Getting old...

Thursday, June 25, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

Sigh..I know I should be happy over the fact that I'm healthy,still alive & kicking,have family & friends who love me(even over the fact of my recent downfall...hahaha..moving on!) but....I'm 22 & I've yet to accomplish many things..Many,many,many things!!!!!!Thus,I've compile a list out of the top of my head,for now(I'll change it with time) of things that I want to improve,to do,to learn,to cook & yadaaa x1000000..lolsss

Oh,I was born on the 25th of June 1987 at HUKL at 6.30 pm(according to my birth cert) & today,I share my birthday with my friend Kimmy(happy birthday dear!!) & Shaema.
Famous people's birthday that falls on this day are Rain(wooot!!!),Carly Simon,George Micheal,George Orwell,Busy Phillips,Karisma Kapoor,Jamie Redknapp&many more..Happy Birthday to all of you!!!:)))))

Things I want to improve

1)My temper--I do have one & it's pretty awful & it's usually unleash towards my brothers..lolss.Thus,I hope that I'll be able to keep it in check better..Though it's useful at times actually...Kidding!

2)Be more polite--Yes,my family knows this because I'm very blase about being polite.hehe.I should be nicer to guests & stop saying things that I shouldn't in front of others...lolsss

3)Fitness regiment-This is important because I DON'T HAVE ONE..hahaha.I think it's bad going on for months without doing any exercise..yikess!It's not too late right??Hanna,marilah kiter gi rock climbing!!!

4)The state of my bedroom--

Declutter my closet-God,this is such a pain because I've too many clothes(i've 2 closet--1 my hse,1 in my grandma's hse-- & 1 big suitcase of clothes) & some of them I haven't even worn yet!I so gotta sort it out & decide which to give away,throw away or sell..hurm...

Declutter my InStyle mag collection-I sort them out every 3 years??haha.It's 2009 & I have Instyle issue from 2005 in my room!!So,the stack of magazine is getting higher & higher..Malasnyer nak kemas!!!!!!!!!!!

5)Impatience-A friend watched the movie Bride Wars a few months ago before I did & was going like,'liyana,you should watch bride wars cos' ur like Kate Hudson's character' I watched it & yeah...the impatience as hell part is definitely me..hahaha.Hanna has scold me a few times because I'll be so annoying if I've to wait for someone/something..:)

To achieve

1)Study the Italian language--I just have to since it's what I planned way before I had to take Japanese instead..T_T

2)Save money--because I just don't!I just calculated how much I earned from tutoring + web translation last semester & it's almost rm3k!!Imagine if I actually save it,instead of spending it all everytime I got it,I could have bought a new handphone!!damnzzzzzzz...T_T...

There's many more but I can't remember it now..Cos' I'm old now..(ceh...)

Thanks so much for the unbelievable flood of birthday wishes on my FB account!!!..T_T


Anonymous said...

haha.bgus2 temper num 1.hehehe.yg paling penting tuh.haha.terutama temper ko kat jln raya.ades.sabar liyana sabar.

LIYANA said...

aq mmg ade ciri2 utk jadi pembuli jalan raya..kah22

if ade boyfriend nanti aq xkan drive cos xnk die nmpk 'kemonster-an' aq..hahaha

Yaya said... accept jek ko camne.actually u are very patient la.just kalo x suke tuh nampakla rolling eyes semua..ahhahah

pemurah la..bagi aq tuh nie..hehe

Ontajoubi Omedeto! love u!

Hafriz said...

Cinta itu akan datang untuk semua orang. Sabarla weh. Don't worry about it.

LIYANA said...

...hahaha..i knw aq pernah roll eyes referring kat sape..keh222

love u too!!xoxo

LIYANA said...

hafriz,gosh lame gils hang xkasi commment..welcome back!!hehe
yeah,i know but still...T_T

bareessence said...

i love u...
does it not enough for u???


yes lyana, control ur temper!!!