Sale mania!

Monday, June 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Today went out to shop in the evening with Hanna,Napz & their respective sisters.I spend waaay too much than I should have in a matter of a few hours(got money from the job that I did!yeay!)...What to do..The sale was just too tempting for me to pass off..:)..

Bought 3 pairs of shoes(a girl can NEVER have too many pair of shoes!!),2 tops(they were 70% & 50% off..SUCH a steal & as fashionista & even fashion writer like Dzireena says..'NEVER PAY RETAIL!!'),a pretty dress & a bunch of beauty products..I would have bought so much more if my friends didn't stop me or if my hungry stomach would have permit me to do so...ahakzzz.Like I read in The Star last Wednesday,it's great there's people who spend money by shopping because it's helping boosting the economy..:)

I just love all the shoes that I bought...gagagaga.Can't stop staring at em'..^_^Oooh,I bought this thick body butter thing from Sasa out of the recommendation from the lovely salesgirl because my elbow has been so dry lately..yikes!!I so don't want to look older than my age!lolss

Feel so damn lazy to go to the faculty tomorrow & it's already 2.30 am but I still can't sleep & am at Hanna's house,crashing for the night..hehe.Had McD's a few hours ago....Blew my diet again...During lunch my mama cooked a lot & there were 2 of my fave dishes:Sambal tumis petai & stir fried spinach---yuum!!!I love petai!!!Hanna find that it's cool that a girl like me actually likes petai...haha.Until next time..toodles!!


cikgu nk g mengajar mesti la pkai cantik.
bru students suka.

ive an experience dlu.
msa jd guru ganti.
students mcm tggu2 apa kita pakai esok. haha.

LIYANA said...

hehe..btul tuh irma..mesti sentiasa kemas & presentable...

aiyoh..seriyes ker???lglaa kene make sure i xselekeh ke kelas..lolss

SweetyMya said...

cik liyana wheres ma piza? uhh