Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Edward Cullen is sort of growing on me.hehe.I've to fess up that I find him very hot.Oh no!!hehe.But not Robert Pattinson,just like my friend Jessica blog in her blog,it's Edward Cullen character that got my attention...Probably because of his 'utterly devoted to you forever' towards Bella in all 4 of the Twilight books.He's just effing perfect..in the BOOK lah..But the New Moon trailer has got me uber excited because of Taylor playing Jacob & his hair is short in the trailer(thank god cos' I totally didn't agree with the ponytail look!ehehe).

Having a boyfriend like Edward Cullen is probably what a lot of young girls wish for & what made Robert Pattinson the hottest guy at the moment,especially after he has clean himself up very nicely..before this,as in after the Twilight movie,he looked soooo uber scruffy that I was like..what the heck does the girls see in him???LOLSSS.But I 've got to admit,his 'looking into your soul' stare in Twilight just won me over...:)

Kirsten & Robert won BEST KISS at the recent Mtv Movie Awards...Here's the clip below


Jessica_Lyne said...

They won!!yeay:)
yeah,it's all about Edward Cullen and Rob just happens to be the lucky guy playing him.
Just premiere the movie already!

LIYANA said...

tu lah babe...they won!!
i'm currently in the middle of pre prac...hecticnyer kene hantar assigment 2mrw morn & i haven't even started..yikes!!

i would totally be over the moon if i get a boyf as devoted,charming & gentleman as Edward Cullen..but alast,he's just a fictional character..T_T