bright pink coconut candy that I got from my friends back in Penang.
We walked around & I saw this old married Chinese couple that was selling antique jewelry & there were this beautiful gold leaf necklace.The husband saw me eyeing it and was very enthusiastic in selling it to me that my heart just goes out to him.His wife was very polite & helped him.My mum was there & when she saw how the husband was so persistent in selling the necklace to me that he even marked down the price,she just quickly ask me to buy it.

My mum paid for the necklace & while I was looking at the earrings,the husband told me that they have a pair of gold leaf earring that goes with the necklace as well.I bought the earrings with my own money( I'm not broke rm500 from a facilitator thing that I did a few weeks ago.).
As we walked from the booth, I told my mum how nice the couple was and how sad I felt because they were trying really hard to sell me the jewellery .My mum said that’s why she didn’t hesitate in paying for the necklace because the couple was just so earnest & nice. They are already old but they still have to make ends meet. I hope I’ll go back next weekend too so that I can buy more jewellery from them as they are such warm & kind & they sell great stuff!

Lately,I’ve seen a surge in blog shop selling vintage dresses & I always wonder where do they get their supply because there’s this one particular one that sells oodles of vintage dresses.I was like,do they go to old ladies house & rummage through their stuff or something? Haha.At the flea market,there was a stall selling racks and racks of vintage dresses & they are far,far cheaper than what most blog shops are selling.

I bought 3 dresses for just rm30 & they were pretty too! There were lots of other girls who were there as well, choosing the vintage dresses. I bought a breezy white one with brown embroidered flowers & tiered skirt.A white & baby blue one which reminded me of a dress that Jennifer Garner wore for InStyle mag back in 2008(yes,my memory in fashion are far better than memorizing notes for quizzes..T_T).Lastly, I bought a floral print that has a flippy tiered skirt at the bottom.(pics of 2 of the dresses are below)

All of the dresses were fashion approved by my mom as she will always be honest if something is ugly or not right for me.hehe.

*Been pigging out on these..yumm!*


A loong day out!

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*Before going into the waterfall* *Macam nak balik kampung pulak*
*Best baring on the waterfall--so therapeutic**Thanks Hanna for driving us there in her car**I was super enthusiastic*
*It rained after we finish changing our clothes**Lunch at A&W AU2**Got my cherries jubilee fix after a looong time*Taken by Hanna *Pic courtesy of Izrul**Izza playing,me singing!*
Always be thankful with what you have,persevere & live in the moment.That's some of the words that I live by.Yesterday was an amazingly fun & tiring day out with girlfriends that lasted for more than 12 hours!Woke up a wee bit later than planned & Hanna was the one who woke me up.Since it's only 5 girls(me,mak,napz,hanna & kak mai),we went in Hanna's car.Bought breakfast,picked up Hanna's sis & went to FRIM.

Although I've been there before,it was just briefly & this time we spend up to almost 4 hours there & it was just so calming and soothing & refreshing.As I lay myself,literally on the waterfall,like it's a bed,the rush of the water down my back was so soothing & as I watched the foliage & the sky I thought to myself,this is heaven on earth.I could just sleep on the waterfall(don't worry,I won't fall since my spot was not slippery) for hours & hours & I did since my fingers became all pruned like.

Being girls,we brought our toiletries with us & Hanna gave me a pedicure(thank you babe!!) there & each of us took turns doing pedicures.Ate delicious nasi lemak with begedil that we bought earlier on in Shah Alam.After a few more hours in the waterfall along with a few unexpected international students 'crashing' our space(LOLSSS),& at the sound of thunder we decided to go & change our clothes.Alas,it rained after we had changed our clothes & the car was quite far so we had to run to the car resulting in a mishap among one of us...haha.

Went to Mak's house,freshen up,watch tv a bit(me!) & then Izza called so decided we should all have lunch at JJ AU2.Ate A&W,walked around & tried so many makeup products.I found the perfect liquid eyeliner & lipstick for me.Yeay!!I'm so going to compile my make-up list soon in this blog.A few of the girls bought makeup as well.It was fun choosing makeup for others & trying on different colors..huhu.

