Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

On Sunday afternoon I went to the Amcorp Mall Flea Market with my mum & brothers. I haven’t been there in a long time & went there because my mum wanted to go since she hasn’t been there in a long time as well.
There was this stall manned by 3 girls that sold cute cupcakes & candies.My mum bought pineapple tarts while I chose this cute homemade pink & white hearts marshmallow and pink & green coconut candies.

Seeing the bright pink coconut candy brought back memories when my family lived in Penang, my friends, Vinothini & Dharmini would give me a variety of Indian candies when it was Deepavali. The candies that I bought were chewier & less sweet (which is a good thing) than the very sweet & rich bright pink coconut candy that I got from my friends back in Penang.
We walked around & I saw this old married Chinese couple that was selling antique jewelry & there were this beautiful gold leaf necklace.The husband saw me eyeing it and was very enthusiastic in selling it to me that my heart just goes out to him.His wife was very polite & helped him.My mum was there & when she saw how the husband was so persistent in selling the necklace to me that he even marked down the price,she just quickly ask me to buy it.

My mum paid for the necklace & while I was looking at the earrings,the husband told me that they have a pair of gold leaf earring that goes with the necklace as well.I bought the earrings with my own money( I'm not broke anymore...hehe..got rm500 from a facilitator thing that I did a few weeks ago.).
As we walked from the booth, I told my mum how nice the couple was and how sad I felt because they were trying really hard to sell me the jewellery .My mum said that’s why she didn’t hesitate in paying for the necklace because the couple was just so earnest & nice. They are already old but they still have to make ends meet. I hope I’ll go back next weekend too so that I can buy more jewellery from them as they are such warm & kind & they sell great stuff!

Lately,I’ve seen a surge in blog shop selling vintage dresses & I always wonder where do they get their supply because there’s this one particular one that sells oodles of vintage dresses.I was like,do they go to old ladies house & rummage through their stuff or something? Haha.At the flea market,there was a stall selling racks and racks of vintage dresses & they are far,far cheaper than what most blog shops are selling.

I bought 3 dresses for just rm30 & they were pretty too! There were lots of other girls who were there as well, choosing the vintage dresses. I bought a breezy white one with brown embroidered flowers & tiered skirt.A white & baby blue one which reminded me of a dress that Jennifer Garner wore for InStyle mag back in 2008(yes,my memory in fashion are far better than memorizing notes for quizzes..T_T).Lastly, I bought a floral print that has a flippy tiered skirt at the bottom.(pics of 2 of the dresses are below)

All of the dresses were fashion approved by my mom as she will always be honest if something is ugly or not right for me.hehe.

*Been pigging out on these..yumm!*