Simple things makes me happy

Friday, June 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Yesterday was just a simple day filled with simple things.But it made me very happy.My family came in the afternoon yesterday because my dad wanted to change cars with me since he's going to Sungai Buloh with my mum & her sisters today.They just love to buy trees there because they're all avid gardeners..but it's great cos' they plant lots of my fave fruit trees at the garden in our house.

Case in point we have a lemon tree(it grew & it has bore us about 3 ripe yellow lemons),2 mangosteen trees(my fave fruit ever!!!),sugarcane tree(i love chewing em'..hehe),pomegranate tree & many more..So,my whole family including my 3 bratty brothers came down to my grandma's house & we went out to Summit for the evening yesterday.It was just a simple thing but I love the conversation that we had in the car on the way there.We were talking about the girls that has been in & out of my brother's life...LOLSSSS...

Some of them were so damn funny!I've no idea why girls love my 3 brother's...hahah.Even my youngest brother,Raffiq who's 14 years old,get love letters with rings(yes rings like a golden band pulak tuh...huisssh) in them.He was bewildered because he's not even friends with that girl..See the magnetism that my brother has??hahaha

My brother Syafiq who's 16,is stalked by this girl who likes to hang at the playground next to our house & shouts his name(his FULL name) out loud & likes to change her clothes many times in order to 'entice' him...LOLSSSSSSSSSS.My dad can't keep laughing when he talks about it..Syafiq on the other hand was like.."Dah laaa"..cos' that girl is kinda psychotic..even my mum admits it...hahaha.I mean,waiting at the playground & calling out my bro's name...OUTLOUD??ewww.

My brother Haziq who's 19..hurmpph..I can't keep track over who is his girlfriend is now.But he did accompanied this girl to Pudu to 'teman' her wait for the bus & get on it...ewwww..geds!hahah.Anyhoo,of course the topic of marriage came up in the car & my mum was all like..Liyana's husband will be in the hands of ayah.

To which my dad was like,when my husband- to-be goes to meet my dad,my dad will be sitting there with parang in hand..-_-...My mum on the other hand said that she'll make sure all the wives of my 3 brother's will get it from her because she'll ask them to cook & she'll just sit & eat...LOLSSS.Whatever la parents gue nih...haha.It'll be eons before I'll get married..Becoming successful is my numero uno in life!Besides,I know where I'm heading after I graduate to which my parents didn't object to it..yesh!!!!!!!!!

At Summit bought a bunch of make-up & beauty products(loveeeee new Palmers lip butter--bought the Dark Chocolate & Cherry one) & 2 dvd's--The Class-It's in French & watch it with the girls last's an inspiration for us since practicum is so close & French language is so sexy! & New In Town-the one staring Renee Zellweger.

During dinner with Moja & Izza after going shopping with the family,laugh out loud so many effing times (especially can't get out the image of a fat girl in a baby blue swimsuit part out of my head!!)& I realize at times I tend to be a merciless mean mocker when we're talking about other people...hehe.Even my dad scolded me when I was talking about a guy & called him 'hodoh'..ooppps..Foot got in the mouth!I so need to watch I say more..huhu.Byess!!


Yaya said...


abis a sape nk datang meminang! hahah..thanx Li..

entry mu-membuat ku tersenyum! :D

LIYANA said...

yaya aq merindui mu!!!!!!!!!!
mmg family aq bab aq ade pakwe mesti xske..
oooh bile adeq2 laki aq sume bley ade girlpren..cit!haha
boyfriend is a taboo word for my dad..lolsss

Moja Amin™ said...


That Izza's bro love story is so darn hillarious (and traumatic!!) Hahahaha!

LIYANA said...

moja..agaks la..
terbahak2 kiter gelak mcm org gils..

yg xbley blah was when u said the names of the girls refers to girls who's body shape are....but body laen plak yg in reality...LOLSSSSSSSSSSS