Went to Izza's house after shopping,but before that(I was in Izza's car),she took us for a tour of Puncak Setiawangsa with houses to die for.AMAZING houses.A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.I saw a red ferrari in one house.I also saw 2 Brabus cars in 2 houses!!!woahhhhh!!For those of you who don't know,Brabus is so damn expensive that the tagline for the cars are 'if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it'.The view from a row of houses at the top of Puncak Setiawangsa was amazing because you can see the whole of KL.

Lepak2 for a few hours at Izza's house until 9 something & send Mak back to her house in Lembah Keramat,leaving me,Hanna,Napisah & Kak Mai in the car for Shah Alam.Dinner at Sempeneh before sending Kak Mai.Thanks to all my girlfriends for yesterday.It was just exactly what I need & I had so much fun.Thanks so much for Hanna for driving all the way to FRIM,Mak's house & Izza's house & back to Shah Alam.Love u' guys berry2 much...:).Thanks for Mak & Izza who received us as their guest..:)
*Pic of one of today's flea market purchase--a vintage dress for rm10!*(I'll blog about it all tomorrow)


First of the gang to die

Friday, June 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I'm loving this song at the moment(referring to the title).Today I went to the hair salon with my mum,bought chocs(Cadbury Turkish Delight..yumm!)& went out to dinner with the girls + Safa.Cheering myself up & tomorrow hopefully will be a great day out.I'm not one to wallow especially when my mother is Normarina,the one who's always up and running & like she told me today,every problem has a solution.I'm so glad & thankful that although I'm in a funk,there's many loved ones who are willing to pick me up & cheer me up.I love you guys so very much!T_T

The song First Of The Gang To Die was sung by Morrissey but I'm loving the Kokokaina,or now known as Zee Avi..I seriously didn't know that the Zee Avi that everyone's talking about is Kokokaina since I didn't see Zee Avi's pic...I heard about Kokokaina back at J'Umpha D'Aramo(I know I'm totally spelling this wrongly!) like 2 years ago & was like...wooaah..Jack Johnson was her fan back then on Youtube & know she's under his record label??Coolness!I love Jack Johnson 'Banana Pancake' song because of the title...:)

First of the gang to die

You have never been in love,
Until you've seen the stars,
reflect in the resevoirs

And you have never been in love,
Until you've seen the dawn rise,
behind the home for the blind

We are the pretty petty thieves,
And you're standing on our street.....
where Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die. Oh my.

Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die. Oh my.

You have never been in love,
Until you've seen the sunlight thrownover smashed human bones
We are the pretty petty thieves,
And you're standing on our street.....

where Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die.
Such a silly boy.Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand and a bullet in his gullet
and the first lost lad to go under the sod.

And he stole from the rich and the poor a
nd the not-very-rich and the very poor
and he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away


What I need right now

Thursday, June 11, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

1.A great date night.

2.You,you & you!

3.Going away trip..short pon xpe.

4.Sleep & do nothing..(can't cos' have to wake up early 2mrw..haih).

5.A great big warm hug from a boyfriend(wait a minute,I don't have one..time2 ni la plak nk ade boyfriend!).

6.A huge shopping spree..oh wait,I'm back to being broke..:(

7.A warm milk bath or a great massage.

8.Medtitating somewhere peaceful.

9.Pints and pints of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia or Cherries Jubilee or Baskin's Pralines & Cream.

10.Words of wisdom.



Thursday, June 11, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Behind every action there’s a reason. On Tuesday I understood why the mentors need to be in class everytime me or my colleagues are teaching. It’s because this semester is the final examination semester for secondary school students. Thus ,if, IF any of us screw up during teaching or taught the students the wrong information(which happened last semester),the mentor will be blamed because it will show in the final examination results & their credibility,not ours,will be on the line.

