Jealous to the max!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

What you wear is definitely an extension of who you are.It's boring when you keep seeing people dressing up like everyone else so it's cool when you get to see others who stands out from the masses.

I don't really fashion blog stalk other than Karla's Closet(because her style is so ferocious!!)but thanks to Izza(and her lil' sis Elin who's knowledge in fashion blog astounds me..hehe) who opened up my eyes to 2 super duper cool fashion blog.One is a woman named Diana living in Jakarta who's a market researcher/fashion stylist/it blogger & the other one is Izza's obsession,Rumi,who lives in America.
I'm super jealous over the both of them because they have great fashion sense & they are very brave in wearing what they wear out in the public..

Diana's style is so wacky & cool at the same time & she has gotten LOTS of freebies from Ugg boots,skirts,necklaces,boots & many more..How cool is that?...Here's a few pics from her blog which you can go to by clicking HERE.
*I love her vintage dress*
*This combination looks very cool to me!**Look at the cool pink booties!*Rumi,the gorgeous & super sexy fashionista with a body to die for(Izza worships her..LOLSSS) who's soo famous that she got the chance to pick clothes for herself straight off the runway at Emanuel Ungaro's fashion show recently in Paris..for FREE!!And her boyfriend,who took all the pics off her in cool clothes in each blog post(he's a photographer) is super hot!Read her blog HERE.Below are some of her pics & the hottie in the blazer is her boyfried,Colin.My fav look is the last pic..Love that black vintage dress!!