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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to blog about this in a long time but haven’t gotten myself to complete it.I’m the kind of person who just detest bland food.My food has to be flavourful.I like spicy,sweet,sour or bitter foods.Thus,sometimes I can mix weird combination of foods but to me,it taste good.You might be disgusted by some of my food combination but I just want to share my weird side to you blog readers..:)

1) Scrambled eggs mixed with Maggi tomato ketchup

My mum even packed this for me back in primary school & my friends was grossed out by the look of this dish but once they taste it..they loved it.I love this combo eaten on it’s own or with white/brown bread.

2) Fried sunny side eggs with caramelized onion eaten with white rice mixed with Maggi tomato ketchup & deep fried anchovies

This is a favourite dish of mine when I don’t want to eat elaborate dishes.The caramelized onions & the crunchy bite of the egg with the runny yolk in the middle mixed with the sour/sweet rice with ketchup & the salty of the anchovies is just pure perfection..:)

3) Baked tempe with caramelized onions & mixed with Kimball thai chilli sauce

Since I think deep frying tempe totally depletes the healthiness of it,I mix it with a little bit of turmeric powder & baked it in the oven. Sauté the onions until it caramelize(brown & wilted) & mix with thai chilli sauce.Yum!

4) Diced green apple/guava mix with kuah rojak Mak Bee

This kuah rojak is just so addictive & it has been a family favourite since I was little because it’s from my grandma’s hometown,Alor Setar.I could eat a lot of it but I stop myself since I’m allergic to it & it cause me breakouts(it has belacan which I‘m allergic to) but it has never stop me from eating them.What’s a pimple compared to the spicy/sweet taste of the sauce.It’s great with guava too.

5) Chocolate/vanilla ice cream mix with cornflakes/honey crunch cereal

I love this combo because the cornflakes/honey crunch ‘spice’ up the plain flavours of the ice cream.I don’t think it’ll work on more elaborate ice cream flavours.

6) Chopped petai(bitter pods) in omelette & fried rice.

I love petai so much that I add it in omelette & fried rice.I love the bitter taste of it & plus,it fights ‘kencing manis’ a disease that runs in my family.:(

7) Baked eggplant mixed with cayenne pepper

This taste so good.It’s my version of a potato chip.I slice the eggplant & mixed it with a little bit of oil & lots of cayenne pepper & baked it in the oven until it’s golden brown.Try it & taste it cos’ you won’t be sorry.

8) Baked cili padi (birds eye chilli)&anchovy with caramelized onion

I slice the cili padi thinly & mix them with anchovy & baked in the oven until crispy brown.I caramelized the onion until it’s a little bit charred & mix them all together & keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator(because if you don’t,the moisture from the onions will make the anchovy,in time,not crispy anymore).I eat this with rice for a spicy/sweet/savory kick.Love this combo!My parents are very against me eating too much cili padi(due to health reasons) so I haven’t made this in awhile but it’s very good that I even eat it on it’s own.heheh.

9) Tuna mayonnaise with lettuce & tomatoes in a hot dog roll

This combo was created by one of my aunts & it’s good.But I haven’t eaten it in awhile though cos’ I don’t like tuna mayonnaise that much anymore.

10) Hard as a rock roti canai eaten with dhal curry/onions & chilli in vinegar

This was actually created by my grandma & I prefer my roti canai this way.You buy a roti canai from the mamak,you put it in the microwave until it becomes brown & hard(be careful to not put it in for too long or it’ll turn black & burn..been there!) & now it has become sort of like a tortilla chip.
Eat it with dhal curry or this consommé that my grandma taught me—Mix vinegar with a little bit of water(to dilute the acidity),sugar & salt.Taste it & add more sugar/salt if you want.Diced onions & red chillies(add according to your taste,more or less) & mixed them all together.Now dip your hard roti canai with it..heaven!!!

11) Mee sedap perisa mee goreng biasa mixed with strips of omelette & thai chillie sauce & served with slices of cucumber

I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten this combo during last semester because it’s quick to prepare & tasty for a degree student like me who has no time to cook.I just prepare the instant noodle the way it’s shown on the packet but I discard the ‘bumbu’ powder cos’ I fear MSG.I then fry an omellete,cut into thin strips,mix with the noodles & some thai chilli sauce & serve with many slices of cucumber.Yumm!!

12) Groundnuts (the one like Kacang Menglembu kind) mixed in tea or eaten with bananas

My cousin & I used to do this when we were little.We would make sweet Boh tea & filled our cups with groundnuts & eat them with a spoon. I don’t know who taught us to do so but I remembered making this with Kak Hani,a cousin of mine.I would also peel a banana & have a bowl of shelled groundnuts or salted peanuts & pushed them on top of the banana,eat a layer & then put some more peanuts on the next get my drift..:)But I don’t eat bananas anymore though..I guess I out grew them.

I’ve many more weird food combo but I couldn’t remember them now..haha.

Totally not related to food,but Nia Vardalos & John Corbett are teaming up again for the movie I Hate Valentine’s Day.I love love the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding which both of them starred in & I can even watch it again today so I’m super glad that they’re being paired up again in a romantic movie.I watched the trailer & Nia plays this girl who can play cupid for others but she has a rule when she’s dating men.It’s just 5 dates & that’s it.Nothing further than that.So it’s interesting when she falls for John Corbett character & suddenly her 5 date rule thing,which she has told John’s character before hand,puts her in a pickle.The trailer is below:

Oh,I so have & want to read the book The Time Traveler’s Wife because I watched the trailer & it looks very interesting.The movie stars Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams & it’ll be out in August so I’ve to read the book first cos’ I can’t wait that long.haha.The trailer is below..

My old high school,SMK Sek 9 Shah Alam was hit with the HINI virus!!!woaaah...It's in Shah Alam now???scarrryyy...My cousin who goes to school there aren't going to school now cos' fear of contamination.My mum's old alma mater,Assunta also was hit with the virus & all of the students who were hit just got back from holiday in Melbourne..crikey!!


Anonymous said...

aku selalu buat num 5.kadang2 tambah kismis!kalo aku rajin, aku double-boil chocolate cm nk wat topping kek then aku letak skali.slalu berkesan tuk vanilla ice-cream.oh god sedapnyer!!
pastu dolu2 aku selalu wat yg num 12 tp bezanyer ngn ko ak letak dlm air gas.usually coke la.hahah.sedap.i should try yg banana tu!haha.

LIYANA said...

num 5 tuh bile ko mkn..mmg xdgr bunyi ape dh..krak kruk krak kruk jaa..hahaha..choc & patut try tuh..hehe

air coke? pernah tgk episode oprah yg zmn aq sekolah rendah,die ltk badam dlm coke!
bananas + peanuts--sedap!!