Basically,this week,me & my 11 other trainee teachers went to the school & listen to talks from both Penolong Kanan pagi & ptg,the discipline teacher too..We got to choose which session we want to teach & I chose the morning session & will be teaching form 4 since I've been tutoring form 4 for 1 year & my own brother is 16 too...hopefully things will be alright.

The pressure is still there since the teachers have been telling us not so subtlely during their talks about the fact that this is not like the other schools,this is an elite school & we've a reputation to uphold.They've all been nice though & the afternoon session discipline teacher is so hilarious when he gave a talk to us on yesterday.Learned a lot of tips from him which we'll definitely use during these 12 weeks.

The school is spotless!They won the award for best school in Selangor ke ape ntah..lolsss...Monday will be THE day...scary!!!The morning penolong kanan room is so pretty!!Cantek's hard to describe..I wish I could take a pic cos' my mum would definitely approve since she's all about decorating the house & the GPK room has 2 armchairs that's so pretty & everything is just so neat...Okay2..I'm seriously gushing now..haha.

On a brighter note, I’ve manage to get new sport rims for my car using the money that I earned tutoring secondary school students!!!yeayyyy!!!My tyres are not ‘botak’ anymore..hehe.But I haven't seen the car yet since I've been here for ROS & my dad switch cars with me to change the sports rim.I'll be back tomorrow with my mum who's coming down & can't wait to do my hair at the salon with her(hopefully tomorrow at the school won't take long..I doubt it will pun..heheh).

The sale is just amazing nowadays.On Monday,I bought a pair of nude pumps (for practicum,what else...hello boring shoes..buhbye peeptoe heels,gladiators sandals,wedges for 12 weeks...sigh) from Primavera for a mere rm29 & it was rm109 before the sale.
I also bought a blazer which was marked down from rm129 to rm38!!!The blazer from afar,it looks all prim & proper with pinstripes & in navy blue but upclose, you’ll see that the blazer has thin pink stripes over the navy ones.So cute!

I don’t usually review movies as I leave it to friends who are better at it(Hafriz) but since I’ve been watching quite a few lately,why not?

1.X-Men Origin:Wolverine
I love the movie!The starting was like..what?As in it raised a lot of question since I didn’t read the comics.However,I’m a fan of all of the X-Men movies so I do know a few things.Although I’ve watch the trailer before,I still can’t believe that Daniel Henney is in it.What a Cinderella story he has since he’s an actor in Korea(though he’s Korean American) & now he’s in a big budget Hollywood movie!!I was a wee bit disappointed that the hot Ryan Renolds(or Mrs.Scar Jo..haha) moment was so brief in the movie,BUT he does appear at almost at the end of the movie(spoiler!).My mind was whirring the whole time I was watching the movie because there’s so many questions that I was hoping someone would answer like,where the heck is Gambit in all of the 3 X-Men movie & where’s the diamond-shield girl in X-Men too??All in all,I love the movie!!

2.Monster Vs.Aliens
Ugh.I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.My brother’s loved it though.It was just so-so for me.Maybe because I don’t find monsters and aliens as cute..haha.Though Susie is quite cute with her enormous eyes.haha

From the people who brought us Corpse Bride & Nightmare Before Christmas,came Coraline.I love this movie.Love the graphics and the moral behind it,which is about family.It is a bit creepy at times but it’s good watch.

3.The Pink Panther 2
I’ve to confess I didn’t watch the first movie but I watch the 2nd movie due to my brother’s keep talking about how funny it is.The movie is not that bad but it wasn’t that good.Steve Martin French accent was just hilarious!

4.Hotel For Dogs
I love Emma Roberts so although people didn’t like her playing Nancy Drew or the movie Nancy Drew itself,I love it.I even watched Wild Child because of her.In this movie she played a different character & i’ve to admit that I thought that this movie won’t be that great when I watched the trailer,but it was actually quite okay.The ‘hotel’ was really cool .Lisa Kudrow & Don Cheadle is in the movie so they won’t be doing it if they didn’t believe in it right?Plus,it was sweet watching the love between a brother & a sister and the movie is trying to plant the message on animal rights which is peppered throughout the movie.

