Crespelle & How I Met Your Mother Finale(season 4)

Saturday, June 27, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

A few days ago I had a hankering to make this recipe that I saw at Seriously Italian. It’s crespelle ,an Italian version of crepes. Use a non-stick pan because I didn’t need to use any butter at all to heat up the pan & the crespelle came out beautifully. It’s good eaten on its own or drizzle some honey or Nutella..You can get the recipe by clicking HERE.

How I wish I had some fresh strawberry jam that I make for Hanna when we came back from Cameron a few months ago.Making jam using fresh strawberry never taste so gooooodddddddd.I remembered when I brought the fresh jam to Hanna’s house, we ate it with crackers & it was addictive. And all I used was just sugar & fresh strawberries, pureed in the blender & heat in a saucepan until thicken.

The fourth season of How I Met Your Mother has ended .How funny was it when Barney & Robin ‘confessed’ their love for each other??hahaha.So the ‘mother’ is one of Ted’s student??Interesting...

Did you notice that both Robin & Lily were hiding their real-life pregnancy in the show? They used props to hide their belly & wearing flowy tops .Who would have thought that both female cast would get pregnant at the same time?

I’ve kept this pics since early this year but I always forgot to put it in my blog. It’s the cast of How I Met Your Mother as famous people/movies from Indiana Jones, Jonas Brothers, Micheal Phelps ,Sarah Palin & Sex & the city..Look at the Jonas pictures..It’s hilarious!