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Behind every action there’s a reason. On Tuesday I understood why the mentors need to be in class everytime me or my colleagues are teaching. It’s because this semester is the final examination semester for secondary school students. Thus ,if, IF any of us screw up during teaching or taught the students the wrong information(which happened last semester),the mentor will be blamed because it will show in the final examination results & their credibility,not ours,will be on the line.

Basically,this week,me & my 11 other trainee teachers went to the school & listen to talks from both Penolong Kanan pagi & ptg,the discipline teacher too..We got to choose which session we want to teach & I chose the morning session & will be teaching form 4 since I've been tutoring form 4 for 1 year & my own brother is 16 too...hopefully things will be alright.

The pressure is still there since the teachers have been telling us not so subtlely during their talks about the fact that this is not like the other schools,this is an elite school & we've a reputation to uphold.They've all been nice though & the afternoon session discipline teacher is so hilarious when he gave a talk to us on yesterday.Learned a lot of tips from him which we'll definitely use during these 12 weeks.

The school is spotless!They won the award for best school in Selangor ke ape ntah..lolsss...Monday will be THE day...scary!!!The morning penolong kanan room is so pretty!!Cantek sgt..it's hard to describe..I wish I could take a pic cos' my mum would definitely approve since she's all about decorating the house & the GPK room has 2 armchairs that's so pretty & everything is just so neat...Okay2..I'm seriously gushing now..haha.

On a brighter note, I’ve manage to get new sport rims for my car using the money that I earned tutoring secondary school students!!!yeayyyy!!!My tyres are not ‘botak’ anymore..hehe.But I haven't seen the car yet since I've been here for ROS & my dad switch cars with me to change the sports rim.I'll be back tomorrow with my mum who's coming down & can't wait to do my hair at the salon with her(hopefully tomorrow at the school won't take long..I doubt it will pun..heheh).

The sale is just amazing nowadays.On Monday,I bought a pair of nude pumps (for practicum,what else...hello boring shoes..buhbye peeptoe heels,gladiators sandals,wedges for 12 weeks...sigh) from Primavera for a mere rm29 & it was rm109 before the sale.
I also bought a blazer which was marked down from rm129 to rm38!!!The blazer from afar,it looks all prim & proper with pinstripes & in navy blue but upclose, you’ll see that the blazer has thin pink stripes over the navy ones.So cute!

I don’t usually review movies as I leave it to friends who are better at it(Hafriz) but since I’ve been watching quite a few lately,why not?

1.X-Men Origin:Wolverine
I love the movie!The starting was like..what?As in it raised a lot of question since I didn’t read the comics.However,I’m a fan of all of the X-Men movies so I do know a few things.Although I’ve watch the trailer before,I still can’t believe that Daniel Henney is in it.What a Cinderella story he has since he’s an actor in Korea(though he’s Korean American) & now he’s in a big budget Hollywood movie!!I was a wee bit disappointed that the hot Ryan Renolds(or Mrs.Scar Jo..haha) moment was so brief in the movie,BUT he does appear at almost at the end of the movie(spoiler!).My mind was whirring the whole time I was watching the movie because there’s so many questions that I was hoping someone would answer like,where the heck is Gambit in all of the 3 X-Men movie & where’s the diamond-shield girl in X-Men too??All in all,I love the movie!!

2.Monster Vs.Aliens
Ugh.I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.My brother’s loved it though.It was just so-so for me.Maybe because I don’t find monsters and aliens as cute..haha.Though Susie is quite cute with her enormous eyes.haha

From the people who brought us Corpse Bride & Nightmare Before Christmas,came Coraline.I love this movie.Love the graphics and the moral behind it,which is about family.It is a bit creepy at times but it’s good watch.

3.The Pink Panther 2
I’ve to confess I didn’t watch the first movie but I watch the 2nd movie due to my brother’s keep talking about how funny it is.The movie is not that bad but it wasn’t that good.Steve Martin French accent was just hilarious!

4.Hotel For Dogs
I love Emma Roberts so although people didn’t like her playing Nancy Drew or the movie Nancy Drew itself,I love it.I even watched Wild Child because of her.In this movie she played a different character & i’ve to admit that I thought that this movie won’t be that great when I watched the trailer,but it was actually quite okay.The ‘hotel’ was really cool .Lisa Kudrow & Don Cheadle is in the movie so they won’t be doing it if they didn’t believe in it right?Plus,it was sweet watching the love between a brother & a sister and the movie is trying to plant the message on animal rights which is peppered throughout the movie.

5.New In Town
Renee is back with a romantic movie.I don’t know if I should say it’s rom-com movie since it’s not really a comedy though there are some funny parts.The movie is basically about Renee,adapting to a new place & how the people are a wit bit weird & I was annoyed about the whole tapioca thing..hahaha.But,who the heck would’ve guess that tapioca was the answer to the problem?

P/S:Congrats to someone who has a car now!I’m sooo damn relieved & happy for that person..heheh..:)..Love u!!!xoxoxoxo..I won't be blogging until sometime next week since I'll be pretty busy organizing everything this weekend.Take care peeps!!

Oh,thanks to Twitter I get to see what Coldplay is up to....PLEASE PLEASE COLDPLAY COME TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..I love the fact that they use a butterfly(I've so many butterfly things in my life) at this SITE.



Yaya said...

yup! behind batu mesti ade udang..hehe patut la xmo g tau name sekolah.haha ^^

about xmen-wolverine: Daniel henney ensem kan? ko ade kim sam soon or seduce mr.perfect? kalo xde gimme a call..I'll burn for u!

LIYANA said...

niza ape yg kawaii desu???hahaha

yay...aduss..hang mmg pelupa!
bukankah ko yg burn kim sam soon utk aq last sem???haiyaaa!
seduce mr.perfect dh tgk dh...aq mcm..laaa..sorg ckp eng,sorg ckp korea..mcm ayam & itik..lolsss

Yaya said...

lolzzzzz...yeke...mangkuk tul la aq nie.

xpe2 hang nk cite ape..lekas sbelum sem dtg..nnt aq dah xde mase dah :)