5.New In Town
Renee is back with a romantic movie.I don’t know if I should say it’s rom-com movie since it’s not really a comedy though there are some funny parts.The movie is basically about Renee,adapting to a new place & how the people are a wit bit weird & I was annoyed about the whole tapioca thing..hahaha.But,who the heck would’ve guess that tapioca was the answer to the problem?

P/S:Congrats to someone who has a car now!I’m sooo damn relieved & happy for that person..heheh..:)..Love u!!!xoxoxoxo..I won't be blogging until sometime next week since I'll be pretty busy organizing everything this weekend.Take care peeps!!

Oh,thanks to Twitter I get to see what Coldplay is up to....PLEASE PLEASE COLDPLAY COME TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..I love the fact that they use a butterfly(I've so many butterfly things in my life) at this SITE.


More books & apple pie

Monday, June 08, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I went to the Payless Warehouse again on Saturday.hehe.This time I went with my family & my mum paid for the books instead!yessss..haha.I bought 7 books & only 1 of them were fiction.I couldn’t find the Elvis & Me book that I had to forgo on Friday because I wanted to keep to my budget,plus I’ve watch the movie version of the book.

The 7 books were rm10 each.They are as follows:

1.FBI :An Uncensored Look Behind The Walls by Sanford J.Ungar
-When I saw this book,curiosity got the best of me & I had to have it.I love books on the CIA & FBI because I find them very intriguing.Plus this thick book on the FBI sheds a lot of light about what really is the FBI.Even my mum and my brother Haziq who doesn’t like to read books were interested in the book.

2.The Secrets of Nostradamus:A Radical New Interpretation of the Master’s Prophecies by David Ovason
-Blame my love for the tv series Alias for my interest in Nostradamus. The author of this book has studied the life & writing of Nostradamus for more than 40 years!This book is very extensive & I can’t wait to find out more about him. Though I wish the book on Nostradamus along with his prophecies in pictures that I saw on Friday was available but it wasn’t there anymore either!Damnzz.

3.Falling Up,poems & drawings by Shel Silverstein
-I just had to have this book.The poems & drawings were just way too cute for words.Plus I saw the book one a talk show a while back or was it in one of the old InStyle mags that I still keep?

4.As The Romans Do:The Delights,Dramas and Daily Diversions of Life in the Eternal City by Alan Epstein
-As most of my friends know, I always, always dream of going to Rome or Tuscan anywhere in Italy for that matter (look at the title of my blog, it’s in Italian!). I even came close in taking Italian as my 3rd language with Izza during part 3 but due to technical problems, we had to take Japanese. This book is said to be, “For anyone who loves things Italian, this insider view of the most mature city on earth is the perfect companion.”Perfect!Alan Epstein has written other books & has even appeared on Oprah.

5. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
-For the inner child in me.:)..Nuff said. Plus, it’s a children classic!

6.My Sergei:A Love Story by Ekaterina Gordeeva with E.M.Swift
Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov were the most celebrated pairs skaters of all time.He died at 28,leaving her with their daughter Daria.I thought that their love story was so interesting & since I love reading about real life love story,this book will be a great read for me.They skated together for 14 years before he died of a heart attack.I can’t wait to read about their journey together.:)

7.Lucky Man,A Memoir by Micheal J.Fox
Ah, the man in Back to the Future. I admire how strong Micheal is in fighting & living with the Parkinson disease. This book will give a great insight about how he deals with the disease & living with it.

During the hols I bake apple pies.3 to be exact & had I known it was easy to make, I would have made it long time ago..haha. Maybe I’ll branch out & try baking a pumpkin pie or chocolate..yumm!Here’s the pic the pie that I baked. I bake 1 for Kak Hani, my cousin & 2 for my family.I swear it taste like Mc D’s but atleast I know that I’m using real artificial things in it..haha.


More books!

