Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today,was the first day of pre-practicum & to be truthful,it was a little bit overwhelming.It finally dawn on me that we have an enormous amount of responsibility & we have no idea what is install for us in terms of what kind of students will our students be.Scary!

After the last session,due to the fact that I'm using my dad's car this week,all the girls--Izza,Hanna,Napisah,Mak,Izlin & Ijah(Napz's sis) manage to fit in into the car & after stopping over to pick up Ijah,we went to Tesco.

The reason we went there was because I've been putting of buying a new set of weights(dumbells in other words) because my current weights are too light.I soo need to buy heavier ones because I hate,hate having flabby upper arms...arrghhhh!Thus,because of the fact that my pocket was still 1/2 spree yesterday decrease it a lot..haha,I decided that I better buy the weights today.

But alas,I didn't see the fine print & because I put the weights in the trolley,by the time I already paid for it,I only realize that it was even lighter than the one I own..damn!Thankfully,Izza suggested that I exchange it so I went to the counter & the 2 nice guys gave me to change em' & I added another rm5 for heavier weights!YEAYYY!!hehe.One of the guy was like..."Patutla tukar..Ringan giler nih!Ni beli untuk siapa"...I answered.."Sayalah." And his other friend was like.."Fuyoo,jangan pandang sebelah mata".:)

Currently I'm at Hanna's place,sleeping over still & we're soaking up on the latest celeb goss thanks to Izza..hehe.Don't have to read celeb gossip blogs as Izza has all the goss thanks to where her father works..:P...Toodles!