Thanks for the 2nd b'day cake!!:)

Saturday, June 27, 2009 Liyana Hanim 8 Comments

*Cake utk aq ker????*
*Thanks Hani amek pic!*
*Hafriz jgn jeles!!*...:P
*Great advice givers & listeners..:)*(sorry pic ni kecik sgt..nanti aq edit balik!)

I wish I am immune to sales..because then I won't be broke AGAIN.haha.I just spend the 2nd half of my birthday money today(spent the other half yesterday) on a pair of ballet flats,3 cute t-shirts,some accesories & good food.Went for a looong brisk walk with Hanna & Hani at the lake just now & it's the 2nd time today that I'm sweating profusely.In the morning went to Napisah's school for their Hari Koperasi..hehe.Just got back a few minutes ago..So penatzz!!

Tonight is the farewell dinner since she's moving to a place closer to her school..T_T...Gonna miss u babe!!!

Anyhoo,this is just so FEROSH(I mean their awesome dancing,singing not so much la)!!!LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!Watch the vid clip below plz...


I should have guessed it when Hanna left earlier than all of us because she said she had to meet up her sis at Baiduri.Since I was engrossed with Sorority Life(blame Hanna & Napisah!),I didn't put much thought to it.But since we arrived late at the designated place for dinner,Hanna who had waited for us,went to PKNS with her sis so we had to wait for her pulak.Tut-tut...

Suddenly Hanna & her supposedly 'Kak Mai' came..who turned out to be her & Safa,who brought along this

my 2nd birthday cake after the Cheese Choc that my parents bought on Thursday.The cake is also dedicated to Napisah who'll be leaving Shah Alam & staying in Klang..T_T...Xpe Napz,nanti kiteorg dtg buka pose sesame:)

Thanks so much peeps for totally fooling!!I thought that none of them know that Hanna & Safa was buying the cake but turns out that they did...aiyaaa..Tipah tertipu!!!!!uwaaaaaaa

Izlin paling xbley blah,cos' she was so worried about whether are we going to eat at the place or not so I thought that nothing special was going on...ahahaha.Besides,they were on the phone with Hanna several times in front of me like,'Kiteorg on the way..tunggulah jap..hah ni tgh nk gi Maybank jap'...I had no indication because everything was just normal..Like Hanna said.."Tengokla sape Mastermind"..ececeh..-_-..Thanks again & love u guys so very much!!Wish mak(her school is in KL) & Izza(Urbanscapes!) was there too though!:(..What to do,timing is everything!

*Cik Mastermind with Farid bukan Kamil(inside joke)...Mesra gitew!!LOLSSSSSSSS*

P/S:Sorry for the 'ROJAK' language in this post!Am tired & have to wake up early cos' going back to my family's house(i'm at Hanna's hse at d' mo') & then on to flea-marketing with em'!



Happy Birthday!

LIYANA said...

thanks noel!!

Anonymous said...

pandai kan ak berlakon. kalo ade farid kamil mestilah ada lisa suriani kan?kan?kan?hahahaha.

bareessence said...


my pleasure...hope u had fun tho it was not that grand...i cudnt give u more than all my love...btw, thenx for the caption 'cik mastermind n farid bukan kamil'...lols..

SweetyMya said...

hapy bufday n may Allah bless ;)

ohhooo pic yg last tu mg besh! credit la utk ms liyana kerna upload oke. ngeehehe ;p

ps: i want nobody2 but you! *sambil tepuk tgn cm wondergirls* (one of my fav song lah hee)

LIYANA said...

hani:agaks ingat it was just another dinner & mkn ramai2 sbb napisah nk pindah klang semlm..rupenyer next week..pandai korg berlakon eks...

lisa suriani?????hahahaha

hanna:awwww..T_T..thanks babe!
caption tuh mmg besh...haha

kak mai:thanks kak mai!!hehe
pic tuh mmg controversy..kah2

haah,liyana ske dance dieorg dlm vid tuh..chomel!

acad said...

hey kamu!!!
how can I miss you birthday!
Shame acad!

happy belated then..
better late than never kan..

ak taw cliche but betul apa..
biler nk celebrate ngn kitorg?


LIYANA said...

tau xper acad!
pdhal aq ko ade jer msg aq tp psl urbanscapes..:(
mls aq nk remind tat day..sob sob sob

mane hadiah dr urbanscapes???
celebrate??dgn ko??xde maknenyer!hahah
kidding!!tgk la bile2 aq free plak..huhuh