Friday, June 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PAYLESS warehouse sale...I have never ever ever felt bored whenever I go there & I never came back empty handed.. :) This morning I picked up Izza & went there.Moja was supposed to go too but he had a meeting with Datin(too bad!!lolsss).

Today was the first day of the warehouse sale at The Summit USJ & it'll end on Sunday & I know about the sale because I'm on the mailing list of Payless & they send me a direct email if there's any warehouse sale.I was so thrilled that their latest venue is at Summit because it's nearby compared to before this,they did it at Ampang(they have many venues & I've been to the one at 3K Inn,twice & at the hall near A&W USJ,once).

I haven't been to Payless warehouse sale at all this year,so I was really hoping to get some great books.I thought that I would just spend rm50 but instead I doubled the amount because the selection was just EXCEPTIONAL!!!!Izza has got to be the best book warehouse sale companion ever!!hehe.

The reason is because we arrived at the place at 11 something & by the time we paid & went to eat,it was 2.15 pm...LOLSSSSS.Izza was like.."Omg,we are such losers!"..hahaha.Translation,we're such bookworms laa.

Whenever I go with my family to any book warehouse sale,they don't have the patience to pore over books for hours and hours like I do & plus my brothers doesn't share my bookworm trait,although my parents do buy books too..they don't sift through ALL sections at a book warehouse sale like I do(hey,if you don't you'll miss on A LOT of great books!).

Izza suddenly came up with the theory that maybe we're still single because we're too absorbed with books & that because we are very into our many interests,having a boyfriend never really became a priority.Izza was like.."I don't want to be married to my books".I told her that we've to find guys who are absorbed with us because we're self-absorbed...LOLSSS.

My total of books was 13 books for rm100.Izza bought 13 books too for rm83 something.Izza's was cheaper than mine because my books are all thicker.haha.Actually,both of us wished that we could buy so much more..I had to put aside some books that I picked..Arrghh!!!I wanted to spend more but I didn't want to finish all of my money yet...haha.Maybe tomorrow I'll ask my parents to bring me so that I can get more books at their expense instead???hehehe.


RM20 for 3 hardcover books

1.The Runaway Jury by John Grisham

2.Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding

3.Memnoch The Devil:The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

-The first book is like..duh..a no brainer!The book has been turned into a movie after all.The 2nd book is by the author of the famous Bridget Jones Diary.The3rd from the queen of vampire,Anne Rice & can't wait to read more about the vampire Lestat..oooh!

Books for RM5 each

1.The Freedom Writers Diary by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell

2.The Iliad of Homer,translated by Richmond Lattimore

3.Bibliotherapy The Girl's Guide to Books For Every Phase Of Our Lives by Nancy Peske & Beverly West

4.Bookworms:Great Writers and readers celebrate reading,edited by Laura Furman & Elinore Standard

*The 1st book is of course,the one that has been turned into the famous movie starring Hillary Swank & which my batch had to watch for our CM course last semester.The 2nd book is of course the famous epic poem about the Trojan war.I didn't found the sequel,The Odyssey during the sale though.Damn!Can't wait to read it!!

The 3rd book is great because I love having more reasons to buy book & I flipped through the book & the categories was very funny..i.e:When You're Wallowing in a Sullen Perennial Adolescence:Coming-of-Age Books.LOLSSS.The 4th book is self-explanatory.It's great reading about other bookworms & how they come about being passionate about reading & writing.

Books for RM10 each

1.The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

2.Let Us Eat Cake:Adventures In Food & Friendship by Sharon Boorstin

3.Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

4.What Should I Do With My Life:The True Story of People Who Answered The Ultimate Question by Po Robinson

5.The 50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done by Dini Von Mueffling

6.Emma by Jane Austen

The first book I bought because I love Sherlock Holmes & have you seen the trailer of the movie???Super cool!Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock & Watson is played by Jude Law.Can't wait to watch it.

The 2nd book is like..duh!I love cooking & reading about food...:).The 3rd book is a childhood fave & although I've a paperback version,this one is in hardcover with beautiful illustration & I just had to have it.The 4th book is great because sometimes I feel like the title & it's great reading about many other's successful story in life.

The 5th book was found by Izza & coincidentally we were talking about how chivalry is dead among guys & the book is about great romantic gestures made by famous couples--Grace Kelly & Prince Ranier,Carole Lombard & Clark Gable,King Edward & Mrs.Simpson,Mumtaz Mahal & Shah Jahan,Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall & many more.

The 6th book is a no brainer since I collect Jane Austen book & Izza found the book for me.Phew..that's all the books that I got for today.Can't wait to wrap(in PVC embossed cover only please!I only use that plastic wrap for my books.) & read all of them.Bye!!


Simple things makes me happy

Friday, June 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Yesterday was just a simple day filled with simple things.But it made me very happy.My family came in the afternoon yesterday because my dad wanted to change cars with me since he's going to Sungai Buloh with my mum & her sisters today.They just love to buy trees there because they're all avid gardeners..but it's great cos' they plant lots of my fave fruit trees at the garden in our house.

Case in point we have a lemon tree(it grew & it has bore us about 3 ripe yellow lemons),2 mangosteen trees(my fave fruit ever!!!),sugarcane tree(i love chewing em'..hehe),pomegranate tree & many more..So,my whole family including my 3 bratty brothers came down to my grandma's house & we went out to Summit for the evening yesterday.It was just a simple thing but I love the conversation that we had in the car on the way there.We were talking about the girls that has been in & out of my brother's life...LOLSSSS...

Some of them were so damn funny!I've no idea why girls love my 3 brother's...hahah.Even my youngest brother,Raffiq who's 14 years old,get love letters with rings(yes rings like a golden band pulak tuh...huisssh) in them.He was bewildered because he's not even friends with that girl..See the magnetism that my brother has??hahaha

My brother Syafiq who's 16,is stalked by this girl who likes to hang at the playground next to our house & shouts his name(his FULL name) out loud & likes to change her clothes many times in order to 'entice' him...LOLSSSSSSSSSS.My dad can't keep laughing when he talks about it..Syafiq on the other hand was like.."Dah laaa"..cos' that girl is kinda psychotic..even my mum admits it...hahaha.I mean,waiting at the playground & calling out my bro's name...OUTLOUD??ewww.

My brother Haziq who's 19..hurmpph..I can't keep track over who is his girlfriend is now.But he did accompanied this girl to Pudu to 'teman' her wait for the bus & get on it...ewwww..geds!hahah.Anyhoo,of course the topic of marriage came up in the car & my mum was all like..Liyana's husband will be in the hands of ayah.

To which my dad was like,when my husband- to-be goes to meet my dad,my dad will be sitting there with parang in hand..-_-...My mum on the other hand said that she'll make sure all the wives of my 3 brother's will get it from her because she'll ask them to cook & she'll just sit & eat...LOLSSS.Whatever la parents gue nih...haha.It'll be eons before I'll get married..Becoming successful is my numero uno in life!Besides,I know where I'm heading after I graduate to which my parents didn't object to it..yesh!!!!!!!!!

At Summit bought a bunch of make-up & beauty products(loveeeee new Palmers lip butter--bought the Dark Chocolate & Cherry one) & 2 dvd's--The Class-It's in French & watch it with the girls last's an inspiration for us since practicum is so close & French language is so sexy! & New In Town-the one staring Renee Zellweger.

During dinner with Moja & Izza after going shopping with the family,laugh out loud so many effing times (especially can't get out the image of a fat girl in a baby blue swimsuit part out of my head!!)& I realize at times I tend to be a merciless mean mocker when we're talking about other people...hehe.Even my dad scolded me when I was talking about a guy & called him 'hodoh'..ooppps..Foot got in the mouth!I so need to watch I say more..huhu.Byess!!


Laughing With

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I've been a big fan of Regina Spektor for the past 4 years & I've even blog about her on several occasions.I just love her voice & the fact that she likes to do a lot with it(listen to her songs & you'll get what I mean) and the fact that she can play many instruments & she wrote most of her songs.

Now after on hiatus for a long time,she's back with a great single 'Laughing With'.I listened to it this morning before going to pre-prac & it was very uplifting.The official video is below & the lyrics is below the video.Listen/read the lyrics because it's deep..Long live Regina Spektor & may she keep on making great music! Enjoy 'Laughing With'!!

P/S:Today's 'confession' by Izza during pre-prac further strengthen what I blog about in an old post--practicum=nerve wrecking & scary!


*the lyric*

No one laughs at God in a hospital

No one laughs at God in a war

No one’s laughing at God

When they’re starving or freezing or so very poor

No one laughs at God

When the doctor calls after some routine tests

No one’s laughing at God

When it’s gotten real late

And their kid’s not back from the party yet

No one laughs at God

When their airplane start to uncontrollably shake

No one’s laughing at God

When they see the one they love, hand in hand with someone else

And they hope that they’re mistaken

No one laughs at God

When the cops knock on their door

And they say we got some bad news, sir

No one’s laughing at God

When there’s a famine or fire or flood


But God can be funny

At a cocktail party when listening to a good God-themed joke,

Or when the crazies say

He hates us

And they get so red in the head you think they’re ‘bout to choke

God can be funny,When told he’ll give you money if you just pray the right way

And when presented like a genie who does magic like Houdini

Or grants wishes like Jiminy Cricket and Santa Claus

God can be so hilarious

Ha ha

Ha ha

No one laughs at God in a hospital

No one laughs at God in a war

No one’s laughing at God

When they’ve lost all they’ve got

And they don’t know what for

No one laughs at God on the day they realize

That the last sight they’ll ever see is a pair of hateful eyes

No one’s laughing at God when they’re saying their goodbyes

But God can be funny

At a cocktail party when listening to a good God-themed joke,

Or when the crazies say

He hates us

And they get so red in the head you think they’re ‘bout to choke

God can be funny,When told he’ll give you money if you just pray the right way

And when presented like a genie who does magic like Houdini

Or grants wishes like Jiminy Cricket and Santa Claus

God can be so hilarious

No one laughs at God in a hospital

No one laughs at God in a war

No one laughs at God in a hospital

No one laughs at God in a war

No one laughing at God in hospital

No one’s laughing at God in a war

No one’s laughing at God when they’re starving or freezing or so very poor

No one’s laughing at God

No one’s laughing at God

No one’s laughing at God

We’re all laughing with God


Jealous to the max!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

What you wear is definitely an extension of who you are.It's boring when you keep seeing people dressing up like everyone else so it's cool when you get to see others who stands out from the masses.

I don't really fashion blog stalk other than Karla's Closet(because her style is so ferocious!!)but thanks to Izza(and her lil' sis Elin who's knowledge in fashion blog astounds me..hehe) who opened up my eyes to 2 super duper cool fashion blog.One is a woman named Diana living in Jakarta who's a market researcher/fashion stylist/it blogger & the other one is Izza's obsession,Rumi,who lives in America.
I'm super jealous over the both of them because they have great fashion sense & they are very brave in wearing what they wear out in the public..

Diana's style is so wacky & cool at the same time & she has gotten LOTS of freebies from Ugg boots,skirts,necklaces,boots & many more..How cool is that?...Here's a few pics from her blog which you can go to by clicking HERE.
*I love her vintage dress*
*This combination looks very cool to me!**Look at the cool pink booties!*Rumi,the gorgeous & super sexy fashionista with a body to die for(Izza worships her..LOLSSS) who's soo famous that she got the chance to pick clothes for herself straight off the runway at Emanuel Ungaro's fashion show recently in Paris..for FREE!!And her boyfriend,who took all the pics off her in cool clothes in each blog post(he's a photographer) is super hot!Read her blog HERE.Below are some of her pics & the hottie in the blazer is her boyfried,Colin.My fav look is the last pic..Love that black vintage dress!!



Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today,was the first day of pre-practicum & to be truthful,it was a little bit overwhelming.It finally dawn on me that we have an enormous amount of responsibility & we have no idea what is install for us in terms of what kind of students will our students be.Scary!

After the last session,due to the fact that I'm using my dad's car this week,all the girls--Izza,Hanna,Napisah,Mak,Izlin & Ijah(Napz's sis) manage to fit in into the car & after stopping over to pick up Ijah,we went to Tesco.

The reason we went there was because I've been putting of buying a new set of weights(dumbells in other words) because my current weights are too light.I soo need to buy heavier ones because I hate,hate having flabby upper arms...arrghhhh!Thus,because of the fact that my pocket was still 1/2 spree yesterday decrease it a lot..haha,I decided that I better buy the weights today.

But alas,I didn't see the fine print & because I put the weights in the trolley,by the time I already paid for it,I only realize that it was even lighter than the one I own..damn!Thankfully,Izza suggested that I exchange it so I went to the counter & the 2 nice guys gave me to change em' & I added another rm5 for heavier weights!YEAYYY!!hehe.One of the guy was like..."Patutla tukar..Ringan giler nih!Ni beli untuk siapa"...I answered.."Sayalah." And his other friend was like.."Fuyoo,jangan pandang sebelah mata".:)

Currently I'm at Hanna's place,sleeping over still & we're soaking up on the latest celeb goss thanks to Izza..hehe.Don't have to read celeb gossip blogs as Izza has all the goss thanks to where her father works..:P...Toodles!



Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Edward Cullen is sort of growing on me.hehe.I've to fess up that I find him very hot.Oh no!!hehe.But not Robert Pattinson,just like my friend Jessica blog in her blog,it's Edward Cullen character that got my attention...Probably because of his 'utterly devoted to you forever' towards Bella in all 4 of the Twilight books.He's just effing the BOOK lah..But the New Moon trailer has got me uber excited because of Taylor playing Jacob & his hair is short in the trailer(thank god cos' I totally didn't agree with the ponytail look!ehehe).

Having a boyfriend like Edward Cullen is probably what a lot of young girls wish for & what made Robert Pattinson the hottest guy at the moment,especially after he has clean himself up very nicely..before this,as in after the Twilight movie,he looked soooo uber scruffy that I was like..what the heck does the girls see in him???LOLSSS.But I 've got to admit,his 'looking into your soul' stare in Twilight just won me over...:)

Kirsten & Robert won BEST KISS at the recent Mtv Movie Awards...Here's the clip below


Sale mania!

Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Today went out to shop in the evening with Hanna,Napz & their respective sisters.I spend waaay too much than I should have in a matter of a few hours(got money from the job that I did!yeay!)...What to do..The sale was just too tempting for me to pass off..:)..

Bought 3 pairs of shoes(a girl can NEVER have too many pair of shoes!!),2 tops(they were 70% & 50% off..SUCH a steal & as fashionista & even fashion writer like Dzireena says..'NEVER PAY RETAIL!!'),a pretty dress & a bunch of beauty products..I would have bought so much more if my friends didn't stop me or if my hungry stomach would have permit me to do so...ahakzzz.Like I read in The Star last Wednesday,it's great there's people who spend money by shopping because it's helping boosting the economy..:)

I just love all the shoes that I bought...gagagaga.Can't stop staring at em'..^_^Oooh,I bought this thick body butter thing from Sasa out of the recommendation from the lovely salesgirl because my elbow has been so dry lately..yikes!!I so don't want to look older than my age!lolss

Feel so damn lazy to go to the faculty tomorrow & it's already 2.30 am but I still can't sleep & am at Hanna's house,crashing for the night..hehe.Had McD's a few hours ago....Blew my diet again...During lunch my mama cooked a lot & there were 2 of my fave dishes:Sambal tumis petai & stir fried spinach---yuum!!!I love petai!!!Hanna find that it's cool that a girl like me actually likes petai...haha.Until next time..toodles!!